Subtitles ENGLISH ON Hi, My name is Hassan OUEDRHIRI Creator of the two magic applications TURBO CARDS and MY IMAGINARY FRIEND I’m really excited guys to show you my latest application NUMERALIA NUMERALIA is a magic trick in which you divine the spectator’s phone number and birthday date It’s a great way to collect phone numbers from strangers I personally collected more than 50 numbers in less than 2 weeks But enough of talking, I recorded a live performance, let’s go and check it out. OK.. Have you ever heard about numerology? Yeah! Numerology is fascinating, because with some personal numbers, you can tell a lot about your personality. I’ve got an application on my phone, and I want to play with some personal numbers, OK? Like your phone number or your birthday date. OK? Your name is? Goda Goda, OK! Now I’m gonna give you my phone, and you will follow my instructions while I look away. OK? OK So, on the first scene, you’re supposed to enter your birthday date. So go ahead and write down your birthday date. OK Great! Now you’re supposed to enter your phone number so just write down your phone number and then click on OK. OK Good! Now you see the first part of your phone number is written on the plane.OK? Let’s forget about this.. the second part of your phone number is written inside six little gray squares. I want you with your finger to mix all these 6 squares wherever you like, wherever you wish. OK? Create a mess and do it in five moves. Great! Now that you mixed the numbers, just put the phone down on the table face down. OK, great! So, let’s sum up what you just did, ok? You entered your birthday date, and I don’t know your birth date this is the first day I meet you, right? And you also entered your phone number, OK? Now, what I will try to do is to put your phone number in the right order I unlock the screen Cut all sounds and also, I remove any visual clues from the screen Now, let me do this.. I put this number here I put this number here I put this number here and again this one here I think this is your phone number that’s why you’re laughing and that’s why you’re smiling. OK good! Let’s forget about the phone number. Let’s talk about your birthday date. I think, the way you behaved from the beginning, the way you showed interest is exactly the way a LEON would react. YES! Yes? So you’re a LEON. I think you’re born in July, in the early summer, But…At the end of July… I would say 27th of July? Does that ring a bell? Great! So now I got your phone number, and I got your birthday date. So let me call you on July 27th to tell you Happy Birthday, OK? OK Thank you! Thank you! Alright! I hope you liked the performance. Keep in mind that to perform this trick, you need nothing else other than your phone and the application installed inside All phone numbers from all countries can work, explanations are available within the application in text and video versions. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download NUMERALIA. See you guys!!