In this video, I’m going to be comparing
the Nuna TRIV with a Nuna MIXX, the Nuna TAVO, and the Nuna DEMI Grow. The Nuna
TRIV came out just now in Fall of 2019, and it’s getting a lot of attention and
I’m really excited to show it to you. Hey, my name is Eli, nice to meet you.
I’m from Magic Beans and Magic Beans videos. I’ve been selling strollers and car
seats for a very, very long time, over 15 years, sold thousands of strollers, and I
want to help you figure out exactly what stroller is right for you and for your
family. So I’m going to show you the Nuna TRIV, it’s a pretty cool stroller, it has a
very innovative car seat adapter so I’ll show you, and and this is a YouTube Live,
so if you are watching this live, you can leave a comment as I do my demonstration
and I’m going to publish this after the Live, and I moderate all the comments, so
just leave your comments below and I’ll answer your comments or you can also
email us at [email protected] So let’s just get started with the
Nuna TRIV. This is cool, it is a mid-sized Nuna stroller. This is not a
mini micro stroller, this is not Nuna’s version of it UPPAbaby Minu or BabyZen YoYo+, this is more like a Bugaboo Bee or an UPPAbaby Cruz. It is really a
really nice stroller, and I think one of the best things about it is the fold.
Let’s just start by showing you how this thing folds: so on the back here, there is
a lever and a button, two things, lever and a button, and you can just, that
helps you fold it over and there is a very nice little strap right here with a
leatherette little situation, actually I’ll put on the handlebar to do this and
you just lift, just lift, it’s so easy and it stands on its own, it does, it stands on
its own, it really, really does, and that’s really good, it’s easy. So it’s
good to, like, be able to, like, throw this in your car, so if you live in the
suburbs you can just easily pop this in your car, and if you also live in the
city and you don’t want something super big, you don’t want, like, something that
is gonna sort of take up tons of space, this is also really nice option.
The seat goes in both directions, there’s a Merino wool insert, but I’m gonna show
you the, and I’m gonna get to the comparison in just a second, don’t worry.
I want to show you the car seat adapter that comes with it, because it’s
extremely innovative. Here’s a car seat adapter, it’s a ring adapter, this
works with a Nuna PIPA, the PIPA Lite, the PIPA Lite LX, all the various PIPAs, and you
click right in, but then what happens is when you want to fold the stroller
that’s it, you just fold it down and the car seat adapter just folds with it, it’s
so cool. So this is just a great situation for when you get home from the
hospital and you just want to push around the baby in the car seat and
that’s the life you’re living, this is just a really, really innovative solution,
love it. Okay, yes, there is a four-wheel suspension on this, suspension on all
wheels, which is really nice and so that is a very nice situation. So, people, we’ve
posted our full review of this, you should watch the full review on the
channel after, we’ll put the link in the description below after the Live, but
people in their comments have been asking, can you compare this with the MIXX
and the other Nuna strollers, so let’s do that. Okay, I’m gonna move these other
Nuna strollers out of the way just for a sec. Okay, here is, so this is the Nuna MIXX, and
actually the Nuna TRIV is more expensive than the MIXX, they are very
similar in terms of their size. Main difference is the wheels
are different; you can see I have a measuring tape here, so the wheels on the
TRIV are eight inches, the rear wheels on the MIXX are 12 inches, so there’s larger
wheels on the back, and then the front wheels are also at eight inches so they’re
different. But I have to say that I really love the quality of the wheels on
the TRIV, this is a foam tire with the different
treads in it, but this is more of a rubberized tire, it’s like a rubberized tire, it feels a lot like a Bugaboo wheel, it has that sort of bike
tire feel to it, and it has a full insert, it’s not like an air-filled
tire, so you have to worry about it. So I think they did an absolutely phenomenal
