– Teller all you have to know
about my act is at the end,
everything will be okay. – My name is Axel Hecklau. I am a magician from Berlin
in Germany. – and if it’s not okay,… it’s not the end. Okay? – [Axel] To create magic of
course it takes a long time. Maybe two years,
three years, even more. So what I will show here
on Penn & Teller I’m working on almost ten years. It’s inspired by everyday life. – By any chance do you have
your driver’s license on you? – [Axel] Everybody in the
room will know what
I’m talking about. When they are at the cashier
at the supermarket, and they take out their
credit card. and it’s not there. – What’s the most important
thing to you in magic? -To amaze people. – I guess I have a chance
because my material is not only on the performance
side original, it’s also on the technical side
many details that are original. So maybe? We’ll see. – Of course I like applause. If people are speechless, it’s even better.