Do you have family or friends
who you want to free from prison? In this video I want to show you how you
can use the seventh pentacle of the sun to free your family literally from prison. So I’m going to be showing you how to, how to charge your seventh pentacle of
the sun and then how to evoke the spirits of the seventh pentacle of the sun. So it makes you watch to the end
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single day at 12 E. S. T. okay, so first let’s look at the pinnacle and
understand what is occurring on this actual printer. Cool. Okay. Okay, so let’s do a deep dive really quick
and to the seventh pinnacle of the sun. So as always you have the verse to
activate this pinnacle on the outside. The verse will be written in English in
the description below. It’s in Hebrew. And as you get closer you will notice
that there is almost this cross like shape, right? You have a cross here, cross
thing. You have some names in Hebrew. So the names that are inside of the
cross are the names of angels who govern over the elements of air,
fire, water, and earth. Okay? So these angels governed over
that. So you have one, two, three, four different angels on the actual cross. In between the arms of the
cross, you’ll have four names, right? And these are the angels that
rule over these elements of fire, air, earth, water. So if
the bees, so let’s do this. Let me show you what I mean really
quick. So let’s say that these here, these names, they govern over the elements and meaning
that they have properties of these elements. However, however they are not the
Supreme rulers of the elements. They do not run the energy of
water. They just have properties. The elements have part parts of these
elements within their being, right? If you look at these names, these angels rule over the elements. So when you want to walk
into invoke the elements, I will definitely look into these names. I don’t know them off the top of my
head. I just know what they stand for. I can’t specify the exact
name. However you can go that, Google that real quick
if you want. But yeah, this pentacle is the
last pinnacle of the sun. And it’s interesting because even
though you have these angels, I’m better for the elements. This
pentacle is used as, it’s a free, our family from prison, the fit, the center seventh pentacle of the
sunis used for our family, for prison. You might be thinking, how’s
that possible with this layout? What does that have to do with anything
prison related? Because if you, if you think of the elements, elements
are foundational, elements are, um, they are at the crux of all that we do. So this is taking the highest version of
something foundational to get Frank as freedom. For example, the elements
nature. Does nature ever feel restrictive? Does nature ever feel like,
like you are not allowed to be? Nature is enriching. It’s
fulfilling its freedom of giving. So to have these elements and
to have angels, and then the, the ruling angels on this pentacle is
going to allow you to free open or free your family from
imprisonment or chains. Okay? So the seventh medical for
the sun is perfect for that. Now let’s dive into how we can
invoke the spirits of this pinnacle. So the averse to activate the seventh
pentacle of the sun is that I’ll have broken my bonds and Sunder, I will offer NT the sacrifice
of Thanksgiving and we’ll
call upon the name of I H P H. I a H. V. H is God.
AFOL. Whatever reason, um, Jews did not want to
specifically say the name God. They felt the name itself was too Holy. So this name I HVH is the written
form of a God or God almighty. Okay. So now that we have a clear understanding
of the actual pentacle of the summit, seven critical of the sun, let’s
discuss how we can use this pinnacle. So as I said, the whole point of this seventh pentacle
of the sun is to give a freedom to those who are entangled
by in prison, by chain, by metal, who are, who
are needing to be freed. Okay? So with that said, how can we go about getting a
result that is a final result? How can we go about doing
that? I’ll give you three ways. The first one we can do is we can just
invoke the spirits and communicate with them and ask them to lend us a favor, do us a favor and allow my brother
and my sister to be free from prison. That is the first way we can invoke the
spirits of this seventh pentacle of the sun. Okay. Something else we can also do
is we can create after we invoke them. Yes, you’re going to ask for help. Yes, we’re going to ask them
to do the pivot for us, but we can also ask them to take
their essence, their energy, their attention to an
oil like conjure oil. That way this oil can be for
other ritualistic purposes
like who do like conjure like invoking other spirits to allow the
integer that oil to VIN free the people you want so you can invoke the spirits.
It’s one way, but after you invoke them, something can also do is
create a conjure oil. Okay. A third thing you can do is
you can ask that spirit to be, take their energy, take their presence,
take their under their desire, and place it into a another item that
isn’t an oil like a candle or a powder mix or something that you’re already
using in your scripture. Practice. Something you’re already familiar with
as these spirits to then take their essence, their energy, and
bring it into that candle. Now notice that all of these
different things we can do, these three different things we can do
requires you to invoke the spirits of the seventh pentacle of the sun. So what am I actually want to show
you right now is how to do that. We have to first charge the pinnacle
where the charge seventh pentacle of the sun. We can’t just go use it immediately,
immediately. It’s best to charge it. So I’m going to show you
how I do that right now. So in order to charge the seven
pentacle of the sun, it’s first. You need a few things. So we need to first print out your
seventh pentacle of the sun in a perfect world, and this would be on the yellow
paper. That ain’t work out today, so it’s on white papers. Okay?
