(rock music) (audience applauding) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Wes Barker. (audience applauding) (audience whistling) – What? Oh! Wes you’re the greatest! Thank you. You’re my hero! Oh my god thank you. A couple…hey. Someone close by, how about you? You look quite brave. How are you? Good. Sitting quietly in the first row. Alright, what’s your name? – Kelsey. Kelsey, oh yeah. She looks mildly comforted. Okay put your arm back. Alright Kelsey, you’re
going to come with me. Is that okay? That’s okay right? Come on Kelsey, everyone clap for Kelsey. Yes Kelsey! (audience clapping) Alright, Kelsey. I’ve got an interesting job for you. Yeah, you’re not really
dressed for athletics, but… Take your shoes off for a second. (audience laughing) I don’t know, yeah. That’s uh. Sorry, nothing to see here. So take your shoes off and um… I like how you’re into this, this is good. So what I’m going to get you to do is, I’m going to put these over here, I’m going to get you to go up that ladder and get in the box. Yeah, I know. You need a hand? I can help you if you need it. Everyone clap for her she’s
doing a good job here. (audience clapping) I know it’s tricky but
maybe face this way. Sorry, yep. Nice. You’re doing good. Alright just have a
seat, sit down in there. No one’s, we’re all friends here. It’s okay. (laughing) Cool. Kels, you’re doing a good job. Doesn’t she look great everyone? She looks great, right? (audience cheering and clapping) I know, Kelsey you’re doing wonderfully. I know it’s, uh, I know it looks like the trunk of a car but don’t be afraid. It’s okay. (audience laughing) This is like an old, old Veg– Thank you bud. This is like an old Vegas trick you know, the disappearing girl type thing. And I’m going to give it a go. I’m not normally– Let’s see if I can get the thing here. Not really my style of trick normally. We’ll try it like this. We’ll see how we do. Cover her up. Yeah, just chill out. You’re okay in there. And basically I’m going
to try my attempt at this. It’s really popular in
Vegas, vanishing girl stuff. So I’m going to do whatever I can, the disappearing girl type thing, and we’ll see how we do. I don’t really know. You can see underneath it. You can see above it. But the big thing is going
to be the vanishing part so I want you to watch closely and I want you to think that Kelsey did look so beautiful in there and it would be a shame
not to see her anymore. But I think I don’t know, let’s see how we did. (audience laughing and squealing) Oh hey, sorry, my bad. Sorry Kelsey. Yeah, that’s my bad. Okay hang on you’re
doing okay that’s fine. Sorry, sorry oh my god I’m sorry. Okay, we’re okay. So that wasn’t supposed to happen. Or was it? (audience laughing) Yes, this guy. Yes awesome. You guys all owe me more money, everybody. This is good. Do it again? You pervy bastard, where are you? Where are you? Oh right there? Do it again. Alright I don’t know
what we did wrong there. I think we might have, like, uh, maybe too soon? Too soon? Were we too soon? I don’t know, I’ve never
seen Copperfield’s show. What does he do? Does he say magic words? Have a wand, a smoke machine, chest hair? I don’t know what he does. I messed myself up. Oh my god, I’m afraid to look again. I’m afraid to look again. I gotta, you know, like. This is the only magic move I know now. I don’t even know. Should we look again? I’m not even sure. (audience clapping and cheering) Thank you. And it’s crazy ’cause still her dress here. It’s gotta be a naked girl
around here somewhere. Yeah, right? I don’t know– – Wes! (rock music)