hello guys what’s up now here you can see
i have got four decks two of them are real and two of them are fake which to a
fake well if you’re familiar with cards I think you straight on got it correct
it’s this one and this one these two are real and these two are fake now we look
at the differences that how they’re fake first of all let’s look at the tuck cases
you can see how different they are this is more of orange thing and this is dark
blood red and just look at the angel man I hope in a seat wait right here yeah
you can see the angel it looks pretty stupid but here it looks
nice right it looks nice and you can see that it’s a pretty distinguishable that
it’s it’s a fake let’s look at this side of the box it says the u.s. playing card
company I hope you can see it right there the u.s. the United States playing
card company and here it says made in the USA let’s look at the other side
says air cushion finish made in the USA in the real one and here it says the US
playing card company Cincinnati Ohio now if you know guys they have shifted the
United State playing card company from Cincinnati Ohio to Erlanger Kentucky and
you know I felt when I read this I felt that this is how they were printed but
this is what made me believe that this is fake right here it is here you can
see in the seal it says the sorry I’m saying the real one here it says if you
can see standard playing cards right but here the real one
no seal yeah the real one you can see it says the US playing card company and you
can see some copyright information behind it right that is what gave me the
total belief that these are the fake one and these are the real now enough of the
box let’s get into the the cards the real stuff enough of the tuck case let’s get on
to the cards so box art boxes are terrible just one more thing guys here this opens
from the front and here it opens from the behind so one more thing to
understand what is real and what is fake great the card doesn’t come out yeah
that’s it and to be honest this feels you know little heavier I don’t know
whether it’s my my just my thinking but this feels a little heavier and steady
Steadier but this thing feels paper well whatever
man oh man this is now to be honest any new deck would handle really nicely
right but bicycle man I have years old Decks that still handles great so we’ll
get into the handling later but let’s look at the cards you can see you just
by touching itself you’ll feel that these are fake and these are real go
here’s the air-cushion finish and here it’s just plain paper right and they’ve
given a slight pattern and I don’t think so you’re able to see it they have given
slight pattern right to make it look like it’s air cushion finish but it’s not
it’s not believe me and behind it’s not there wait I get a different card let me
find the Jack of Hearts right here so here you can see guys some you can see
those little dots that is the air-cushion finish that is printed both
front and behind in the real one but here is the fake one you can see it
just in the front of the card and in the behind you can see it’s plain paper and
this is really tough this one it’s this slick and nice so this this back palm
will be terrible with this it will really take a lot of time so let’s get
into the cards now how do they handle the fake ones
the real ones handle great but the fake ones to be honest any new deck will
handle good so this really nice oops one card went there so this is really nice to
be honest and spring to be honest this is so stiff that this spring is really
hard to do but at the same time that stiffness gives at least steady thing so
it’s really nice the spring is nice the fan is nice flourishes are nice
let’s look at cuts cuts are nice this is good for cardistry man to be honest
because everyone knows when the when you open a brand-new deck it’s really
slippery the original bikes right it’s really
slippery whoa you can see right but whereas this thing it’s not that
slippery and yeah it’s not slippery at all this is so stiff it’s it’s terrible
but to be honest it’s not that bad if you want to practice it okay let’s look
at this one I don’t know if you can notice this but this is the real one
this is sounding different and this thing this is sounding different well
whatever the thing is guys don’t be fooled
to be honest I got this for the same price as the original ones that is why I
bought six of these fake cards as soon as I opened and I saw
the tuck cases I knew that this is fake I just feel cheated because I paid the
same price if it was cheaper I would have given it a thought that why is it so
cheap man but it’s the same price well whatever it is guys if you guys know
xavier perret man i don’t know why his channel is no more he said one thing
that if you want to excel in card magic practice with worse cards and terrible
cards first and then move on to the professional ones such as tally hos or
bikes the reason being because he believed
that if you practice and you get the best out of the worst then certainly
you’ll get the best out of the best and i believe in that even though it will
not apply to everything but it’s pretty pretty true with cards well that’s a
guys don’t feel cheated why should you feel cheated I am cheated no I don’t
know what I’m saying well yeah I was cheated well that’s it guys wow it was it wasn’t even in focus