– Good morning. Where’s my smiles? (baby cries) Where’s my good morning smiles? Hi. Hi. Good morning! Good morning. Oh, now you see me? (Cory gasps) Oh. Oh. Ooh, my boy. Hi. Good morning. How are you? Did you have a good sleep? Are you thinking about pooping? Yeah? Good (lips smacking)
– Daddy! – Aw, I love seeing your smile
first thing in the morning. I do. (Cory imitates baby cooing) (baby coos) (lips smacking) Oh, There’s a camera back here, I thought, I was like, I grabbed something,
I was like what is this? I’m trying to lay down. Sometimes I find you guys
in the weirdest places. I don’t even know if you’re on a, Okay, you’re on an acceptable mode. (laughs) I just felt it, I was like, oh. Hi. I should probably get up. I’ve been mowing the lawn today. – Surprise, surprise.
– Surprise! Oh my gosh, like I never mow the lawn. I didn’t even know I was
gonna be vlogging right now. I was like, just lying
down, I was gonna be like, yeah, this is great. Dude. Yeah, look at this. Look at how I’m like, not done yet. This is, why am I vlogging? I should be laying down, I’m super hot. Why do I do that? Do you guys notice, did you see that? Did you see what I just did? I did this. Oh, there’s a hawk over there getting attacked by crows. (birds cawing) What the heck. Look, he’s upside down
spreading his wings. What the heck. Maybe this is why I’m, oh This is so cool and so crazy. I wanna tell Kristen what’s going on but I don’t wanna go back in
the house and miss anything. Look at him. Whoa, is he okay?. That’s, that, whoa. That’s why there’s been, there’s been hawk feathers all over our yard lately and I was like, how are these hawks
shedding so many feathers? That’s why. Where did they go? I can hear them just
getting all mad and stuff, they’re just chasing
these poor hawks down. Well, actually, I don’t know, poor hawks, they probably like ate their babies or something crazy but still. Wow, what a day. – This little boy has
been so active today. Oh, haven’t you? He has just been so attached to me. He is finally taking a nap. Cory tried earlier to get
him to sleep and no luck. He just wants to hang out
with momma, which I love. He’s the sweetest little guy. Look at that face, that sleepy baby face. (kid screaming) (toy rattling) Ooh, loud. Whatcha playing with, Miss Chell Marie? (baby mumbling) – It’s stickers, mama. It’s stickers, mama. – [Kristen] You’re playing with stickers? Are those the Veggie Tales
stickers someone sent you? – Here, mama. – [Kristen] Something for baby Atlas? Aw, that’s nice. What is that? – So hi, baby. Okay, be right back. – [Kristen] You’ll be right back, okay. Is that another sticker for Atlas? Aw, you’re so sweet. You’re really good at sharing, Chell. I’m surprised that Atlas
can sleep through it. You need help getting that one off? – Okay. – Okay, let’s see. Not on your tongue. No! (laughing) Put it on your forehead. There you go. – Yay!
– Cool. That’s the last sticker,
who gets that one? – Look at, all gone, sticker. – Yep, they’re all gone. Here, I’ll take it. Thank you. (Chell squealing) Don’t put it on your tongue. Gross. Her gramp taught her that,
because they had pieces of paper and in order to get them to stick, you had to lick them, huh? But these are regular stickers,
they’re not like that paper. Don’t lick it. Gross. – Gross. – [Kristen] Gross. Where are you gonna put the sticker? On your nose? – Please put head. – [Kristen] On your head? Okay. Good place. – Don’t fit. – It doesn’t stick? It’s ’cause you licked it. Put it on your eyebrow? (gasps) It stayed. (squeals) Cute sticker buddies. So you guys have probably seen the videos that people are making about
them doing magic tricks in front of their dogs
and how their dogs react. Well, I want to see how this little girl would react to that magic trick. Oh, Cory actually did one of these videos over on Mean Kitty with
Sparta and it was pretty cute, but, I wanna see how
Miss Chell will react. So, I’m gonna have Cory film it and then we’re gonna do
some magic, okay Chell? Sound good? – Yeah. – Yeah. (lips smack) – [Cory] Okay Chell, you
ready for a magic trick? – You ready to see a magic trick? See your pretty pink blanket? Hi. – Where’s momma? – [Cory] I don’t know. Where’d she go? – She hiding. – [Cory] She’s hiding? Where is she hiding? – Where is she at? Where is she at? – [Cory] I don’t know. Penny doesn’t know either. Look around. Is she under there? – No. In here. – [Cory] She’s in there? – Yeah, let’s go see. No. – [Cory] No, not in there. – Is she in here, no. – [Cory] No, not in here. – Let’s go find her. – [Cory] Let’s go find her. – Let’s find mama, let’s
find mama, let’s run. (giggles) Hey momma? Hey momma? Momma! Where’s momma? – [Cory] I don’t know. Let’s keep looking around. You’re gonna get lost, it’s laundry day. I see you’ve been doing laundry,
this is very nice, Chell. We try really hard and you do
a great job, and, wow okay. Is she over here? Okay, let’s see. – [Chell] Not in here. – [Cory] No, not in here. – Back there. (panting) – [Cory] Oh, oh, those are clean. Okay, keep looking. (Chell giggles) – Momma? Momma? – [Cory] Oh, where’s the blanket? – Oh, there, blanket. – [Cory] Where is the blanket? – I don’t know. – [Cory] Let’s keep looking around. See, Penny can’t find momma either. – I’m gonna go in. – [Cory] Okay let’s go. You gonna find momma? I don’t know where she’s at, Chell. Do you think maybe we should
keep calling for momma? (Chell giggles) Say momma. Hey, wait, I heard something. Something over there. (Chell giggles) – [Cory] Chell, look. Stop, look. (Cory gasps) – There she is.
