My name is not Maryam today, my name is Chanel,
hey guys welcome to my channel I am super excited to be reviewing Charlotte Tilbury’s
latest collection, Eye Color Magic for different eye colors. I have the collection that’s meant for brown
eyes and it is in a popping shade of blue so I am gonna test it out, I am gonna create
this look that you see on my eyes and basically give this collection a verdict at the end. Is it worth your time and money, we are gonna
dissect it, we are gonna talk about it, we are gonna compare it to some other products
that I have used before that are very similar, expect the truth and nothing but the truth
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get to this video, Charlotte Tilbury new Eye Color Magic for brown eyes, is she worth it. We have a new Eye Color Magic collection from
Charlotte Tilbury, we have one for hazel eyes, one for green eyes, one for brown eyes and
one for blue eyes, each one of these collections is supposed to compliment and contrast the
actual eye color that you have. The collection that I have here in front of
me is the one for my brown eyes and it’s also the most popular one, I have noticed that
in all of Charlotte Tilbury’s promos this is the model that is sort of leading, let’s
face it the collection for brown eyes is just the most vibrant one. I am obsessed with blue eye shadow; there
is cat hair in my eyes as always. I’m just pulling up some facts here, with
the make brown eyes sparkle collection we are attempting to make them look more amber
and in it we have the new super-blue eye shadow palette $53 this is an eye shadow quad, Charlotte
Tilbury has been making these eye shadow quads since the beginning of her make-up brand journey,
in the brown eye collection we also have a dual ended pencil with a super-blue metalic
on one end and a super blue matte on the other end. I quite love Charlotte Tilbury’s eye pencils,
I think they are really, really, really great quality, this one is $30 they are sold separately. In today’s video I am also going to be using
the feline quick shodo pen, I have it in brown and also in black. Each one of these is $30 and I also have the
classic powder pencil which is basically just the regular sharpen-able pencil. I am specifically going to concentrate on
this collection for brown eyes because as luck would have it, I have brown eyes and
as luck would have it brown eyes are the most popular eyes in the universe. Oh but before I go on someone actually requested
that I do a comparison between the Victoria Beckham blue eye shadow quad and Charlotte
Tilbury’s blue eye shadow quad. Victoria Beckham’s is right here, this one
is actually $54 so the price is super-duper similar, only difference between these two
eye shadows is that almost all of the Victoria Beckham’s shadows are on the matte side, they
have a slight satin finish but they do not have this metallic, very sparkly blue or bronze
in it. So although they look similar, although they
are both quads, the prices are very similar I would say these 2 quads are very, very different. I did do a tutorial and a review using this
particular eye shadow palette I will link the video up here for you guys. Also in the description so you could check
it out, and then after watching this video you let me know which blue eye look you like
better, okay deal. So, now that I have settled that, let’s start
from the top I already have my foundation on, today I’m wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s
airbrush flawless foundation, I am also wearing her powder, I am wearing my Tarte Shape Tape
today, after testing out the Pat McGrath for a while I realized that Shape Tape is still
just a little bit better for my skin type, so I decided to go back to it, I am that loyal. Alright, Fenty Beauty eye shadow primer is
always an per ushh, I heard really great things about the brown eye collection, so I have
really high hopes, the only thing is whenever there is only 4 eye shadows I get just a little
bit thrown off, I am someone who uses a minimum of 4 eye shadows for like a really barely
there every day look so in order for me to make it pop I kinda have to think about what
I want to do first, this is just a little bit perplexing to me and it feels limiting. I will admit I am not a lover of quad palettes,
I just feel like they are cute but it’s really only 1 look in here, there is really no variety
and I mean for $53 that’s mighty expensive for one look. What I am gonna do is look at this pretty
box here and try to get some inspo, I don’t want to copy this look exactly but it’s just
so good, it’s so cool looking maybe I should copy this look. Gonna start out with the lightest shade and
I am gonna highlight all of my points of interest. Not really sure why I’m doing it this way
but again a quad is just forcing me to work differently, it’s forcing me to work sort
of backwards and build up my look that way. The mirror in this quad is really good quality
though, I am literally going to use this mirror as my main mirror. Also going to highlight underneath the brow
bone which I already chiseled out with Benefit’s brow highlighting crayon. I am definitely reminding myself of someone
with this hair, Lee said it was Shakira I think it’s someone else, comment below and
let me know what you think, this is my quarantine hair, honestly this is a ponytail and it’s
so easy to get this hair to look kinda half decent with just one of these clip on ponytails. And now that my hair has grown out so much
and you barely even see my highlights I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore I
