– We’re gonna give you
guys some booster packs of the most recent set. – Yeah! Yes! (electric music) – I’ve heard of it but
more so more familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. – I have not at all heard about Magic, so complete newb. – I’ve been playing off and on for like maybe just a couple years. – Total length of time between
when I started and now, like 17 years, but there was a big gap. We spent some time apart. We found ourselves back together again and its just been fun like
kind of finding the romance. – That’s great. – I’ve no idea the rules, what you can do, and it seems kind of overwhelming. (electric music) – Magic: The Gathering
is the world’s premiere trading card game. It premiered back in 1993. Basically you bring a deck of
cards that you built yourself. You have 20 life, they have 20 life and if you can get them to zero before they get you to zero, you win. The game is now played
by millions of players around the world and it’s like no other
game really out there. – There’s also really cool
story elements in the game. There’s an entire lore,
there’s characters. You can follow the character’s story as we go through the sets. – I don’t know what it is
about the fantasy realm. – Look around at the world right now. Who doesn’t want to
escape that for a minute? – It’s like a comfort world in the way that maybe like a family
sitcom is timeless themes. There’s always gonna be elves. Or it’s two-handed swords. – Who can’t say that they
wish they could settle an office dispute with a
two-sided ax now and then. – I’m getting very strong like Aaliyah, queen of the damned, vibes here. – Cleopatra, she’s pretty fire. (sniffing) – What’re you getting there? – I mean, its upfront,
it’s new card smell. – Dissenter’s Deliverance, this reminds me of Beyonce, for sure. – Oh my gosh, yes. – Beyonce, in a magic card. – I have the T-rex here, too. Maybe he’s not a T-rex. Oh, he’s a crocodile. Well, he’s very big. Evolution. – I have Cancel. Cancel on a card, like cancel your life. – (laughs) Just cancel. – Alright, I’m seeing a ripped man cobra. I’m seeing a ripped man cobra. – May I? – Yeah. – Oh that guy is jacked. He is yoked. – He is jacked. He’s obviously, the thing
is, he’s working out five to seven times a week. It’s not realistic that most
dudes have bodies like this, so don’t be intimidated
when you see these dudes with these bodies, be like wait. – He has a man cobra trainer, for sure. – He has a man cobra trainer. There’s a whole lifestyle,
so he’s not just having this. It’s a commitment. (electric music) – Wizards of the Coast is here. – These are like the engineers
of our childhood imagination. – They inspired a whole generation, a whole genre of gaming. – We play Magic eight hours a day and we still want to go to work everyday. – I am super excited
– Yes? – to teach Buzzfeed
people how to play Magic. – Magic is a game of threats and answers. You’re gonna play creatures
to threaten your opponent. Your opponent is gonna defend themselves. This will continue until one
of you emerges victorious. – Oh (bleep). I think I’m officially a Magic convert. – The person helping us, Melissa. After a while, she was
giving us less instructions ’cause we were able to actually go with the flow of the game. – Everything I taught them, they were like “Oh my god, I get it. “Oh my god, it hit me. “I understand.” – One hit, she decides to take the hit instead of this card dying. – The strategy behind
it really was up to you on when you wanted to
bring a certain card out. – I have a question. An instant. Can an instant be played
during another person’s turn? – [Man] Oh, absolutely. You can wreck him all you want. – Making sure. – Once I got into it I was like oh, untap, tap, strategy. – Whip it out. – Yeah, attack her, beat her. All done. – But look at us, see we’re
using all the Magic lingo. – Yeah, yeah. – Now we know what
people are talking about. – When someone starts
playing for the first time and they get this scope
of like what’s going on and how deep you can go, it’s
kind of like you can see it. And it’s fun to see. – [Man] It’s beautiful. Ooh, look at this foil. Look at that foil. – The art was beautiful. You can just tell how much
care went into every aspect, in every card. – You just have this vision in your mind of what it’s doing on the battle field. – I would say to people who
haven’t tried Magic yet, don’t be overwhelmed. Once you just start digesting and actually seeing people
play it, it’s super tangible and super accessible. – Being out there,
seeing all my coworkers, smelling the cards, feeling the sleeves. – You never lost the spark. – It was so much fun. I want to get better
and I want to play more. – Just like bust out my
deck, like “Lets go.” – Lunch hour, here it is. (laughs) (electric music)