– [Mary] Hi, I’m Mary
Poplin with Boris FX, and today, I’m gonna show
you how to turn this shot into this shot. (playful techno music) We’re going to use the Remove
module to take the talent out of this shot, and
then we’re going to use Particle Illusion to put her
back in at smoky transparency. And though this shot looks
dramatically complex, it’s actually pretty easy. So let’s get started. I’m gonna delete all my previous layers, and start from scratch. The first thing we’re gonna do, is we’re going to select Mocha Pro from our Effects and
Presets, and drag and drop it right on to our original layer. And then we’re gonna launch Mocha Pro. And then we will launch Mocha Pro by clicking the Mocha button. This will read our footage
directly off our Timeline. The next thing I’ll do
is take the Freehand tool and draw a shape right
around my ghost woman, just like this, and that’s
just way too many points, so I’m going to take my
Detail down quite a bit. Now I’m going to select my
shape, and relax the corners, and adjust it anywhere
it needs to be adjusted. Now, using Translation,
Scale, Rotation, and Shear, since this is a garbage matte, I’m gonna Track Backwards. Since this is a garbage matte, it doesn’t need to be perfect. But I do need to make
sure that I don’t leave any of her hairs on the background. As a tip, you can always use the
Activate Quick Stabilize Mode to roto a little bit faster. By keeping your shape pinned
into the center of the screen. Once your roto is complete, you can track the background walls. Now this is actually
slightly tricky, because, while this looks like a single plane, in order to get a good Remove, I have to have a rock solid track, and if you notice, there’s
actually a corner here, which means these two walls
are at an angle to one another, which means they’re not
the same planar track. So I’ll take my large rectangle tool, and I will draw two
shapes around my walls. And I’ll track Translation,
Scale, Rotation, Shear, and Perspective. We’re gonna name our layers, so that we know what we’re doing, and we’re gonna move our
Ghost layer to the top. Our right wall and our
left wall go underneath the Ghost layer. That means when we track
our right and left walls, that we will have the ghost
lady held out of them. Let’s show you with mattes. When we click on our wall, you can see that we are not tracking where those shapes overlap. That’s because Mocha treats everything at the top of the layer pile as closest to the camera,
and will always hold it out from the layers beneath. We’re gonna turn our
gear off on the Ghost. Go to our first frame, turn our mattes off, and I’m gonna actually
select both of these with my surface tools on, so I can see what my track is doing. Tracking Translation,
Scale, Rotation, Shear, and Perspective, and I hit Track Forward. It is essential to get a rock solid track to get a good Remove. Since I have a previous
version of this file, I’m not gonna make you
sit through me retracking the whole thing. Suffice to say, I have my ghost roto, and I have my right and
left walls tracked properly. So now I wanna remove this ghost. So I select my Ghost layer, and then go over to Cleanplate Clip. I want to find an area where
I think I can remove the most of the ghost and get the
most of the back wall, which is probably gonna
be somewhere around here. I wanna make sure that she’s
not blocking this lantern because I want that in my cleanplate. Now I’m gonna ask Mocha to Remove her, using this background
track, so I hit Render. And what you’re gonna see, is that the Remove is going to work to try to get rid of her. It’s using all of the frames before and all of the frames after, and I didn’t use Autostep,
but I probably should have, ’cause it would speed up my Render. So let’s hit stop. Let’s click Autostep, and ask Mocha to look
a little bit smarter. Now what you can see is
that Mocha’s done its best to remove her, but since
her shape is so big, it doesn’t have enough
data to replace her with. So what we need to do, is we
need to create a cleanplate. So we hit Create Cleanplate,
and then we save a cleanplate in our project folder. Inside of Photoshop, I’m gonna navigate to my project folder, and I’m
gonna find my cleanplate. Then, as a cheat, I’m
gonna come in and select an inner edge here, using the Lasso tool, and I’m gonna use Edit,
Fill, and Content Aware Fill to fill this, which,
your mileage will vary, depending on the shot. That’s actually pretty good. But now I need to clean up little areas, and that’s gonna be my new cleanplate. I’m gonna hit File, Save,
and then back over in Mocha, I’m gonna hit Use Clean
Plates Exclusively, and hit Render, and you can
see that this will take her completely out. If I need to make any more cleanplates, I can use my original
cleanplate to make more. Since this shot has a lot of pans, I need to make a couple of cleanplates. Now when I render over time, my Remove works properly. We’re gonna Save and Close. I’m gonna duplicate my layer. I’m gonna take my background, and I’m gonna call it Background, and keep my top layer as Ghost Patch. I’m gonna go to my mattes, I’m going to apply a matte. What that will do, is that