job with the wheel, and that is an upgrade that is going to add to some of
the cost. The other thing is that you have that, you have that car seat adapter
which is really cool, that comes and comes included, you get the post adapters
for the PIPA included with the MIXX, so you get car seat adapters with both. In
terms of sort of peekaboo windows, they both have peekaboo windows, there’s a
peekaboo window on the TRIV, there’s a peekaboo window on the MIXX, they both
have extendable canopies as well, which you just zip open, air mesh flows
through on the side here, and also air mesh flows through here as well, right
there. Cool. Next, full recline for a newborn on both. It’s
American, we did some videos in Europe so we’ve got a lot of European fans
now on the channel, it’s a much more, it’s a more full 180, a 180 degree recline in
Europe. it’s only like a 160 degree recline in America, it is what it
is. But that is appropriate for a newborn. In terms of the brake, there is a
flip-flop friendly brake on the, on the MIXX, and there is a smaller brake but
it’s like a more of a normal, usual brake on to the TRIV on that side. And just in
terms of weight this is like around 25 pounds, this is about 20 pounds, so this is
gonna be heavier to sort of lift in and out of your car, and this is going to be
lighter. In terms of sort of, like, overall walking and comfort, again, they both have
suspension. I bet the MIXX is a little bit better–I’ll
just put that away, it’s getting a little awkward right now with–it’ll be a little,
I think it’ll be a little bit easier to push a MIXX around the city, but like I
said, this is gonna be more because the larger
wheels, I just feel like larger wheels equals better push, but with that said,
this feels very, very nice in terms of the way that pushes, so that is–oh,
there’s a bassinet and a bassinet stand accessory available for the MIXX, there
isn’t a bassinet at this point available for the TRIV. Let’s fold them up next to
each other to see how they look next to each other, that’s a cool thing to do. So
again, you push the button, fold that over do that little folding
situation for putting in the trunk. To fold up the MIXX you also pull the
lever on the back, but it’s not, there’s no pull, you’re pulling these two
triggers on the side and it folds down like that, so you can see in terms of
getting it in your trunk of your car, the TRIV is smaller than the MIXX. Note the
2020 MIXX, it’s called the MIXX Next for 2020, thank you, it just is, it’s gonna
be a little bit shorter, but I bet you that the TRIV is still gonna be smaller
with the, the TRIV is gonna be smaller than the MIXX. I maybe see on
the back here, this summer seat that air mesh that you can have if you remove the
insert on both the MIXX and the TRIV. Since this is a Live, I’m wondering if
there are any questions, no, oh I love it when I answer all the questions, that just makes
me feel good, but if you have questions you can leave them.
Sarah’s moderating the questions as I do this and she’ll shout with them out
to me, and after it’s over you can leave comments below and email us your
questions at [email protected] Yes, question:
the TRIV is $699, and the MIXX is $649, so you can see all the latest prices, prices
are subject to change, go to for the latest prices, we always
have the latest prices at Now, let’s compare this to the TAVO.
The TAVO is more of an entry-level price point for Nuna strollers, it’s $359 at
this point, right, $359, go to to see the latest price on the
TAVO. It is under $400, this is, this is a truth. But there are differences, so
just so you know that when you add different pieces of technology and
engineering to strollers, it raises the price, so I think the main difference
between the TAVO and the TRIV is that there’s no reversible seat. There is a
full recline for newborns, so you can pull back this little lever and it reclines
down so you can put your baby in right away, this is an amazing value,
the Nuna TAVO is like one of the unsung heroes of the whole Nuna line.
I think you should look at it, it is pretty amazing to get a Nuna
stroller for under $400, pretty nice, and I just love this this blue color.
