Hello, I’m Rens.
-And I’m Nellie. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. Let me get acclimatized first. All sort of lines… I see your pores really clearly. I was afraid for a moment. Every week in the name of science
we try a different drug… to see what it does to the human body. Curious about a certain drug? Leave a message below
and maybe we’ll try it. Dexter and many others were very curious
about magic mushrooms. Dexter thought they were legal
in the Netherlands, but they’re not. Mushrooms are on List 2 of the Opium Act
and hence illegal. But we…
-Are presenters of Drugslab. So we have some. This is dried Psilocybe cubensis.
Dried it can be kept for months. Fresh mushrooms keep in the fridge
for about two weeks. They smell herbal and flowery,
but also like your granny’s attic. The active substance of magic mushrooms
is the same as in truffles: psilocybin. Your body converts psilocybin
into psilocin. And psilocin makes some areas
of your brain more active… like your sensory perception, how you
see colours and experience shapes. But other areas get deactivated… such as the areas
that make that you can order things… and perceive things correctly. You often hear that mushrooms make
people experience colours very intensely… and that they see kaleidoscopic effects,
but also gnomes, for example. Some people start to feel megalomaniac
and think they’re Superman… and can fly,
and then jump off a building, That’s the biggest risk,
because physically it’s pretty harmless. You just need a safe environment
and people you trust. Then not much can go wrong. Preferably with someone
who didn’t take mushrooms… to guide you and help you
experience a pleasant trip. If a bad trip looms, don’t try to block it.
Just go with the flow and you’ll be fine. The dosage for fresh mushrooms
is 15-30 grams for a good trip. These are dried, and then you need
about 1.5 to 3 grams. Two grams.
-That’s a nice trip dosage. I’d really like to try it. Yes, can I?
Nice. I’m off to another world. And I’ll make sure it’s a good trip. I’m wearing my belt.
It’s already turned on. I thought I’d put on a tripping dress,
so I can feel free and am able to float. Nice colours, nice patterns. Your temperature is fine,
but your heart rate is a bit high. I guess because you’re nervous. Your temperature may drop a little
and your heart rate increase even more. You can also smoke mushrooms
or make tea or soup… because apparently they’re gross.
But I’ll eat them. Did you eat anything beforehand?
-Just a light breakfast, 4-5 hours ago. Good, that means less chance of vomiting
and it will work faster. Here, some water.
-Thanks. Cheers. Is it tough? I thought it’d be crispy,
but it’s actually very soft. Tasty?
-It’s not bad at all. The difference with truffles is that truffles
grow below and mushrooms aboveground. But the active substance…
-Is the same. on a giant mushroom
red with lots of white dots Spindle-Shank the little gnome
was wobbling back and forward And the last one. Open your mouth. After 20-40 minutes
the mushrooms start to have effect. A trip takes about 4 to 6 hours.
-After 1 1/2 hour you reach your peak. I’m really curious. Let me get acclimatized first. Then I’ll tell what I’m feeling
and everything. When I really focus on something… it comes alive.
Or everything around it begins to move. All sorts of lines,
as if they’re pixels. Kind of darkish or something. And if you then go out again… it’s different again, you understand? You’re speaking very slowly.
-I feel incredibly slow. But pleasant?
-Yes, but a bit confused. It’s so intense. There’s a lot happening inside my head,
and I try to give that a place. That still has to happen.
It’s really strange. I feel very strange. A lot is happening with your sight.
Everything keeps changing shape. Here I have a book:
Drugs for Junkies and Dummies. Medicine men and women worldwide
have been using mushrooms for ages. They were often known as divine food
or even as flesh of the gods. If I focus and try reading it out loud,
I can do so. It doesn’t start moving?
-No, because I’m… No. It’s really fun, understand? That can change in a second,
because of something you see. If I were to see a scary face right now,
I might suddenly get really frightened. How do I look? The texture of your face
is much more detailed. I can really see your pores.
You know what I mean? Beautiful pores.
It looks wonderful. I see them really sharply. So much is happening at once,
but also not, in a way. Because this is really all
that’s happening. But at the same time,
a lot is happening as well. Studies have shown that people,
also after they’ve used mushrooms… become more open
and that their personality changes. Can you understand that?
-Yes, I can. What if I say the word ‘war’ now? Why…
Now I’m getting a kind of insight. I’m like:
why would you engage in warfare… when it’s not pleasant
for either party? Give them flowers to bring
to the other side. Seriously. I feel like doing enjoyable things. I notice that if I think
of unpleasant things… I can get carried along by them.
I feel them. I don’t know,
but this is bringing me down a little. You know what it is?
I don’t know how to put it… but you know… No. I know what you mean.
-I felt a bit afraid for a moment. Am I sweating?
What’s that? Oh boy. A bit unpleasant. I’ll stay here.
-I feel I have this angry look. You don’t mind, do you? It’s silly, but…
-No, you’re just very sensitive. If you see or think of something negative,
you go that way… and if it’s positive you go that way.
-Yes. And that goes like this.
-Yes. Man oh man. Unbelievable. Can you take control?
-Yes. Now?
-By just having enjoyable… If you get a bad trip and do go along
with all those negative thoughts… the best thing is to think
of positive things again… and have someone talk about nice things
and tell you that everything is fine. Yes, that’s really nice. When you say
that all will be fine and it’s a lot of fun… that feels very good
and makes it cheerful again. Just now I really felt you weren’t doing well
and you started looking angry. But now I’m like: Rens is back again.
-Yes, it really goes up and down. As a trip sitter I also think
this is really intense. Let’s keep on tripping.
Shall we do a little test? Your taste perception may be altered,
and your mouth is producing less saliva. Here I have a plate
with all kinds of tasty things for you. Since it’s so big, in my mind it was also
as if something really big was coming in. And then it was gone. It’s as if this tomato has
a lot more different textures. The rough skin, the juice… I feel like washing it away.
My mouth is so dry. Was it a pleasant experience?
-Yes, but also very intense. So I’m glad I’m starting
to come down again. Your heart rate went up a little.
At its max it was 142. Your temperature stayed the same. But you did start to sweat a lot.
-Yes, enormous spots. Yes, lovely. That was really something, guys. Rens is slowly coming back to earth.
If you’re curious about a drug… leave a message in the comments
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when we try another drug. Bye. I’m back on earth, I’m happy to say.
I slept well. Intense dreams, since my brain
was still processing everything. I feel a bit sluggish right now,
but mentally and physically normal. I’ll see you guys again next week.