(upbeat quirky music) – So today, on our sisters only challenge. (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Today we’re going to, (knocking) – Please Noah, you’ve had your fun. Now go away. (sighs) (knocking)
(gasps) (Noah laughing) – I already told you, it’s
a sisters only challenge. – Guys, please let me in.
(knocking) I’ll be good, I promise.
(knocking) No messing around. Scouts honor. – That’s what you said every other time. – What other times? (sighs) – Okay guys, so we are about to finish our giant cup pyramid challenge. (cups crashing)
– [Noah] Boo! – Doing makeup blind challenge. – Boo!
(screams) – Welcome back to the hide
from our brother challenge. – Boo!
(screams) (upbeat quirky music) – You know, just a coupla times. – [Noah] Oh, yeah (laughs). – What do we do? How are we gonna get rid of him? – I don’t know. We have to make him go somewhere. We have to (gasps) Hey, Noah. Didn’t you make that school friend? That you could go hang out
with and make your own video and play games or something fun like that? – Hmm, okay. See you later. (upbeat quirky music) (sighs) – Finally, now we can
finish our video in peace. – Challenge time! Let’s go to the kitchen. (ominous music) – Thanks for watching, bye! – Whew, finally finished. (beep) – Noah’s still at his friend’s house. What are we gonna do till he gets back? – (gasps) I have an idea! (rock music) (zoom) (zoom) (zoom) (zoom) – Before we paint our nails, do you think you could change the song? – Mm-mm, yeah. (music skipping) What’s happening? Did you break it? – No, I didn’t even touch it. (banging) (speaker dying) – That’s strange. – Crayons? – Crayons. (upbeat quirky music) (bangs) This was a great idea, Hope. – Mm. – Hm, I think I need pink. (zoom) Hope? Did you take my green crayon? (bang) – No, but you can use mine. Wait, Enid, did you take mine? – I know I didn’t take yours. – Well, something’s going on here. (sighs) You know what? It doesn’t matter. You hungry? I made sandwiches earlier. (ominous music) Wait! We have to wash our hands first. – Yeah, you’re right. (water running) – Ew, that’s disgusting. (upbeat quirky music) (door slams) I forgot my drink. (chomps) (ominous music) – What on Earth? – Hope there’s something spooky going on in this house. – Like, like a ghost? – I don’t know, ghosts don’t– (bang)
(gasps) (door squeaks) (ominous music) (bangs) – What was that? – I have no idea. (screams)
(ominous music) (door slams) (screaming) – Enid, I think the house is haunted! – It has to be Noah. There’s no way ghosts are real. It’s scientifically impossible. – Well I think we should call. This is getting too dangerous. – Okay. Hello, hello.
(phone voice squeaking) Ms. Flint?
(phone voice squeaking) Is Noah there?
(phone voice squeaking) He is?
(phone voice squeaking) Okay, I gotta go.
(phone voice squeaking) I gotta go, Ms. Flint.
Thanks. (beep) House is haunted. – What? I thought you said ghosts aren’t real. – House is haunted. (ominous music) – Let’s do this. (door squeaks) – We can do this. I know we can do this. (beeping) (ominous music) (gasps)
What was that? – Guys, I’m home. Are they in the garage? (whimpering)
(screaming) (door slams)
(screaming) – We can do this, for Noah! (laser beams firing) – Huh? – Hey guys, you miss me? What are you doing in the garage? – Well,
– What are you wearing? And why are you screaming?
– You see, – I have so many questions.
– And then, Wait, we were so afraid
of ghosts being real. – That we imagined one. Okay, but what about the goo? Oh wait, that’s the slime
I lost two weeks ago. I knew putting it in the soap dispenser was a bad idea. – And the music, Hope
musta kicked out the plug. Crayons, I bet they just
rolled right off the table and we were too mad at
each other to realize. – I have no idea what
you’re talking about. But can we make a video together now? – Sure thing, Noah. – I just have one more question. How did my sandwich eat itself? (ominous music) (footsteps) – Click that big red
subscribe button down below. – And make sure to give
this video a big like. – Click right here to watch our next one. – We’ll see you there.