There’s also a summer seat, on the back of a summer seats on both. Seats do not
reverse on the TAVO, obviously they do reverse on the TRIV, I haven’t shown that
yet. Push these two little sliver buttons on the side and you can have it go in
both directions. I’ll just put it back on the front direction. Let’s fold these
also, so you can see how they look folded. Lift that back up again, just very simple
to lift back up, there are no straps to recline which I think adds the
quality of the Nuna strollers, I don’t really like those straps for carrying, they
like–just my personal opinion, just, just my own my own personal opinion,
okay. To fold down the TAVO, it’s all done in the handlebar–so you
push your thumb across, you squeeze a little button, but you can’t see it’s
underneath, and you just fold that over, very, very easy fold. Nice 10 inch
wheels, 11 inch wheels on the back, 10 inch wheels on the back, I had it right the first time, 10 inch wheels on the front. And then to fold again, to fold
the TRIV, I’ve done this already, so I’ll do it again. Fold that over, fold, pull that over, pull, look. Oh, pull the
strap–sorry–you have it, you want to fold this, you want to fold the seat all the
way over before you pull the strap, and you can see again, the TRIV, nice and small
and compact for your trunk, just–oh, and this one stands on its own if you wish
it, for it to stand on its own. But the TRIV does no–I mean the TAVO does
not. All very easy, you can see, like, the nice thing about this is, these are not a
complicated strollers to fold, and there’s a little latch on the side. You
just lift this right over, opens right back up, pop your baby in and
we’re good to go. The last comparison that I wanted to
show is the Nuna DEMI Grow, also after this video I would highly recommend you
watch again my original TRIV video, but I also compare that to the Babyzen YoYo,
the UPPAbaby Cruz, and the Bugaboo Bee in that video. You’re welcome. So you should
watch that afterwards, we’ll put the link below and we’ll try to add
that in post-production, the magic of post-production. Now, DEMI and TRIV:
so I would definitely think about this and I did a video about this, like,
previously, you may be looking at an UPPAbaby Vista and an UPPAbaby Cruz
as two main strollers that you’re looking at. Those are very popular
strollers, so I’d like you to think about this like those types of strollers so
the DEMI is your Vista and your TRIV is your Cruz, so if you’re comparing those
strollers you should compare those with these two strollers. Your DEMI is your
fully functional, it does so many different types of things, Nuna stroller. You
can see immediately, the seat is much higher on the DEMI. I love a high seat. If
you watch the thousands of videos, hundreds of videos, not thousands yet, we’ll
get there, we’ll get there, Sarah edits them and she’s like no, not a thousand videos,
Eli what are you doing, okay. I love a high seat, I love a high
seat because the nice thing about a seat that’s high–both seats go in both
directions–you can interact with your baby, talk to your baby, it’s just such a
nice experience for parents to be able to have your baby nice and high, so the
DEMI is definitely a higher seat than the TRIV. I will turn this around so you
can compare them, but you can still talk to your baby when they’re lower. In terms of the
height of the seats, the DEMI seat goes up to about, I’d say that 27, 28
inches and the TRIV is only about 23 inches, that much lower, but it just, it
just seems lower to me, just seems lower to me. The main difference between the
TRIV and the DEMI is that you could add a second seat to the DEMI.
I love the DEMI second seat because it’s 250 pound weight limit seats, so you can
take two really big children, unlike a Vista or Coast or these other strollers
that are in the same category, that’s a great feature of the DEMI. In terms of
folding these down, I’ll put this back in the front direction, you can’t fold it–
okay you can fold the DEMI actually in both–sorry you can fold the TRIV in both
directions. Let me just show that to you again. Pull that over, lift and it just
folds down, so that’s a really nice feature, that you can fold it in two
directions. To fold down the DEMI, what you’ll do is lower the handlebar and
then again, very similar to what I showed you before with the MIXX, you pull these
to sort of trigger situations and this also stands which is nice. Oh, but you
have to pull that out, sorry, down, pull it out and this stands
on its own. So this stands and, to fold over the
footrest is a little button, push that down, so this is a nice feature. Really
fully-featured, great city walking stroller that’s gonna be like your
minivan, this like your minivan of strollers. This is gonna be your nice
compact car. This is like your Prius, this is like a Prius of strollers, TM. And you can
turn the seat around again, and I will fold this over and you just, again you
get the picture, you see this is, oh just you know this is a pre-production sample,
the real ones are coming in a couple weeks, but this is a–thank you Nuna for
sending me a pre-production sample TRIV. But this is so, this also stands on its
own and you can, and you can see it on its side. So again, the TRIV. Get it done Eli, the TRIV is, you can see, smaller for a trunk than the DEMI
and just like this, back open, cool, and yeah, so thank you so much for watching
this review. Check out more videos, we do more comparisons, reviews on Magic
Beans videos, and don’t forget to subscribe today. Thank you so much for