It’s Steve and Maggie – Wow English TV.
Ok, back. Back. Back. Yeah. Back. Back. Ok and stop.
Oh, hello boys and girls. Hi. I am moving house. I need big strong muscles for this
job. Haha. Have you got big muscles? Have you got
big muscles? Show me. Haha. Yeah! Great.
But hey! It’s time to get my furniture out of the lorry. Oh, don’t worry, Maggie’s
going to help. Right. Let’s start.
Grrrh. Oh. Ou. Haha. Hey! Look! What’s this? Yeah! It’s a bed.
Ok Maggie. Take the bed away. Right. What’s next?
Ok. In the house. Ufff. Hey, look. What’s this? Yeah! It’s
a cupboard. Say it with me. It’s a cupboard. It’s
a cupboard. He Hey. Ok Maggie. Put the cupboard in the house.
Ok. What’s next? Ok! Pfff. Look. What’s this? Yeah! It’s a
toilet. Say it with me. Come on. It’s a toilet. It’s a toilet. Yeah!
Ok Maggie. Put the toilet in the house. Right. Here we go again.
OK. In the house. Haha.
Haha. Hey. Look! What’s this? Yeah! It’s a bath.Yeah!
Uf. Hey Maggie. Help! Uh oh. Coming! Haha! Thank you Maggie.
Oh, that’s better. Great! Finished. Ok! Come on then, let’s look inside my new house.
Yeah! Hey! Wow! Hey loo… Hey. HEY!
Look! What’s that? Ohhh. It’s a toilet! A toilet here? That’s not
right. Oh dear. Oh no! Haha! Oh. Hey. What’s wrong here? Yeah!
Look. What’s that? What is it? Yeah! It’s a bed. A bed? Here? Oh dear. Oh NO!
Haha. Oh. Look! Hey! Is this ok? Here!? NO! What is it? What is it? Yeah! It’s a bath.
Oh dear. Maggie has been very naughty. Where is Maggie?
Maggie?! Maggie! Haha! Maggie. Hehe. Maggie.
Where is Maggie? Oh Look. There’s Maggie. What’s she got?
Hehe. Ah! It’s my cupboard. Yeah! Oh Maggie, you
naughty naughty bird. Put the cupboard in the house. Ok, time to move the bed, the cupboard,
the toilet and the bath again. Back with my big muscles. Bye bye. See you
next time. Oh Maggie. Yeah. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please
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