have never dyed my own hair, I don’t know how to do it, that just gives me so much anxiety
so the fact that I have a whole bunch of these clip on ponytails from insert name here, is
kinda saving my videos sort of, but if you guys have really long hair and you need to
cut it I do have an amazing video on how to cut your own hair, I will link it up here
and down there for you guys. I even noticed that ever since the Corona
Virus situation this videos views have really skyrocketed so I guess a lot of people are
searching for ways to do their hair at home, braid their at home, cut their hair at home
luckily I have that type of content for you. The next thing that I am gonna do to use the
same brush and I am going to apply this bronzy shade all over the inner portion of my lid. Wow this one is really, really, really great. It applies, it adheres, it sticks and it delivers
that pigment. A bit of fallout here, I’m not mad at it,
wow really, really impressive. So right now as you can see I haven’t added
the pop, I’m just sort of defining my eye shape and defining my lid and separating it
from my crease and I am staying within the harmonious shades that are similar to my eye
color, which is why it is looking very monochromatic right now, but hold on wait for it, the whole
purpose of this video is to make brown eyes pop by reviewing this new palette and concept. That’s good for now, gonna take a little fluffy
brush Morphe M514 and just difuse a little bit right here in the border between the shimmery
champagne color and the shimmery bronze. I think it’s really smart for Charlotte to
include a shimmery blue and also a matte blue and I would say for a very blue vibrant smoky
look you really only need one matte eye shadow, so it’s clever for her to include a matte
navy sort of color. I kinda like this concept, so far so good. Next up I’m gonna grab this dual ended pencil,
I’m gonna use the matte side, I’m gonna sort of pull my eye towards the temple and starting
at the outer corner I’m gonna etch out a wing, love that and the same thing on the other
side, good enough. Next I’m gonna take my Wayne Goss 07 brush
and if you haven’t seen my video about brushes, about the best brushes and about my favorite
brushes and how I use them, I am going to link that video up here and down in the description
as well, because it was such a good and such an informative video. And in this video I listed all the brushes
that I reach for on the regular like the brush that I am using now and basically I showed
you why it’s superior to all the rest. Just gonna use very, very, very gentle strokes
to blend that out, next I’m gonna take this same liner and run it through the top lash
line just to the centre of the lid, and again gently blend it out. Now I’m ready for some blue sparkle, I’m ready
to make this eye look pop (snaps finger) do we have a clean brush in my stash, we have
a clean brush in the stash Royal & Lannickel SG170 brush, basically just a flat eye shadow
brush, or maybe it’s for concealer. Gonna pick up this very shimmery, very vibrant
looking like very pigmented blue and I am gonna start stamping that to the centre of
the lid on top of that liner and also kind of along that wing. Now my lid is very, very narrow as you can
see and I am not really going pass my lid just yet, I’m staying close under the fold
just adding that nice pop. Fallout as can be expected with the blue eye
shadow but it’s sticking and it’s adding that pop that I was looking for, gonna use my finger
just to see if there is any difference. Alright, didn’t see a drastic difference with
my finger, yes the eye shadow applies, it adheres well but it does the same thing with
the brush and if I can use a brush instead of my finger I will always gravitate to using
a brush instead of my finger, especially now a days, wash those hands people, don’t forget. Next I am gonna take my super tiny and precise
Wayne Goss 05 brush, this one is basically just a really tiny looking crease brush and
also a blending brush but it’s very versatile. Gonna dip it into the matte blue eye shadow,
gonna start adding some smoke here, right here right within my fold. I’m gonna start adding it and packing it on
in the area that I kinda want to recede, which is right here. But I am also gradually going to pull it out
towards that wing. I don’t know if you guys can see on the back
but there is literally a little chart that tells you what each of the colors is for and
the matte blue is for the smoking out. I am gonna use these colors as recommended,
this blue is super vibrant, I would say it is probably my favorite eye shadow color so
far out of the quad, I have never seen a matte blue this pigmented before, definitely adding
the smoke that I was looking for and it’s giving me that darkness and also that control,
this is a great shade. I kinda like the fact that I applied it last
because now it’s helping me apply it just so much more precisely, I know exactly where
I want to place it, I know exactly what I want to blend out, I don’t know I’m pretty
please with myself right now. I’m just gonna blend it a little bit more
into the center, I love blending a matte eye shadow into a shimmery eye shadow especially
when they are 2 different colors like the bronze and this blue, for some reason that
effect does not come off dirty and it doesn’t come off like you don’t know what you are
doing. Even if you are a make-up beginner, even if
you are a newbie you could probably make that transition look really good. I’m just gonna add a bit more of that matte
