Hi Darren here. For this week’s magic Friday,
I’m going to share a really strange optical illusion with you guys at home, and it uses
just a bank note and a playing card. And, urm, I’ve prepared in advance, I’ve folded
the playing card along its length like so. There’s a couple of ways that I can fold this
which will be important later on. So I can fold it with the back of the card facing out
towards you, or I can fold it with the face of the card pointing out towards you. You
get the general idea. And this is how the illusion works. I,ll place urm, you fold the
banknote around the playing card like so, and then we fold the whole thing in half.
In this case I’ve folded it so that the playing card is facing with its back out towards you.
And here’s the illusion, if I push down really really carefully, it almost appears as if
the playing card is turning around inside the banknote. Isn’t that really really strange?
Now of course that couldn’t actually be happening, it has to be an optical illusion. So, if you
do want to try this at home, it’s really really important that when you fold the whole thing
up that you urm, that you line up all of the creases, the playing card with the centre
creases of the banknote, because if you don’t, the whole thing it just doesn’t work. You
can push and pull as much as you like and it won’t turn around. So let me just get this
folded up properly. Line that up nicely there, and that should be about right just there.
And urm, here we go. Just push really really slowly. And you’ll see the whole thing turns
around. It’s very very odd. I could site here and play with this all day long. But, as I
say it just an optical illusion. It can’t of course actually be happening. In fact if
you do unfold part of the bank note you can see the point where it appears to turn around.
We’ll open the whole thing up in fact. It does really look like the playing card is
turning around right there in the middle. And, the illusion is so strong in fact that
if I push this right to the middle and we’ll give it a nice couple of tight folds. Even
if I tear the playing card in half in the middle it still appears that one half is face
outwards, and one half is face inwards. Which of course is physically impossible so it must
be, and optical illusion. I hope you enjoyed that, if you did enjoy the video, click the
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