If you have white paper as well, but print this bad boy out. That’s the
first thing that they print this out. You also then wants to
have your charcoal tablets. It’s going to be found on Amazon at a
local spiritual store. Maybe Walmart. You want this as well and you also
are going to want frankincense resin, okay? So frequency is resin is often used in
Solomonic magic and ceremonial magic to strengthen the connection of the spirit
that you’re invoking will also using the frankinfranki incense as an offering to
this spirit.Frankincense all around all purpose offering the spirits.
Some threes differ. Nutmeg, I think [inaudible] actually like
nutmeg. You have some that like cinnamon, some that prefer hyssop or different
other aromatics instances that are used ju st offering, but a good all around
all purpose. Incense is frankincense. Okay? Looks different. And since that’s
the third thing you need, Vinnie, you’re also going to want tongs or
something to hold the chocolate type. Like with I use scissors because I can
easily just pick it up like this and cause this is going to get hot. Okay.
So you definitely want that. Tom’s, you want a dish to place that
pot that on that charcoal tablet. And I, I have this, I actually
made it to like third grade. I’ve been using it for years. Literally
you who knew R B R B concrete. But I use this for, I put, I put all of my hot stuff in here so
when this gets hot I’ll pick it up like Fitch and I’ll put it in here. So
you definitely want that as well. And the last thing you’re going
to want is a lighter. Okay. Notice I did not say candle. Notice I did not mention how we’re
going to use a candle to charge or to, um, do anything with this, the,
the um, the pinnacle yet. Cause we, when we use that candle,
what we’re actually doing is
bringing the spirit to us. That is not the goal. Right now. All
we’re doing is charging our Pentacles. So let’s begin. So the first thing I’m going
to do is get my heat safe dish. I’m going to place that down here.
You can’t see it. That’s okay. Just know that it’s there and want
to get my tongs or my scissors. Pick up my chocolate top lid, and then
I’m going to get my lighter. Okay? I’m going to light it under here.
You’ll notice that once you light it, once it gets hot, it’ll spark. That’s
okay. That’s what we’re after. Okay? So you’re gonna let it spark and
be light in a few other places. Then before you put this down in there, you want to let it spark
for a little bit longer. You want to make sure that
it’s getting enough oxygen. That way it can actually get
hot though. They want it to. You’ll notice already spoken already.
That’s okay. If you want open a window, I’m used to the smell, I’m fine.
Okay, so now it’s smoking pretty good. Now the bottom is already had lit up.
What a place this in my dish ever. So gently. All right. Okay. All right. Now I’m going to then take my freaking
sense resident and place that on top of their own the chocolate tablet. Okay, so that’s going to get going. You
want to notice a lot more smoke. Now once this heats up and once it gets
going and go see the smoke arising and once the smoke is coming at,
coming out at a nice amount, not quite yet is getting there.
You sing, it’s coming out more. But once that smoke is coming out in a
nice amount, where are you going to do is take your pentacle and kind of
walked it through the smoke, right? Hold it there over the smoke. And think
of this as cleansing and a charging. Okay? We can definitely add an element of a
white Sage to smudge over this as well. However, different concerns. That’s a
great job. I’m already so let’s do that. So we’re going to do both sides. Now what I’m going to do is I’m
going to give this in my intention. So what we’ve done as far as,
we’ve kind of gained this paper, a clean slate using fricking stands. Now the antiques of this paper is more
hyper [inaudible] program. This paper, this pinnacle program, the
pinnacle to do what we say. So what now is a time to
state your intentions. So what are your intentions with
the seven pinnacle of the sun? What is that you want him to accomplish? Is there someone specific you
wanted to pre free from prison? Let’s say your brother. So let’s
say your brother is the goal. You want to free your brother from prison
and using this seventh pentacle of the sun what are you going to do is a take the pinnacle in your
hand. Put, put it like this. So you see the pinkos in my hand. Now I’m going to visualize the desired
outcome of using this seventh pentacle of the sun Okay? So I wanted to free my
brother and wanted to see my brother free. I’m wanting to imagine this holding hands
laughing and I’m going to think of a mirror memory of my brother and I that
I cherish most and allow that energy to be then transferred to this
pinnacle. Okay. And once you do that, this pinnacle has now an
attention and now has a goal. We want to seal that intention in the
pinnacle. So what am I going to do now? The same process of getting that freaking
sense, putting it over the pinnacle, along that smoke to Chris center
and to seal in that desire, that intention we just gave it. Okay, make sure you do both
