because there are many request for Part 3 of Item Build, that’s why I did this in this mobile legends guide we are going to talk about raoming items, different movement speed items and also the defensive items we didn’t talk about on part 2 but before we start every weekend I have a giveaway, if you want to join what you need to do is Like this video, Subscribe and share this video on any social media platform then screenshot and send it to master the basics facebook page also put your ID# and In game name it must be complete just like the example coz it’s required also include #justmasterthebasics, I will announce the winner every weekend so you need to finish this video and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go! if you haven’t watched the part 1 and 2 of Item Build Guide it’s better to watch it first to understand our keywords now, let’s start with the defensive items our first item is Cursed Helmet this item gives magic defense and HP aside from that you will notice that there’s a fire around the hero because everyone near that hero will receive magic damage based on their HP the higher the HP, the higher the damage they will receive this not only works on 1 hero, even if there are 3 heroes all of them will receive damage this item is good for tank that needs damage if you think your heroes lack damage, or your team needs damage it’s better to build this to increase damage our next item is what you call Guardian Helmet this item gives 1500 Hp and 100 HP regen the passive of this is you will regen 1.5% of your max HP every second everytime no one attacks you but once there is someone who attacks you either hero, creeps or anything, the regen will be removed for 5 secs. aside from that, the more HP you have the more HP regen will be given to you aside from that, If you kill or have an assist the HP regen will also increase 0.4% for kills and 0.2% for assists up to additional 3.5% HP regen is what you can get additional kills and assist in not based on when you buy the item meaning, if you already have 10 assist before buying the item it will still add stack you will already have 2% stack once you buy the item it also means that it’s good to buy this item if you have a lot of kills and assist our next item is what you call Brute Force Breastplate this has additional 770 HP and 45 Physical Defense the passive of this item, after using a skill or basic attack your movement speed, physical and magic defense will increase it can stack up to 5 times meaning if you hit the enemy with 5 basic attacks or 5 skills or mixed it means your movement speed, physical defense and magic defense will increase more our next item is what you call twilight armor this item has additional HP, Mana and HP Regen the passive of this item, the physical damage you will receive won’t excess 900 but it has a 4 seconds cooldown one example is this clip you will notice that Clint’s critical damage is 1405 when I buy Twilight Armor his critical will become 900 because his Critical is Physical Damage this doesn’t work on magic damage the problem with this item it has 4 seconds cooldown once you were able to make the damage reduced to 900 you need to wait 4 seconds before it becomes 900 again so if the enemy damage is continuous this item is useless that’s also the reason why this item is not getting built our next item is what you call thunder belt if you already watched the item build part 1 and part 2 this item is almost similar to Calamity reaper and Endless Battle after using a skill it will deal true damage to the enemy the good thing about this item, it will not only deal damage on 1 target aside from that the more HP you have the higher the True damage will be our next item is what you call Queen’s Wings this is for heroes who have strong Physical Lifesteal this item, when your HP is below 40% you will gain additional 30% lifesteal then the damage you will received will be reduced by 50% you will see the item below if this item is used it lasts up to 5 seconds, but also remember this item has 50 seconds cooldown now, let’s go to different kind of boots let’s start first with Demon Shoes it’s also called mana boots because it gives mana regen the passive of this item, once you killed a hero or minion you will receive mana you will regen 10% of your mana if you kill a hero or have an assist then you will regen 4% of your mana if you kill a minion but you must last hit it if the minions died even if you are alone and you were not able to last hit, your mana won’t regen that’s why it’s important to last hit the minions our next boots is Rapid Boots the good thing about this boots you already have 80 movement speed other upgraded boots only gives 40 movement speed the only problem with this boots, when you hit or got hit the additional 40 will be reduced it means it will become normal boots but if you don’t attack or get hit within 5 seconds, the 40 movement speed will return this boots is good for heroes who roam so that they can rotate on different lane faster our next boots is what you call swift boots there’s no passive on this boots it just gives additional 15% attack speed next is Arcane boots, same thing it doesn’t have passive just additional 15 Magic Pen next is Magic Shoes or sometimes called CD Boots same thing it doesn’t have passive but it gives 10% CD Reduction next is Tough Boots and Warrior boots, the passive of these 2 items are discussed on Part 1 of Item Build if you want to understand them you need to watch the part 1 now let’s go to roaming items to understand this roaming item, you need to know first the basic roam item, the Wooden Mask this has additional 15 movement speed then you will received 2 Gold and Exp every 4 seconds you will see on this clip, I will receive 2 Gold and Exp every 4 seconds I will received 2 Gold and Exp but the problem is I won’t receive Gold and Exp on lane if I have a teammate you will see on this clip, If I have roaming item with a teammate I won’t receive golds on minions same thing with jungle creeps, you won’t receive Gold and Exp on jungle creeps if you have a teammate but if you teammate is far and they don’t get gold on minions you will receive all gold plus you will still receive Gold every 4 seconds that’s the reason why solo lane is also buying roam items but you must sell your roaming item when someone rotates or stays on your lane another good thing about Roaming item, you will receive additional 30% Gold and Exp on assist that’s why this item is really good on tank and support you won’t need to last hit the kills because you will still receive gold and exp on assist and the last thing you need to remember on roaming item if you have the lowest gold on your team instead of +2 Gold it will become +20 Gold every 4 seconds same thing with Exp, if you have the lowest Exp it will become +35 Exp every 4 seconds there’s only one wrong thing on the description of this item I’m not sure if it’s a bug or it’s really wrong what’s written is “during the first 6 minutes of the match, this equipment makes you gain nothing from minions or or creeps when you teammates are around you” but if you will notice on this clip, the match is already 8 mins but I still don’t receive Gold and Exp on minions now let’s go to upgrading Roaming items the first upgrade is the iron mask there’s not much difference with wooden mask aside from the stats and additional movement speed you will just have +400 HP, +5% CD Reduction and instead of +15 movement speed it will be +25 the next upgrade is Shadow Mask, it increase the given HP and CD Reduction aside from that this item has Active Skill, this is what you call Conceal when you use this, you and your teammates will be invisible for 5 seconds aside from that you will also receive additional 15 movement speed but once you attack or the enemy attacks you, your conceal will be gone our next Roaming item is what you call Courage Mask it gives the same stats, the only difference is their active skills if Shadow Mask only gives +15% movement speed, Courage Mask gives additional 30% movement speed aside from movement speed, Physical and Magic attack will increase by 20% lasts up to 3 seconds you will notice in this clip, when I use Courage mask my Physical attack, Magic Power and Movement speed will increase the CD of this item is faster compared to shadown mask who has 90 seconds CD, this only has 75 Secs CD our next roaming item is what you call Awe Mask this item doesn’t have active skill but it has 1 more passive the passive of it is when you hit basic attack on the enemy they will have a mark when you’re able to put 5 marks on the enemy they will be stunned for 1.5 seconds the marks will also add if your teammates hit the marked enemy the problem of this item it has 50 seconds cooldown and because it’s passive and you don’t know if it’s already cooldown you will have a hard time to make this hit the enemy I think that’s the reason why this item is not build much I will finish Item build part 3 here do you think I need to make a guide for the early items or items that are not yet complete? just comment below if you think I need to make that when it comes to jungle items, I will make a separate video with all about jungle and I hope you learn a lot from this guide and because you reach the end, I want the winner of the giveaway is the one who reach the end for me to know if you finished the video you need to answer my question message your answer to master the basics facebook page with the screenshot of where you share this video my question is, if you are going to watch my video, Using Miya to Counter pick what are the things I did there to counter the enemies whoever has the best answer will win the giveaway so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out