Like, I think of it like– like time traveling. Like, if I could go back
in time– like, if I could go
back in time tonight and go back to, like,
the ’20s, knowing everything
I know right now, I don’t think
I would make a difference. [laughter] I don’t think you guys
would even hear about it. I don’t think you would. I just don’t–like, ’cause
I don’t have anything to get– You know, like I would go back,
and I would see, like, some guy on a old phone,
and I would be like, “Hey, eventually
they have phones you, like, carry
in your pocket.” And they’re like, “Yeah?”
It’s like, “How do they do it?” I’m like, “Phew, I mean,
I don’t know how they do it.” [laughter and applause] “Oh. I think it’s a satellite?
I think–a satellite?” They’re like,
“What’s a satellite?” “Oh, I shouldn’t have
even said that, uh…” [sighs] “It’s like metal– “Metal’s got to go
pretty high in the air. I don’t know
if you guys are doing”– I don’t even know if I could
prove I’m from the future. I don’t even think I could. I think I would just get stuck, ’cause they would want
something. Like,
“Who’s the next president?” “Oh, boy.
Uh… “Ooh–
Abraham Lincoln. You guys are gonna love him.
He’s really good.” They’d just think
I’m from the past. That’s–they were like–
It would just look– And then I’d have to get
a regular job. I would just have to, like,
wait tables or something in the ’20s. I would go back in time and do worse
than I’m doing right now.