– Hi. – [Chell] Momma. – What? – Once more.
– More? Maybe later. You found me. Can I have a hug? (giggles) Good job looking for me. Good job. – [Cory] Chell try. – [Kristen] Chell try. – [Chell] Okay. – [Kristen] Okay, hold this. – [Chell] Take it. – Where did she go?. – [Cory] I don’t know. – There’s Chell. (Cory laughing) – [Cory] Where did she go? – [Kristen] I don’t see her. Chell, where are you? She’s very good at hiding. – [Cory] Hm, I don’t
know where Chell went. She disappeared. – There she is.
– There she is. Yay! That was way more of a magic trick than I thought it would
be, like she reacted. She did not know where I was. – You know, I think we ought
to find another magic trick to really surprise her,
and that is the magic trick of finishing our laundry. – Ooh, that would truly be magic. – It really would, ’cause there’s no way we’d ever finish.
– It’d be more like a miracle, actually, is what that would be. – Performing miracles trying
to get all of our laundry done. I was like, oh no, we
have to film in here. Like, everything is everywhere. We know what’s clean, we
know what’s dirty, but wow. – Story of our life, guys. I think part of the issue is
the reason we have such laundry to do is because Atlas sleeps right here. So once he goes to bed at night, or to take a nap, if he just naps in here, we’re not gonna come in here
and like do laundry and stuff. It’s just not gonna happen. – I, actually, I cannot wait
until he’s out of this room. I love him so much, but, it’s like, we wanna have this for ourselves. We’ve said that we’re gonna
give this room a full makeover once he’s out, because then
it’s our room and nobody else’s. No more kids are being had
in this room, you know. It’s like, we’re gonna make it nice. – Yep, new carpet. We waited until after
the home birth for that. You want more toothpaste? – Okay. – That’s something that Chell
has been doing recently. You ask her something, like,
you want some more toothpaste? And she just says, okay, instead of yes. Which I think you get from me, Chell. Here, I gotta open it. If you want more, I gotta open it and put it on your toothbrush. We can’t just eat
toothpaste out of the tube. Sometimes that seems like it would be fun, but we can’t do it. No we can’t. – Alright, you ready for some real magic. – [Kristen] Yep. I’m gonna do this whole
thing with just my face. All right, here we go. Whoop. Where am I at? Hi. See, the problem here is, right now he’s in the
stage of his development where if I cover my face,
he thinks I’m actually gone. – [Kristen] Yep, true story. – So, it’s like I’m, oh I’m
out of the room, and I’m back. I’m out of the room, and I’m back. So even if I go like
this and I go (thuds). – [Kristen] What, yeah, he’s gone. – [Cory] It’s the same. (Kristen laughing) – [Kristen] All right. Practice all day long on these teeth. Yeah! Top ones? – And this is how you put
a little boy to sleep. I’m walking around outside
and it’s super humid outside, finally cooled down. I’ve been working outside
sweating like crazy, but yeah, it’s humid outside. He loves it so much, like,
if you have a fussy baby, that just can’t quiet down,
put him on your shoulder, walk him outside when it’s cool, if you have humidity
outside, works so good. Anyway, another reason I’m outside is because I want to check on this cocoon. Do you remember when our friends, Blake and Lucinda were here and I took Blake and Liam down
in to the creek over there and we found this really
huge green caterpillar? Well, he was cocooning, I think that’s the word
for it, I don’t know. But anyway I moved the cocoon over here and we’re gonna see if he is hatched yet. Right down. Nope, not yet. Apparently, he is going to
be what’s called a luna moth. I don’t know for sure, I
feel like every time I say, I think something is gonna
be this or that, I’m wrong. But I’m assuming he’s
gonna be a luna moth. He was a huge green caterpillar. You now have seen his cocoon, stylus, I don’t know what you call it. Professionals always correct me. But yeah, dude, I cannot
wait for him to come out. I love walking out here in the summertime. It’s so loud, like obnoxiously loud. You can hear the cicadas and the whatever else is making
noise up in the trees. Frogs are quiet tonight
’cause there’s no water, but we still have a lot of frogs. I worked on this today, too. This is where my aunt and
uncle are gonna park their RV when they come tomorrow. Yeah, so my aunt and uncle on
my Williams side are coming to stay and I don’t know how
long they’re gonna be here. I think they said a couple days. I don’t know how long that
is, I really don’t care. It’s gonna be nice to see them. Yeah, I have been dying
to use that as some sort of RV parking place, ’cause it’s so, just like green and fun and perfect. So beautiful on our block today. This is where we live, really quiet place. I know I’ve shown you this before but, yeah, it’s so nice out here. This is the face of a very tired man, and also the face of somebody
who looks very colorful. This is a very colorful room, isn’t it? Look at all the colors. I’m so tired. It’s 11:52 and Kristen is working on, the vlog you’re still watching, – [Kristen] Yep. – And so, yeah. Anyways guys, thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed today’s vlog. Make sure you share it and
subscribe if you haven’t already, and all of those great
things that you guys do. Thanks for watching and all that. We will see you in the next one, goodbye. Make sure you click on
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