– Hello, and welcome
to “Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic out of things you can
find in your junk drawer. – And today is very exciting
because we finally got a pet! – Really? – Yep, and it’s gonna help
us out with a magic trick. – A magic pet? So cool. – Here. Pick a card. Now place it right here
in the middle of the deck. And I’m just gonna
spread out these cards. And now meet our new pet, the all-knowing
Samuel the Spider. – That’s a toy. You got my hopes up for a toy. – Not so fast. Samuel is alive. He just looks like a toy. I swear. Here, he’s gonna help
me pick your card. Okay, Samuel, now just
find her card, okay? (ethereal music) All right, well, looks
like Samuel sees your card somewhere in this area. So we’ll just take
some stuff away. Okay, Samuel, now it’s time
to find her exact card. Ready? Come on, Samuel. (ethereal music) (Akira gasps) – Whoa, this is my card! Come on, Samuel. I’ve always wanted a pet spider. Step one, disguise you as a dog. Step two, win a dog show. – Anyway. I’ll show you how to do
this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need: a fake spider, black
thread, a deck of cards, black construction paper,
double-sided tape, tape, and a Sharpie. To start, grab a piece of
thread about two feet long. Cut this off and tie
one end to your spider. Next, put double-sided tape on
the bottom of your card box. Place the other end of the
thread under your tape. Then take a normal piece
of tape and seal it in. Now we’re gonna create
our magic placemat. Grab your three pieces
of construction paper. We’re gonna start with the
one all the way to your right. Use double-sided tape
and place it down. Now take your spider and place
it on that piece of paper and take your card box and put
it all the way to the left. Take your second piece
of construction paper and add double-sided tape. Stick this on top
of your thread. Now take the card box and move
it all the way to your right. Use double-sided tape to put your third piece of
construction paper down. Now your thread
is only underneath your second piece of
construction paper. Next, take your
cards out of the box. Place your spider
inside the box. Finally, place the
box to your left. Now we’re gonna mark one
of our playing cards. I did mine like this. Use your blue Sharpie to put
four little dots right here. This will help find
the chosen card later. Now place that card on
the bottom of the deck, and you’re ready to go. And that’s all the prep. Now for the trick. Start by having an audience
member pick a card. Once they’ve picked their card, take the deck and
cut it in two halves. Then take the top half and
put it in your left hand and let the audience
member take their card and put it on top. Then take the bottom half and place it on top
of the top half. You do this because
the marked card is gonna be right next to
the card that they chose, so when you spread it out, you’ll know where their card is. Once you find the marked card,
their card that they chose is gonna be right
to the left of it. Now take out your card box
and let out your spider. Without drawing any
attention to it, grab your card box and pull. This will drag your spider
all the way to the card that they chose. Just pull the card box as far
as you need the spider to go. Great! The spider found the area
of where the card is at. Now move all the other
cards to the right and left. You’ll be left with
just five or six cards. Spread those out and replace
your spider back to the left. Now grab your card box again and move him exactly
where your card is. Finally, show off
their chosen card. – Cool. I’ll give it a shot. (intense music) Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic.” – You know, Samuel the
Spider can do more than just guess your card. He can totally read your mind. – I wouldn’t do that. (demonic music) (Walker screams) – What were you thinking? (Akira laughs) – You don’t want to know
what’s going on up here.