right here and I am loving that, that is exactly what I was going for, just a pinch more smoke
on the brow bone, pinch more blue in the transition, and boom ohhh gonna take a clean brush, also
Wayne Goss #04 and just clean up this edge real quick, perfect. Alright, I am gonna go ahead and do the same
thing on the other side, so again if you didn’t catch it the first time, first time applying
the matte blue directly to my fold and above that vibrant blue. Of course I will re-emphasize the vibrant
blue, basically I am adding this shadow kind of the diagonal pulling it this way, I really
want to create a smoky sort of cat eye illusion on my eyes today, I like to do that with the
high ponytail, I feel like it always comes together and looks great. And I am pulling out the color a little bit
and then adding some more, blending it where it needs to blended. This one is looking just a little bit more
pulled out than this one, this one is looking more rounded, let’s pull this one out a bit
more and let’s add a bit more roundness to this one, cleaning up right above beautiful,
beautiful. Smoke is very, very necessary I did not know
I needed all this smoke, ohh until I tried all this smoke. Alright I’m gonna go back to the vibrant blue,
I’m gonna add a bit more of that to the very, very centre, now I can be a little bit freer
with this color, now that I know how much smoke I have on the lids, I can kinda pack
it all over concentrating most of the color of course in the centre but still feathering
it out into that bronze and into that matte. Alright to clean up I am gonna add a bit more
of that shimmery champagne and just go over my brow bone, that is looking rather nice
but there is just a bit of blue eye shadow fall out which I am not loving so consider
doing your eye shadow first when it comes to anything that’s blue in the pigment. Alright I am ready for zee pencil liner. I’m gonna use the vibrant blue side and add
a little inner corner wing, do the same thing on the other eye, wow this is super-duper,
duper pigmented I was not expecting it, really, really nice actually and I am gonna take the
other side and connect to the top. Love that, I’m gonna take the matte, blend
out this line in the outer portion while keeping the inner portion very precise, I had no idea
I was going for this today, but why not go for it today. I think I’m gonna take just a little bit of
this metallic, I’m gonna sharpen that just a bit, I’m gonna use that to line my water
line, that’s what’s really gonna make my brown eyes pop. Gonna go back with the bronze just to re-emphasize
this area here, also trying to keep that shape on a diagonal and then go back with the blue
and then blend that in. For the final touch I am gonna use the Feline
Flick Shodo pen I’m gonna re-emphasize this liner, I don’t want it to be so harshly blue
and I also wanna add falsies so this will kind of help me masquerade, I’m also gonna
wing that out. Alright I am gonna apply my mascara, my lashes
and my lips and I will be right back for the final verdict. Okay guys look is complete, lashes, mascara,
lips are on. On my lips I am wearing this new lip color
from Mac called Yash, Yash that is what it’s called over strip down lip liner and my lashes
are House of Lashes Iconic looks. This is the final look, I quite like the way
it turned out, I feel like it’s very fierce, it’s very popping. On the other hand I don’t really see the pop
of blue that I was hoping for. I feel like with this super blue eye shadow
palette the most vibrant, the most pigmented color was actually the matte smoky blue. Because this isn’t a super bright, a super
vibrant rich color it actually kinda made the whole look seem a bit dark, whereas I
really wanted this blue to pop and no matter how much I was trying to apply it on, it’
just couldn’t compete against that smoke. That being said here is my verdict, I think
for $53 this palette although beautiful and although really, really good quality I would
say it’s pretty limited, yes certainly you can create different versions of the eye look
that I have on my face right now but it will still be within this color scheme and that’s
just that. For $75 however you can get Charlotte Tilbury’s
starry eyes to hypnotize palette that I reviewed a few months ago and although it doesn’t have
that super vibrant blue it has a really gorgeous smoky black and there is just a lot more variety. If you are someone who is willing to spend
$53 on one single eye shadow look then this is probably a palette that you would gravitate
towards, however if you are more like me and you want variety and you want options, then
let me tell you Charlotte Tilbury definitely has other options out there. I will say that I really did enjoy this dual
ended super blue pencil liner, I thought both the matte and the metallic pencils on this
pencil were great, they performed great, they were super pigmented as you can tell the metallic
blue is really sticking to my water line, it’s not moving and it’s actually probably
the star player of this blue collection for brown eyes. Yes it does make my eyes look a little bit
more vibrant but it’s not what I was expecting, that is the truth. I can’t really give this collection a fair
grade, I think you heard all of my thoughts and you heard all sides of the story, that
is my final story and I am sticking to it, although I do like the look and I think it’s
quite pretty, it even made this hair look a little bit more sophisticated than before. I hope you guys enjoyed this video; thank
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