sides of the practical. Now all this is doing is charging and
cleansing the practical for it so it can be used to invoke the spirits of
the seven pinnacle of the sun. We have not done that
yet and that is okay. But now this Pensacola is fully rated,
ready to go. And because I charged it, I don’t have to do it again unless
I want to change my intention. So let’s say I want to do um, a month’s
work of conjure work for my brother. I want to make sure he’s out of
prison by the end of the month. I don’t need to do this process again
because the intention is the same. However, let’s say you want to use just pin to
go for your sister who’s in prison, you now have to do this process again
because your intention is changing. Okay, so now let’s dive in to how we can utilize
this charged pentacle to invoke the spirits of the seventh pentacle of the
sun to then bring about the results to bring about the manifestation. At this point you’ll notice that your
frigging since resident is still burning. That’s a great thing because now what
we’re going to do is actually in the Vogue with the spirits of the sun. Okay? So you can do this with
or without a candle. Okay. I want to show you the way I can do it
without a candle because I want to make sure you can do it immediately so that
way you don’t have to get an unnecessary item. You don’t necessarily need,
cause you can conjure without candles. All you need is intention
and frankincense, okay? Cause frankincense is literally like that, that offering to this
three last one to come in. And so now that we have the offering, let’s invoke the spirits or
the [inaudible] of the Senate. So the first thing need to do is
activate. That’s pinnacle, right? Activate the pentacle
by reading the verse. I’m going to have the verse on this video. I’m also going to have it
in the description of this
video for ease and comfort. But as a quick reminder, the seventh principle of the sun averse
is thou has the broken my bonds and Sunder, I will offer unto the the sacrifice of
Thanksgiving and we’ll call upon the name of IHV H again, that is the
way to activate this pinnacle. Now that it’s principles activated, we can communicate directly to the spirits
that are involved in this pentacle. Okay, so now what you want to
do is say something like this, I Derrius meals, right? That’s my name. I Derrius meals and evoke with the spirits
of the seventh pentacle of this son come before me. Now, uh, I
would do this three times. I there mostly both the pinnacle, the spiritual [inaudible] of
the sun come up for me. Now, one more time I Darious adolescence. The mills invoke the spirits
of the seventh pentacle
of the sun come up for me. Now, at this point, what you want to do is make notice
of the shift of energy in your space. Okay? I say conjurer. You need to be aware of your surroundings
with an angel or spirit here and without that angel spirit here. So make note of the shifts of that
presence of the energy. Okay? Now, once they’re here, you want to talk to them and to issue
as if you would talk to me, right? You might be very friendly
and goofy with me, but you should go to me with
respect, right? Sandwiched spirits, so I wouldn’t say, Hey spirits,
thank you guys for coming. I appreciate you being here. If you
can help my brother get out of prison, I would really appreciate that. I was like going to be out
of prison by this date. I want it to be going by this
state. Thank you very much. Bye bye. That’s literally what you do. You call
them and I Derrius mostly focus spheres. You ask them, what would you tell them
you request. Then you say, bye bye. Respectful, right. That is literally of
what you do when you conjure spirits. And notice that once you set by the
energy of them isn’t as strong in your space. Make note of that
as again as a conjurer, you need to be aware of the subtle
changes in air and energy in your space, in your contract. Okay,
so we are not done yet. We haven’t deed charged our
pinnacle. We’ve able spirits, um, ads for them or certain requests and we
said bye to the spirits here. However, it’s important to
understand how spirit moves. It’s important to understand how
your manifestations come about. So do I expect your own, your brother or your sister should
be going like this out of prison? Not necessarily. Not saying that
it can’t happen, but something. I want you to be a work that
when a spirit does a D for you, sometimes it comes in the
form of clarity or guidance. So be open to a lawyer contact and you’d
be open to you finding a YouTube video about how someone else got up, got
out of prison using X, Y, and Z. Be open to secret synchronistic events. Be open to follow the breadcrumbs
of the angels and of the universe. That is how conjure works. Now
conjure can definitely work with you. We’re going up to a phone call from
your brother like, Hey fam, I’m out. Absolutely. However, be open to all possibilities that we all
possibilities can come to you and the ones that come to you the quickest will
get you the best results. Are you fam? Alright, so if you like these video,
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