welcome to the world of Magic Ágora calm welcome to a new concept of how to go about learning the art of magic in a few minutes I’m going to show you this new space dedicated to learning magic our homepage is the main entrance to our website in the center of our home page you will find information and news items that might be of interest to you access course offerings or a list of teachers there are other options too as you can see once you register on our home page you have new navigational options these give you access to the community and the campus the community is an open space where once you have registered you can get in touch with magicians worldwide to discuss today’s magic issues the campus is our Learning Center it’s where you will find your courses your fellow students and your teaching team it’s where all of your learning takes place the first thing you’ll find is access to the courses in which you are currently enrolled and the private community that is restricted to those of you who are magic agora students once you access your course you will discover a page that contains all kinds of important information statistics comments that need to be read notes from your tutor news about an upcoming video conference with your teacher or other events that will happen during the timeline of the course it is your daily summary of your progress in the course let’s access the content as you can see in this course as in the case with all others there is a plan that you have to follow while you learn you will find multiple educational resources that will help you video shot from different points of view animation graphics and detailed instruction that together with the help of your tutor will help you learn the material here at magic agora we will consistently test you to find out how much you have learned in every course you will have to work and practice on your own or with your classmates in order to master a technique you have just learned the practice room this is a 21st century take on the mirror with which we magicians practice it is an integral part of the course and you just need a webcam you can see yourself in mirror mode or as a spectator would see you record yourself and send videos to your tutors so that he can help you correct minor details video conferences it is a given that there will be video meetups between students and teachers to delve more deeply into a given subject and where you can interact via your webcam a forum to discuss a variety of topics a mailbox where you can drop off your work messaging or document storage our other solutions we are going to use to improve your learning experience the private community is an area similar to the public community that will allow you to interact with other magicians but this time only with your classmates and the teachers of all the offerings here at magic Agora additionally it is the place where you could take advantage of a wealth of information such as magic techniques and glossaries it also serves as an access point to exclusive content it is an essential space that will help you grow as a magician these are the magic agora calm spaces where you will be able to advance your magical expertise and knowledge with professionals resources and content that are second to none we hope to see you www.magicagora.com