NBA spotlight shines brightly on the Amway Center The Philadelphia 76ers been to talk of the NBA near the starting lineup brought to you by stake in shake Down the Lakers coming in here on Saturday night busy. It’d be jumping Center against boots events were underway on this Wednesday night game Warden pitch out to a one dude If he fires over Vukovich Joe Allen beating dribble David either all the way or into that little pull-up tough to stop that one Much of it David it That’s a tough cover for toll indeed for Gooch out on the perimeter if be denied Their right more than driving on Simmons nice fadeaway jumper by Jimmy Butler with the finish and that’s what Steve Clifford was talking about when he was asked about Jimmy bump Simmons to Abby He’s made two three looking to put it on the floor who’s doing a good job of staying between him and the basket and spark Be for three again He’s made Wade provide two with the ball that Beach has made three three-pointers in the first quarter To Butler AlphaDog status six points for Butler early for the shooting over the top of a mere shot said that’s gonna be Mucho get stamps it away from Amir Johnson. Nice outlet ahead to Augustine who lays Around or do is bitch early tonight Jimmy Butler still on the floor still shoot a 15 footer. He’s got tons worth of beer Johnson back to sentence Simmons washing it up high. The defense of one’s own. Just getting it Johnson down leaning on that It’s the right shoulder very Good for the man to go off the bench of late And before game beats his man off the dribble. JJ rat just kind of getting deep JJ to stand up a little bit Redick off the screen knocks down a three played almost 400 games in a magic uniform Nichola don’t sit on full Automatic gates and holds it in complete second unit Markel folks the number one pick black staff can see magic Trailing on that screens and to make him make a few is that nice drive by jared was? To rent it Torque was a three-point threat Floats it into depth with that tree trading partners Covington and char it’s going to Minnesota Tara throws 410 off the bench Would be interesting to see how Brett round handles it Redick got an opening fires it in for two Brennick for to JJ Redick. Hi, I Don’t know to compress think that’s that’s why it’s a groupie thing – nothing run Shelf full fashion on Derek grant Thanks walked up shove it on the three the rebound board is now Surrounded by two defenders Got an elevator they want to hesitate if again amazing Japanese picked up by Redick Terrence Ross 10-point lead we’re sore Lando’s doing this with him beat on the bench Braddock drifting into the left corner drills it for three Each of its wants of against muscala you roll by Bucci bits driving on it Shimon follow into the van So butch of a chest 17 if beat has 14 and reshape Shot clock down to two Aaron Gordon for three Cross-court to fournette Augustine phosphate in the driveway Not much you can do couch a bitch forced him to take a mate Oh, they were 6 of 10 in two lines the team that gets there almost 30 times a game And he missed the shot their rebound by 48 long outlet pass to Augustin more than running the floor Jordan picks him up Jimmy Butler medic-2 a be Knocked away by Augustin but in the hands of Simmons Wilson Chandler a three point shot, it’s good Muscle For me to walk a speed 48 for three Or yet papo running the floor Is tonight Shamon Angry he plays like a bender it doesn’t because he does Mom, but just inside the three-point line knocks it down the scallop and Chabot He’s finished by bolts picked up by Ross Jimmy Butler cruising down the lane Scala with the rebound the pitch out to korkmaz. He makes the three second chance point law. Well, they’ve been right around 50% all night Terrence Ross he can get it go on Simmons turns it over Bunz ahead Tareq, he’ll pull up his fire for free. He got 15 seconds to play in the third quarter Simmons for three he got it And she’s got a pretty good job on him beat plays rusev jammer with a strong drive Go to bitch On the blow by Jared grant open for three he got it Butcha bitch for three he drilled it would be bucho bitch goes down. Nope Rocks for three Laughs on the screen let’s it fly The scallop picked up by boots of innocent walk 3 by Chandler Wilson Chandler wouldn’t It be we’ll put him on the floor. The magic clothes in breakdance the 7 basket Chandler Stops it in Butler defended by Ross Mike muscala for three bounce it to for da Evan right down the girls finishing beautifully with the left picked up by Fe Vukovich against Butler back to DJ Here comes the spring conduce Terrence Ross firing It comes in erratic back to Simmons back galenic is wide open It’s going to be reviewed Radek means a shot pillow almond is gonna put it in bass with only 5.3 left Pompe windmilling in front of it He points at poplar no good rebound They won’t do what that’s gonna do it the magic spoil the philadelphia debut of Jimmy Butler 111 the 106 All eyes from Orlando tonight to see how buffer and this