will apply the matte of my ghost. I’m going to feather the matte. But what I actually wanna do,
is I wanna make two patches. I wanna make a left wall
patch and a right wall patch. So I’ll duplicate my layer, and we’ll do a left and a right. Let’s go to frame one. Let’s go to frame one and
let’s check Render and Remove, and Render and Remove. And we’ll end up with this nice Remove. Now I’m gonna duplicate my background, and I’m gonna call this Ghost. We’re going to Create AE Masks, and that will patch my ghost
lady over the top of my shot. In my mask, I’m gonna feather, like 60 pixels out from her
edge, to blend her back in over the top. Now I can do a couple of things here in order to make her transparent. But the first thing I’m gonna do, is I’m going to go over here to S_Glow, and I’m gonna drag and
drop a Sapphire Glow right on top of her. We’re probably gonna take that
glow down just a little bit. So there’s my Sapphire Glow on my ghost, to make her pretty ghostly. I can use an Action VFX clip, like this, and I can Time Offset it a little bit, and use it as a Luma matte
to make a transparent ghost using that smoke. But what I’d really like to use instead, is the Continuum Particle
Illusion to create a smoke effect and use that as the matte. So we’re gonna do No
Track matte really quick, and we’re gonna hide this layer. We’re gonna go to Layer, New, Solid, and I’m gonna make a black
solid, and call this Particles. We’re gonna go to our Effects and Presets and find Particle Illusion, and we’re gonna drag and
drop it right onto our clip. Then we’re gonna select
Launch Particle Illusion. Now, inside of Particle Illusion, you can see I have my Emitters,
and I can search them. I have my Properties, and
then I have my Timeline. This is pretty easy to set up. I’m gonna search for vapor, over here in Emitters, and I’m gonna grab Complex Vapors 03, and we’ll double click
that right on our Timeline. And I’m gonna make it much
larger to fit the area of my shot. Now the problem with that is my particles stayed the same size. So I need to go ahead
and increase the size of my particles, just like this. Now, the next thing I’m gonna
search for is Magic Smoke. And we have Magic Smoke Wisps. I’m gonna use Magic Smoke
Wisps 01, and again, I’m gonna make a bigger box, and I’m going to increase
the size of my particles, and we’re gonna use Magic
Smoke Wisps 02, as well, doing the same thing. And with a little bit of size adjustments, and a little bit of
adjustments to the speed, I end up with a nice
smoke cascading effect. You can see that this now
renders back to my Timeline inside of After Effects, and it actually renders pretty fast. So we’re gonna drag Particle
Illusion over here to Ghost, and we’re going to use this as a Luma matte, just in the same way that
we had used it previously. Now if I want this to match my world, I can copy, well, I can cut and paste this right on my background, I can select Transform
as World Plus Emitter, and under the Motion Tracker in Mocha, I can select the Mocha Motion Tracker. Now, that’s the Emitter offset, and I want my Emitter to be there. And here’s my World Transform, and I want that to be over here. So this is gonna track my world, and this is gonna track my subject. And we’re gonna go ahead
and hit Track Forwards. Once your track is complete, Save and Close Mocha Continuum. And now your BCC Particle
Illusion will be properly tracked, so we can cut, and paste
this back onto our solid. Now the reason we had to
cut and paste it is because, if we want it to read off the Timeline, the data we wanna track is
actually on the background. Now when we hit Play, my smoke will move along
properly with my lady. But I see one more
problem that I wanna fix, and that is, I want to adjust her eyes to be a little more opaque. So I’m going to go back
to my original Mocha file, and I’m going to use my Round Solid tool, and I’m going to use my
Add to Round Solid tool to make these both on the same layer. I’m gonna call these Eyes,
and I’m going to link them to my ghost track. Gonna do some corrective roto, and we’re gonna Save. I’m going to go to Export my Shape Data, and I can actually go
to my Mocha Shape Data for After Effects, and
copy to the clipboard, because this is Mocha Pro. I’m going to make a new layer, drag it and drop it above my transparency, call these Eyes. And then I’m going to go
to Edit, Paste Mocha Mask, and my eyes will now
be on top of my ghost. Now obviously, that is way too much. So we need to go to a couple of things. We need to select the eye shapes, and we need to make like a feather of 60. Maybe more. Feather of 100. All right, so there’s
her eyes, highlighted. But that’s still too much. We’re gonna come over to our Transform, and we’re gonna knock
this down to like 50%. And I’m going to go to my Ghost. I’m going to select my glow, and I’m going to paste
it onto my eyes, as well, so that we get the same matching glow. Now her eyes are a
little bit more visible, and they pop more in my scene. And so with not a lot of work, we have removed this
ghost from the background, put her back in at transparency, and used Particle Illusion
to isolate her with smoke. If you have any questions, you can find us at www.borisfx.com