oh my goodness Rick we will begin it 3 2
1 go what the heck what is up everybody
welcome back to the channel today we have Rick Smith jr. is going on you’ve
seen him before the world’s best card thrower you
probably seen him on dude perfect speaking dude perfect we also have
there’s a fixed member that got cut today I wanted to do a card-throwing
trickshot battle against Rick for the nails like wait I wouldn’t stand a
chance I’m ready there we go you can look now so we’re gonna be doing ninja trick
shots we got some ninja stars and then also what are these Rick razor blade
playing cards these are metal throwing cards three parts the challenge here we
go alright guys since I’m a classified
ninja I’m gonna go first our first challenge yeah YLF our first challenge
we have these small Oh throwing stars there’s three balloons
set up on the target you have four chances pop as many balloons as you can
each balloon is one point here we go hi Caleb let’s see it your birth usually
my weapon of choice is a samurai sword but you know I think I’m gonna use the
knife throwing technique here yeah I thought okay number two well got it
oh that’s time for and it looks yeah that was all for geez missed it by by a
pinky now this is gonna be the hard part so Caleb you have one point yeah I just
want to give you all a fighting chance oh you’re welcome I don’t think Rick
needs any help with this all right this might be really hard
he’s our cards Rick I know and real quick earlier today we went to david
dobrik house there’s a lot of fun he’s a big fan of Rick – Rick is up next I’ll
see how this goes these are not like playing cards at all now there’s they’re
not thrown like a frisbee Oh one-for-one this guy knows what he’s
doing oh that’s really close hold on all right
oh there’s a fly right there double your points have you killed the fly really I’m going for the fly Wow okay you hit
that fly right now Wow you didn’t even need oh yes you did yeah you got all
three all right cuz I went first you got to see how it would not – do ya think
that helped them yeah they’re probably years of cards get mine ready that
cheating okay my goal is to do better than Caleb you got this man
she’s got to get to one growing whoa where Josh your shoes
on time yeah yep wait replay that in slow motion somehow I touched both the
red one and the white one with a razor-sharp ninja star and it didn’t pop
that’s the way room you got it that was insane I think I just hit it
flat no way did you laughter this Josh dang it well you only got one so that is
one point for Caleb two points for me and three points for Rick moving into
the second challenge but first leave a comment who do you thinks gonna win Josh
Rick or Josh or Rick all right so here’s the deal we have the bigger ninja star
so now we are going to have a time challenge whoever can slice the hot dog
the fastest gets three points whoever does it the second fastest two points
and the slowest one point let’s go all right I’m up first here we go got the
stopwatch all right time starts hmm when I say go
ready set go Oh oh I got a big slice in it No oh can we count it that’s coun we’ll
count that we’re gonna count it count one thirty thirty six all right one
minute thirty seconds not happy with it you know my hot dog is given a little
trouble I hit it a few times but you know well we’ll see
okay we’ll be ready for this yeah all right you got to beat Josh’s time one
minute thirty seconds so that’s four minutes 25 seconds too long already set
go yeah I meant one minute and 26 oh you lost you dog yeah get back in
there oh yes sir in half boom and that’s a
complete 603 Caleb’s gonna hit him with the whatever that is what are you doing
I’m I missed it brick how you feeling about that I got this for use exec is
eating evey 56 I could definitely be in a minute 30 okay to be is 56 seconds by
walk you or a minute and 30 seconds by the other guy all right yeah yeah yeah
here we go this we will begin at 3 2 1 go that’s what the heck Oh at the time
did he beat you I didn’t even hit start that’s why did you hey why’d you why’d
you agree to do this challenge with the card I know I don’t know what I was
thinking does imagine it was playing cards though
we’re about to throw playing cards ok so moving the third challenge Caleb
and I are tied at 3 points Rick has six six moving into the card throwing
section perfect there’s no way I’ll beat you guys with that can we keep doing
horse wins this pool points okay six to six Caleb and I will share our cards to
see if we together can beat the amazing Rick Smith jr. before the next challenge
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alright here’s the challenge it’s the third and final challenge it’s
all tied up we’re using the razor-sharp playing cards so Rick definitely has an
advantage you have five throws to get as many points as you can
each time you slice cut damage anyway one of the apples that is one point what
happens if you damage to apples with one card it counts for two so alright yeah
what so why’d you say that I don’t know go for these doubles just gonna knock
off now there’s ten out there he’s brother hit all ten of them Caleb
we’ve got this come on come on Caleb let’s go man team team jlabbe kick off
cash cash cash cash money records okay Rick is up can I talk trash sure cool
all right hey ref watch his foot it’s puts on the line yeah there we go oh my
gosh hold on one for one oh my goodness Rick oh three for three
Rick you got a phone call yeah for no / flora you definitely got it I
thought no he didn’t I saw it for four four five no fine i
damaged you study damages it it’s five points right there he damage to it a
touch to a time oh that was twice yeah oh ah oh five points that was just the
worst you see then he hit the box Greg you’re going for the apples bro
he just got five points with five attempts good because your idea yeah but
anyway Rick has agreed to this he’s gonna let
it you guys ten throws five points he’s gonna let us do five each so ten
attempts to try to beat Rick’s five points I’m good for at least four so you
gotta you gotta you really gotta step it up well in that case let’s do it hey you
throwing like this yeah right I’ll put my finger on it yeah huh
Did you touch it I thought so too sorry no okay zero I thought you thought
you got it yeah you got it I’d make that one I know I make that one
you saw it there’s a slice good job Caleb yeah one point for Team cash yes okay one point so far I was trying to go for this yeah one
more try come on double lap one more point look at that look at two on the
left oh I hate that one for sure and this one no no that was my I don’t know
no it was not I for sure hit that good that one for sure yeah good job two
points whoo boy okay that means I need to get three points to tie Rick four
points to beat them I went ahead and set up your apples for you perfect oh good
call good call yes I like you stop oh gosh I feel like I let the team down I’m
sorry it’s okay oh I’ll pick up your slack thank you appreciate that oh
that’s one I saw a shot we saw it give them a little haircut
boom heard one I’m nervous so why oh I know you gave oh I’m like
that you mean it right oh no come on all right you need a double hearing we
tie it somehow I hit a double with this one good wrap between those two I
believe in you oh yeah it’s a match oh you got it dude you got one I got one
so that means Rick is our winner congratulations Rick oh man good work
okay look we tried we did good I think Caleb and I deserve a thumbs up for
making it even somewhat competitive against a professional card thrower and
he juggles caleb juggles too right yeah you guys all juggle I’m gonna not juggle
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let’s go to the beach just for funsies my Jackie