>>You don’t want to
see a good magic trick. You wanna see a great magic trick that gets reactions like this.>>Bro, bro, what?
>>Is it the piece?>>Yeah!>>My name is Jibrizy,
the Hip-Hop Illusionist, and welcome to one of the best street magic channels here on YouTube. Now we all can agree street
magic looks so much more better when it happens in a person’s hand. And today I’m gonna show
you one of the world’s greatest card magic
tricks in someone’s hand. Buckle up your seat belts as we prepare to take the magic to the streets and perform to my rapper
friend, Lil’ Kimchi, let’s go. This out, if you could
hold both your hands out. Beautiful, now look,
whatever you do don’t move. What’s here?
>>Nothing. Air, space.
>>Air. That’s a smart answer. Okay so, check this out,
we have air here okay? I want you to take your
hands and push them together, nice and tight, ball ’em up, lock ’em. Just like that. Now look, in my pocket I have some cards. I want you to go ahead and
call stop anywhere, Kimchi. All right, anywhere.
(playing cards flipping)>>Stop.
>>Right there?>>Yes.
>>Cool, all right. Check it out, your card,
the three of diamonds. Watch this, look. I’m gonna take the three of diamonds. Can you hear it rippin’?
>>Uh huh.>>And take the piece off. Watch. The piece ends up vanishing.>>What the fuck? What do you mean?>>Now look, I haven’t came
anywhere near your hand.>>No! They’re tight.>>Wait, watch this, can you feel it? Just open up nice and slow.
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Take a look.
(gasping)>>Bro. Bro, what?>>Is it the piece?
>>Yeah! What do you mean, is it the piece? It’s the piece! This is crazy! That’s lit, you didn’t
even touch me that’s lit.>>If you think that I gave magic the swag that it’s never
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