Hey, this is Eli from Magic Beans from the
Magic Beans videos, and in this video I’m going to be showing you the Nuna Demi
Grow for 2019. This is one of our most popular strollers, I hope you’re
considering it. If you have any questions about the Nuna Demi Grow or any other
stroller, you can email us your questions to questions to “[email protected]”, you can
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without further ado here is the Nuna Demi Grow for 2019! Here is the Nuna
Demi Grow for 2019, Nuna’s single to double stroller, super high-quality. You
may be getting a Nuna Pipa car seat, so this will work perfectly with your Nuna
Pipa car seat. It is a stroller where the seat
goes in both directions, what you can do is you can just pull these two little
buttons on the side and the baby can face out or face you. It comes with a
ring adapter included, so you can click your Nuna Pipa right into the stroller
right from newborn, or you can purchase as an accessory a bassinet. They make
this lovely bassinet and you can put it right on to your stroller and that’s an
accessory. So you may be looking at it up an UPPAbaby Vista stroller in addition to
this, and that one comes with the bassinet but the nice thing about the
Demi Grow is that you can have an option to have a bassinet or not, but the seat
is not newborn compatible so you really need to use a bassinet or the infant car
seat for it to work properly. But like I said, great stroller, nice high quality.
One of the things I like about Nuna products in general is they have
beautiful fabrics and textiles. If you could feel the quality of the stroller,
you’ll see feels super, super nice. Leatherette handle on the back and very,
very easy to push. There’s a super large basket so you can put all your stuff, and
let me show you how this reclines. First it does have an adjustable handlebar, so
I pushed the handlebar out and there’s this little lever on the back and you
can recline it ,let me show you. Let’s see, how many positions; one,
two, three positions in the rear-facing position and then the forward-facing
position. I mean they’re- this is the rear-facing position my friends. One, two,
two positions when the baby is facing you. To fold the Nuna Demi Grow, you pull
the handle bar all the way out, pull these two little triggers on the side,
and it just sort of folds right up, stands on its own, which is really nice.
You can push the little, like, sort of the foot well and move it to go up and down, it
stands on its own which is really good for storage, really convenient for
restaurants, or just to store it in your house so it stays out of the way, and
then to open it back up, you just unlatch it here on the side
and you open it up. One of the nice things about the Demi is that it turns
into a double stroller, so if you’re thinking about a stroller as you start, you
can get this for your first kid and I recommend this for your first stroller,
but if you are thinking about having more kids in the future you can get your
second seat. The nice thing about the second seat is that both of the seats are
the same. In a lot, in many of the single to double strollers, the first seat and the
second seat are different, but they both have a 50 pound weight limit on the
seats, so you just push the flaps of the basket forward, so you just push it
forward and then you just add the seat below like that, and it clicks right in
and you can also obviously have that recline neck mechanism on the second
seat as well, and now you have both kids together. The nice thing is that the
center of gravity is all very contained and you’re not pushing something that is
super long. The second seat does not lengthen the stroller which is really
good, which makes it really, really easy to push. A lot of people are like, “I don’t
want my kid down there below they have a bad view, they can’t see!” In our experience,
it doesn’t matter to the child, they don’t care, in fact they like it because
they can climb into the seat all on their own and then have these nice
fenders on the side so their fingers are perfectly protected, they don’t get dirty
or anything like that, so it’s a really nice situation and most importantly
really, really easy to push, super, super easy to push and
also get over curbs. Other strollers, it’s because the second seat is in the front,
it’s front heavy and you can’t get it over curbs, but the nice thing is
you can get this over a curb. I do a full wrap up of single to double strollers
and you can see that video right over here on our YouTube channel. Subscribe