Marshall: Ondřej Stráský wins Mythic
Championship VI. Paul: What a turnaround. Marshall: Ondřej played so beautifully. Ondřej: It’s crazy I still can’t believe that and I managed to qualify for this tournament. That the players are gonna be here, it’s gonna be incredible. I’m super excited. I think Paulo would be my pick for the person I look most forward to Marshall: Can you imagine sitting
in Ondřej Stráský seat right now? He’s playing against somebody that
when he first met him, he literally said, “You’re my hero” Ondřej: He is now one of my closest friends. You know I think that’s great
aspect of the game most of my closest friends come from
Magic. I live with three other Magic players. Every country now, I have a friend
now; so, if I know I want to go on vacation I can just call a friend, “Can I
stay on your couch?” So I think this is the dream job. Every day I wake up and I’m happy to go to work.
You know? I don’t stress about working, you know,
it’s just something I mentally enjoy doing. When I decided to retire the first
time, I was extremely sad because I felt like I was not gonna see my friends
again. But then luckily I managed to do well at the last tournament I was gonna
play. I have one announcement to make, I would like to say that I’m officially unretired. [Crowd laughter] I couldn’t make this comeback. You know I’ve been waiting ever since
and hopefully won’t stop here and I will win the Worlds. “My name is Ondřej Stráský,
and I am the next World Champion.”