(pumpkin gurgling) (crate crunches) (horse galloping) (neighing) (cheers and applause) (bells jingling) AHH! UHH… (cheers and applause) AAH! (thud) (straining) BRAVO! HA HA HA! TA-DA! (cheers and applause) (rumbling) OH! OHH! AAH! HMM? DUH! MMM! MM! MM-HMM! (pumpkin squeaks) HUH? (gasps) HMM? (growling) (fire crackling) (tweet) HM-HMM! (pounding, sawing) HA HA HA HA! MMM! HMM? HMM?
HMM? HMM? (pumpkin whooshing) (choir sings) (cheers and applause) HMM? RRR! (shouting) MMM! (tweet) (snaps fingers) (whistle blows) NNH! NNNH! HMM? HMM? HMM? AAH! NNH! NNH! NNH! AHH! NNH! AH! (pumpkin boinging) (boing boing) (straining) RRR! UGH! UNH! (boinging) HMM HMM! (pipe clanging) NNH UGH! NNH UGH! NNH UGH! HUH? (pipe creaks) (muttering) (pipe ratcheting) (straining and muttering) (pat pat) (cheers and applause) (bell clangs) AH HA HA HA HA! (wheelbarrow squeaks) (laughing) (pumpkin squeaks) (rumbling) (sighs) RRRR! (panting) (air hose squeaking) AH! (escaping air squealing) UGH! (explosion booms) (laughing sinisterly) (rabbits snarling) (panting) (buzz saw grinding) (panting) (laughing) HMM? (snarling) MMM! NNNH! (growling) HA HA HA HA HA! (rabbits growling) (buzz saw grinding) (crashing) (birds tweeting) (groaning) (contestants giggling) (mud bubbling) HEH HEH
HEH HEH! (straining, laughs) OH HO HO
NYUK. AHA! HA HA! (neighs) OH! (crash) (air whistling) (oink oink) OOH! (pigs growl) RRR! (boing boing) (riders screaming) RRR! (grunts) MMM! (riders screaming) (shouting) (growling) YAAH! WHAA! HEH HEH HEH
HEH HEH! (grunting) UH! RRR! YAAH! AAH! (jet engine streaking) AAAH! (air whistling) (splat) (splat) HEE HEE HEE
HA HA HA! HUH? NNH! (cheers and applause) RRR! HUH? (rabbits growling) AAH! (screaming) (murmurs) (gasps) (crickets chirping) HMM? (crickets, coughing) HMM? HMM? HMM? HMM? HMM. OH! (yawning) HMM? (grumbling) (humming) AHH! (grunting) OH! (grumbling) (cheers and applause) (metal clank) (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) (grunting) (audience gasps) (mumbling) (cheers and applause) (gulp) (cackles) (audience oohs) (audience ahs) (audience gasps) (cheers and applause) (grumbling) HMM. ♪ HMM HMM ♪ HMM? OH! (applause) (cheers and applause) (grunting) (grunting) AH! (grunting) AH! OH! (excited yelping) (audience laughing) AH! AH! (growling) (frightened gasp) (frantic yelping) (coughing) HMM-HMM. HMM-HMM. (gasps) DAH! (growls) DAH! (straining grunt) MM. UH-OH. AH! (audience gasps) (applause) OH. HMM?
UH-OH. (nervous chuckling) (applause) (audience awws) (cheers and applause) UH-OH. AH! AHH! (angered grunt) AH! (crowd cheering) (gargling) (angered grunting) UGH! UGH. (crying and gasping)
00:14:05,467 –>00:14:06,902
(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (air blows) (alarm clock rings) (electric static) (birds chirp) YAHOO! (laughing) (heroic music) ♪ ♪ (machine computes, whirs) (evil chuckles) (maniacal laughter) (alarm rings) (ripping) (crumbling) (cheers and applause) (buzzer sounds) (grumbles) (electric whirring, grumbles) (suction noise) (electric whirring) (grumbles) OH! (chuckles) MM. (evil giggling) OOH, WHOO-HOO! (laughing) (cheers and laughter) (chuckles) (suction noise) (electric whir) HMM? (growls) (whirring) (suction noises) (growls) (beeps) (growls) (coughs politely) HMM? HMM! AH! (splashing) (upset growling) (evil laughing) (suction noises) (electric buzzing) (clicks) HMM, MM, MM. (screaming, whistle blowing) (growling) (growling) (electric static) (grumbling) (giggles) HMM? AH! WHOA, OH! (electronic static) AH! WHOA! (electric guitar jams) ♪ ♪ (whimpers) (cheers and applause) (electric static) (freeze noises) (whirring sputters) AH! (alarm rings) (birds chirp) MM. EH. (wind howling,
leaves rustling) (thunder crashing) (laughing) (panting) (snickering) (dialing phone number) (elevator muzak plays) ♪ ♪ (thunder crashes) (laughing) (doorbell rings) (gobbling noises) (thunder crashes) (cash register ding) (gobbling noises) (liquids bubbling) (chewing noises) (evil laughter) (static sounds) (maniacal laughing) (coughing) (beeping, tapping on machine) (powering up) (glass shattering) AAAH! (explosive noise) AAH! (whirring) (whirring) (whirring) AAH! (whirring) AAH! (whirring) (powering down) (whirring) (whirring) (thunder crashing) (laughing) (growling) (banging) (squeaking) (birds chirping) (laughing) (loud burp) (snickering) (hinges squeaking) (blender whirring) (sizzling, steaming) (laughing) both: (laughing) (sizzling) (sizzling) (blender whirring) (ticking) (suspenseful music) ♪ ♪ (laughing) (crashing, gobbling noises) (birds chirping) (clicking) (laughing) (groaning) (clanging) (beeps) (gobbling noises) (huffs) (pounding) (knocking on glass) (gasps) (beeping) (electrical power noises) (thunder crashing, static) (laughing) (maniacal laughter) (panting) (growling) (loud growling) (angry chatter) (growling) (coins jangling) (hinges squeaking) (helicopter whirring) (bang) (Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (Pink Panther electronica) ♪ ♪