Hello YouTube this is Eddie aka
bulletproof monk. Today we’re going to show you a quick and easy magic trick
that only requires a small object and some quick hands okay so here is the
trick okay now I want you to focus on my right hand and where the rubber is on my
right hand okay ready say now which hand do you think the
rubber is in right now my right or your right your right my right hand no okay so here’s a tutorial on how to do
it so firstly you’re gonna have your hands down like this and then as you
turn it over you’re gonna quickly throw the rubber
to your left hand and then turn it over so in slow motion it’s like this and
quickly it becomes like this make sure the object is small enough so you can
put your palm over it without people seeing it make sure your hands are close your
fingers are close together so people can’t see it and also after you press
that then make sure your right hand is arched up and your lift hand is flat
this creates the illusion that the object is still in your right hand so it
goes like this ok thanks for watching the tutorial see you next time.