I’ve heard that Neymar Jr
is shooting here with OTRO. So I thought, “let me come down
and see if I can blow his mind.” Let’s go. -Ready for magic time?
-For sure. -For sure?
-Yeah. OK, good.
I’m going to warm up with you guys. -Can I warm up?
-Yes. We’ll warm up a little bit.
OK, so… -We’re warming up.
-We’re warming up. So, I have some cards. OK? You can see that there. They’re all different. Yeah?
They’re all different, OK? -That’s cool.
-It’s cool! We’re going to try this. I have a pen. I’m going to leave the pen out. OK. And I’m going to give you a card, OK? -I’m going to give you…
-Here. You want the 10 of diamonds.
Are you sure? 100%? OK. I want you to write your name. Nice and big. OK. There’s only one card in the world
like this. So, what I’m going to do is
shuffle it into the pack, nothing crazy. The guy has to have skills. I’m going to make it a bit crazy. I’ll do this.
Mix up, face up, face down, a mess. Yeah? A big mess. You see cards, face up, face down, back to back, a mess, right? Now watch. If I go like this… No. Only ours will be flipped. -Every card is face down…
-No… -…but one.
-No! Oh, amazing! -We’ll try another one.
-Damn… This is a needle. Can you take this? I want you to put this on my tongue. No. Really? -On top, on top. Not in, on top.
-On top? OK. Damn it. Yes. Gone? Gone. We’ll do another one. Is this real? Can you check? It’s real. You can pass it around,
make sure it’s real. This is sharp as well, yes? OK? -You put it.
-Put this on my tongue. Oh, lord. Gone? Gone. Do you know what we’ll do?
A few more. We’ll do a few more. But we won’t do just one,
we’ll do a whole bunch, OK? How many would you say? -How many?
-Too much. Too much. -18, maybe.
-18. Yeah. It has to be made of chocolate. I need a drink. Can I try this? Gone. This is what we’re going to do. Is that enough? -OK.
-It’s for pulling. We’ll do it again. I’m going to thread the needles onto this,
OK? I told you. Oh, no. No, no, no. They’re tied. Oh, no. These are real, right? -He tied them.
-Yeah, man. I think that’s all of them. It’s a necklace for you. Was it good?
You were looking at your feet. That’s a little bit from me, thank you. -Thank you so much.
-Thank you. -Thanks.
-Guys, nice to meet you. -Thank you.
-It’s amazing. -Amazing, bro.
-Thank you. Very, very nice. -Amazing, amazing.
-I had fun.