hello hello hello, what’s up my fellow clashers,
it’s struggling youtuber here, finally back at it with another clash royale video. in
this video, we will be looking at leaked gameplay of the new magic archer card that got announced
recently. finally, something new in clash royale, i finally have more things to click
bait about. in case you have been sleeping under a rock and haven’t heard, or seen every
clash royale youtuber orgasming over it, clash royale tweeted this sneak peak of a new card.
they cut off the face to leave you at a cliff hanger. if you are hype for this new card,
please leave a like, subscribe, comment, and vote in the poll. for those concerned about
super cell striking this video, at this point, i honestly don’t care if super cell strikes
me for uploading leaked game play, i can literally appeal it, and wait 2 weeks and the video
will be back up, and the strike gone. l o l. go fudge yourself super cell, you idiots.
anyways, in the game play you can see many new cards, so far the royal ghost and magic
archers are confirmed cards in this game play. this game play is from the russian hacker
group, so you know it must be legit. as you saw from the intro, the magic archer looks
like a mini wizard from the hood, that has the range of a royal giant. and that can also
rapid fire arrows a bit faster than normal archers. plus it’s health also seems to be
beefy. i’m not sure how accurate this is, because the royal ghost in this game play
is a bit skewed before it got fixed to what it is now. also if you noticed, you would
have seen the barbarian barrel, that card is probably gonna be the next card released
after the magic archer. i can’t wait for that to come out, it looks so fun to use. some
other things i noticed about the magic archers is it is only a single shot unit, and most
likely a legendary card. i can’t wait to troll level ones with this new card, watch out for
that video soon. now with that out of the way, let’s get into the retarded comments
segment of the video. first comment says, “you are fudging kidding
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that concludes the dumb comments segment of the video. hope you enjoyed, if you did, why
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