[Tynamon] Now, Odius, I’ve had enough! It’s time fulfill your end of our bargain! [Odius] You’re in no position to make demands of me, Tynamon. [Tynamon] No, what are you doing!? Please! [Badonna] (laughs) Looks
like your little secret’s out! You’re even tinier than I imagined! You’re pathetic! [Tynamon] Forgive me madam. You promised to make me big! I can’t live in that robot any more! [Odius] You really want to be big? Then earn it. You know the Rangers’ friend. His name is Mick, bring him to me and I’ll gigantify you. [Tynamon] But how will I do that? [Odius] Simple, I have a new
weapon I’d like you to test. It’s a little large for you, but I can fix that. [Tynamon] Oh, I like it! [Odius] Now, go capture Mick! (Tynamon giggles) What was that? Hello? Huh. Well maybe I was just seeing things. [Tynamon] (laughs) Surprise! What on Earth!? (energy hums) [Tynamon] Gotcha! (laughs) [Hayley] It’s Mick! Hey fellas.
Hey. My parents are sick, so
I’m gonna go visit them. Wait, you’re going to the Lion Galaxy? Yeah, uh but, don’t worry
I’ll be back again soon. Okay, well, we sure hope
your folks get better. Me too, talk again soon. Bye. Later.
Bye Mick. [Odius] Who cares about the demise of that tiny twit Tynamon. Now that I have this working, I can move to the first
phase of my ultimate plan! [Badonna] But your
device only hit one person. Can you make it bigger? [Odius] I’m afraid I can’t, but he can. (tense music) Welcome back, Mick. Why don’t you tell Badonna
how you’ll help us? I can make a satellite system that will broadcast to the whole planet. [Odius] Ha, my mind control device is working perfectly, don’t you think? [Badonna] It’s exquisite madam. We’ll get to work at once! [Odius] It’s all finally
coming together! (laughs) Sleep well, Power Rangers. It’ll be your last peaceful night!