I’m ugly short and weird hello what’s your name Lukas DiSparrow where you’re from I come from a country I mean from a country in Europe like in Eastern Europe it’s not really Eastern Europe, it’s like it’s a small country in the middle of Europe it’s like a central Europe but it’s not like, it’s not a small country, it’s actually like a big country it’s a why did you come here? I come to Britain because I want to steal your jobs ok good luck ok then alright so you know when you see a really nice girl on a street and you want to impress her but you are shy like me, I’m really shy buy so for me to get her attention I take out my banana and I hit her in a head and that is a great conversation starter because she then turns around and she’s like you know talking to you you know she’s like into S&M because she immediately punches you in a face thank you I was hungry once and I went to a shop and it was closed I used to have a dog but, I don’t have it anymore because he’s dead I once went up on a tree really high and then I fell I like cows anybody else likes cows? I like cows because I like to milk them and so as you can see I’m a short guy and do you know why I like being short? it’s because I will never come across as a pervert because when I see women I can stare directly at their boo bies and nobody will accuse me of being a pervert because there’s no choice I don’t have no choice I have to stare at their boo bies because their boo bies are on my eye level I like potatoes but I don’t like potetoes talking about potetoes who likes tometoes you know when you are driving a car and then you realise there is no wheel and then you realise you’re not in a car but in a shopping card I went to a doctor the other day and he told me wrong address what’s going on here I sometimes wish I could make myself laugh but then I look in a mirror and I do stop it I should stop it you are the unfunniest comedian I ever heard in my life thank you absolute rubbish but it actually really really made me laugh it was so bad that it was actually hilarious you seriously must not change you did actually made me laugh and that’s what comedians are supposed to do so I’m gonna say yes I’m gonna say yes it’s a no from me today it’s alright you’re not my type anyway did it make me laugh, I’m gonna say yes