I’m ugly short and weird welcome what’s your name yo my name is Lukas DiSparrow you know I’m also known as hucas pucas Lukas how old are you? oh well I’m like 67 you know what what are you gonna be doing for us today ? magic what made you come to America’s Got Talent? well you know my parants God I love your parants yeah me too can’t wait give it a go here we have a fork one fork one fork here we have a balloon balloon no balloon thank you here we have another balloon oh [email protected] no balloon here we have a banana now I’m going to put this banana to my ear a cucumber another balloon so many balloons balloon no balloon here we have a plastic cup we have a liquid liquid it was like nothing we’ve seen yet this
season phenomenon thank you I appreciate you appreciating me in this big room with the music and how cool you were it
really added gives it a great job it was a full spectacled show
that isn’t quite amazing I love you presentation it is magic – yes
yeah oh yes thank youuuu hello thank you
yo hello hi are you doing you’re right I’m good thank you for asking
hi it’s me look at thank you for watching till this moment 30 and let me
know if you watch it till the end at all wait you know I want to know who loved
me and let me know what did you think of the for the boring or they were
entertaining I don’t know let me know leave a comment let me know I want to
know yeah if you don’t know if you’re new here and you confused if the parody
of America Italian I’m a Ferrari welcome to YouTube world and subscribe if you
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you go