it’s an advertorial paid for by VTech We have the whole store to ourselves. Clara there is someone downstairs CupcakeSurpriseToys Elena, Elena, wake up, wake up! Clara, it’s the middle of the night.. why are you dressed? I can’t get to sleep I’m not tired- come on let’s go into the
wardrobe not the Wardrobe you know what happens when we go there and it’s the middle of the night and you should stop causing trouble and go back to bed now leave me alone suit yourself what is this place..
where am I Oh she’s gone in.. Elena, Elena, where ar you? Tell me if you’re here Elena Elena I’m scared Clara! Elena! I’m so glad I found you! Where have you brought us this time? the toy store.. smyths toy superstore- we’re in heaven! we are not supposed to be in here.. Clara we’re going to be in so much trouble.. we never get the toy store to ourselves, when did that ever happen? Never. well it’s completely emty.. there is nobody here.. oh don’t be such a wet blanket, we can have so much fun! mhm if you say so.. we better go find a light so we see where we are going.. where are the light switches? I see some light coming yei now let’s go have some fun wait till we tell our friends that we
have the whole store to ourselves Clara, everyone in school will think we are telling fips and will tease us.. they are not gonna believe us but not if we got proof we can take pictures – they can’t argue with us then but with what? I’ve an idea with the VTech Kidizoom camera of course actually that is not a bad idea then we can prove that we’ve been here by ourselves let’s take a photo of all the empty aisles -come on another one definitely okay, next aisle perfect.. uhh just one more silly face great.. next aisle another empty aisle perfect Oh the bike aisle my favourite a video of me doing this oh I’ve always wanted to do that take a video of me on one of the bikes
it will be super fun that was awesome let’s relax for a while we have plenty
of time to play in the store oh here’s a perfect place to relax I’m gonna play some games on the camera I didn’t know the camera had games it’s so cool- it has crazy cafe – oh that sounds awesome it has bounce around oh it has
busy traffic busy traffic and safe the fish what are you gonna play? I’m gonna play the basketball game. cool how do you play? you move this device over here and then you you shoot the basketball it’s super cool well you’re really good at it Mhm I want to find something I can play games on too.. I’m gonna look This vTech smart watch looks pretty cool maybe there’s some games on it I’ll g check it out Check out this smart watch- look at this game monster identity it’s so cool can I try? yeah put your finger right
there why I wonder if I’m going to be you are a .. desert digger let’s see who I am start identity found.. i wonder who you’re going to be I am a laughing lizard that’s so like me Now I’m gonna play some games Oh jumping eggs looks fun okay lever one round one.. ok so I think press these.. is oh yeah I have to collect the green things l look Clara you can even take photographs with the watch say cheese let’s see how that turned out it turned out so good now let me show you the recorder it’s super cool what was that? I didn’t hear anything I definitely
heard a noise there could be someone in the store I’m gonna play the games I’m gonna find out who’s there oh my friend has one of these
VTech flix cameras she uses it to take pictures of whoever snooping in her room I could use this to see who’s downstairs how am I gonna get it down there.. I could put it on the elevator Clara, you’ve got to watch the video with me what? I recorded wha’s going on downstairs Flix is really good at recording that’s the elevator going down Clara! There is someone downstairs It’s the security guard what if he comes upstairs? I told you there is someone downstairs I told you this is a bad idea! oh no, we shouldn’t have come to the store.. what if he comes upstairs? is there someone in the store? I will find you.. stay tuned for part two to see what happens this is an advertorial paid for by vTech huge thank you to Smyth’s toys for
letting us and our parents film after hours and remember kids always go to the toy store with your parents hit the like button if you want to see more of these videos don’t forget to subscribe it’s free here’s some more fun videos