– [Narrator] This is a paid
advertisement for Fisher-Price. – (cackling, gasps) (sirens) – (deep voice) I’m Batman. – You’ll never catch me, Batman. – I won’t but this will! – (gasps) Oh no! (engine rumbling) – Initiating Battle Rogue’s information. Boom! – [Hope] Oh no it’s the
Imaginext Transforming Batmobile. I’m doomed! (groans) – Disk-launching attack! Yes! Batman’s the best. Batman is the best. (engine rumbling) Whoa! This is so cool! – Noah, wait. Can I try driving the Imaginext
Tranforming Batmobile? – [Noah] Okay, but don’t break it. – Yes! – [Noah] We need it for trick-or-treating. – I can’t believe mom
won’t let us go on our own. I mean, I’m totally old
enough to watch you. Eden has to go with you guys
because she’s the oldest. – It’ll be fun going with Eden. She’s so much fun to trick-or-treat with. (whirring) Whoa! Let’s go see if Eden’s
in costume and ready to go! – Race ya! – Whoa! You’re on! (mysterious music) – Are you ready to–whoa. – Hey Eden, where’s your costume? – I don’t have time to get on my costume or go trick-or-treating. I have to finish my homework. – But you promised. – Yeah you better hurry up and get ready. Our friend’s coming to pick us up and if we miss her we can’t
go trick-or-treating at all. – I told you I can’t go. I have too much homework to do. Now bye! – Oh man, mom will never
let us go trick-or-treating without Eden. – I know, but we won’t
be going without Eden. I got a plan. (mysterious music) (kids snickering) – Hope and Noah! I am so ready for a sandwich. What? I told you I’m not
going trick-or-treating. (kids laughing) (water running) (faucet turns off) – (gasps) What? (kids snickering) Guys! – This isn’t working. – She’s so obsessed with her homework. Only if somebody from our
school could go and convince her to go trick-or-treating with us. – Yeah. (gasps) I got it! – Are you sure this is gonna work? – It will, trust me. (mumbling) – Good day, young pupil. I’m here to offer you an extra credit. – What? – All you have to do is
bring these young, beautiful, mistefic creatures courageous, amazing, kind, loving, trustworthy– (clears throat) Okay, let’s get to the point now. All you have to do is take your
siblings trick-or-treating. – So if you’re a real professor what’s your name? – (stutters) Professor Teacherman. – What do you teach then? – The physics of archibiolovy. – What’s the airspeed
velocity of a flying carrot? – Baby or full-grown? (toy noises) – What’s that sound? – Oh nothing. – What’s in the suitcase? – Oh nothing! – Let me see!
– No! – Let me see!
– No! – Let me see!
– No! (whooshing) – I knew it it was you Noah! – Push it Hope! (toy noises) – Isn’t it cool? – Watch out Imaginext
Transforming Batmobile! Whoa! Sorry. Whoa! Sorry Eden! Oh this is so fun! Whoa! (mumbling) Whoa! This is so fun! – This is awesome! (car honks) – Yes! Our friends are here. – Time for trick-or-treating. – My homework. Now we’re really not gonna
get to go trick-or-treating. I told you I don’t have time. – Okay, Eden we’re really sorry but can we please go
trick-or-treating now. They’re gonna leave without us. – It’s time for you guys to
deal with the consequences of your actions and grow up. – They’re gonna leave without us. – Eden please. – I don’t have time for trick-or-treating and I don’t wanna spend time with you! Wait, wait. (car honks) I didn’t mean it, I’m
sorry. (car engine fades) – Oh, they left. – Okay. We understand now. (melancholic music) – Wait, no no no I didn’t mean it, I didn’t– Guys. (sighs) – (sighs) (crunch) – Hey guys, I have a special surpri– Huh? What are you doing? – We’re eating lukewarm celery with stale water sauce
to fill the void (crunch) because we have no candy. – There there, brother. Stay strong in these trying times. – Uh, yeah. Anyways, I’m really sorry but I think I’ve built
something that makes up for ruining Halloween. Come on, let’s go check it out! (energetic orchestral music) – (gasps) – Can we just go back to eat more celery? (gasps) Thanks, Eden. This is amazing! – Glad I could make it up to you. Now let’s play! (excited yelling) – [Eden] You got this, you got this. – [Hope] Ready? – [Eden] You got this, you got this. (excited yelling) – [Hope] You’re almost there. You’re almost there. – [Noah] Yeah! – Also, I have a big bag
of candy for you guys in the kitchen. – Yeah! Hey Eden, can you come
eat the candy with us? – Yeah but first I have
to go proofread my essay one more time. – [Noah] Come on.
– [Hope] No, come on. – The Imaginext Transforming
Batmobile comes with– – A remote control, a Batman figure– – A disk projectile and awesome lights. It’ll be a good present for
Batman’s 80th anniversary. – Long live the Bat! Make sure to hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next video. (techno music)