I’m Niall Horan. I’m 16 and from the Mullingar in the Midlands world… I want to be like big names in the world like Beyonce Justin Bieber’s perfect example I’ve been I’ve been compared to him a few times, and it’s not a bad comparison I Want to sell out arenas and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world Today is the start of it all if I get you today. It’s game on Why are you here today? And how old you 16, are you like an Irish, Justin Bieber yeah Is this going to make you really popular in school? Yeah, I suppose Katy, yea.. I Gotta teach my answering machine And now that I’m alone and cuz right now. It says that we I can’t come to the phone And I know it makes no sense Cuz you walked out the door But it’s the only way You’re adorable and You have charisma. I just think that maybe you should work on it. You’re only 16 I started out when I was 15. I didn’t make it till I was 23. I think you’re unprepared I think you came with the wrong song you’re not as good as you thought you were But I still like you Yeah, you know you obviously Adorable you’ve got a lot of charm for a 16 year old, but the songs too big Phoebe I think you’ve got something. I think people would absolutely like you if you’re likable What do you think I think people will like him just because he’s like you but not because he’s Irish you only know this Because he’s likable shut up Simon yes or no well, I’m gonna say yes Yes or no, I’m gonna say no I’m going to say yes Can I just say that I agree with Cheryl you’ve Jimmy more strength and by the way Just if you’re likeable likeable. This is not gonna sell records. It’s talent, and you have a seed of it Of course you’re in No Everyone has to wait for their chance to audition, but no one’s waited longer than the first contestant leap liam audition for The X Factor in 2008 and has been waiting two years for a second chance to impress A bit broader and a bit deeper now as well actually here. We go good luck Limb how are you Simon? You’re I seen you in a long time what two years yeah, two years yeah two years How did you get the last trembling? Well I was here in 2008 and I made it through to Simon’s house in Barbados Just 14 years of age Liam came so close to making it But his heart was broken when some didn’t believe he was ready and sent him home. I’ve made a decision. It’s bad news It was cooked in to get thrown I know what it’s like to be thrown out, and I don’t have that feeling again I’m just gonna get through Simon said to me you need to go and get you GCSEs. That’s what I’ve been doing The latter day it’s my chance to prove to Simon that I have got what it takes Give me more than anything to get us of Simon today What are you gonna sing today? I’m gonna sing cry me a river okay interested Farrell The whole night well you can cry I can ride a real pro Well just approve let’s you do Arriba Or Me River You’ve definitely got it whatever it is that you’ve got it impatient, and I thought your voice was really really powerful. Thank you so much It’s really impressive really really impressive, I think Other people in this competition should be a little bit worried about you I’m really good With a brilliant brilliant vocal and for 16 years it was so confident. You know you’re totally delivered Yes, this is the guy you didn’t put through he wasn’t quite ready when he came to my house two years ago But I said to him then come back two years time and you’re gonna be a different person. I got it, right Now we’ve got a vote I am going to say yes Yes for me And they definitely yes Based on talent absolutely incredible one massive fat Almighty yes The boy becomes a man congratulations Really good to really enjoy that two years to get in there do that we just see that frustration blowing out yeah That was a great song choice. That was the greatest honor what he’s like Justin Bieber. I want the boys here And I never expected in my wildest dreams for that to happen to get that reaction No, it was just so amazing so I mean it’s just the most amazing thing in the world ever You And Louise certainly impressed the judges when he first auditioned, what’s your name, and it’s little bit um Winston off you go What you do to me Okay, Louie asana, Louie I’m finger. I’m saying You’ve got three yeses, thank you so much And Back in Manchester another hopeful came in front of the judges. Hi My name is a Zayn. What are you gonna? Say? I’m gonna sing Mario. Let me. Love you, okay? You’re the table warm and secret things He’s been coming here for dreams Baby, you’re a star. I just wanna show you your war you should let me love you. Let me I’m gonna say yes Harry Styles 60 Chaplin chair it’s quite boring. There’s nothing Pterence what sort of experience we don’t have music life Singing abundant with my friends. I’m the lead singer. We we entered about Alabama’s competition about a year and a half ago Winning battle ovens and play into that many people like really showed me that I wanted. That’s what I wanted to do I got such a thrill when I was in front of people singing it People tell me And they always say that are they singing is what I want to do and if people who can make that happen for me Don’t think that I should be doing that as it made setback in Hello nice to meet you, what’s your name? I’m Harry Styles okay? Okay, Harry, how would you I’m sixteen sixteen? Okay, so tell me a bit about you um I work in a bakery and Harry is he left school gone to work there Yeah, I worked on Saturdays yeah bar finished mighty sissies now Yes, I’m going back to college in September, and what are you gonna study at college um law? sociology Business and someone else, but I’m not sure yet Wow So what are you doing here everyday? Well, I’ve always wanted to audition, but I’ve always been too young okay, alright. What are you gonna sing? I’ll do isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder. I take good luck Isn’t she lovely Isn’t she wonderful Isn’t she precious Less than one minute Old and I never thought to love we’d be Making one as lovely as she Isn’t she lovely? From love Okay Nicole what do you think I’m really glad that? We had the opportunity to hear you acapella because we could really hear how great your voice is Thank you for 16 years old you have a beautiful voice. Thank you I Agree with Nicole however, I think I think you’re so young I don’t think you have enough experience or confidence yet, okay? Yeah, someone in the audience just said rubbish, and I totally agree with them Because you know the show is designed to find someone at you whether you’re 50 and 60 70 doesn’t matter I think with a bit of vocal coaching. You actually could be very good. Thank you Thanks Okay Louie Hurry for all the right reasons I am going to say no I actually don’t think they’ve booed you loud enough there Nicole I like you Harry, I’m gonna say yes Happy to hear that I’m going to be agreeing with Nicole. Yep. Thank you You