Hey Guys its Ryan Shirley and today we are
going to learn how to do a awesome trick with a Rubik’s Cube. There are over 43 quintillion different combinations
for this cube. The world record for the fastest person to
ever solve a cube is 4.7 seconds. What if I told you guys you could do it faster. What if I told you, that you could solve it
instantly? So on the count of three i’m going to try
that. Ready? One, two, three… just like that, your Rubik’s
Cube is instantly solved. Now I’m going to show you how to do it. You are probably wondering how the trick was
done. The secret is your going to need two cubes. Why? Because you’re going to steal some stickers
from one cube and transfer them over to the other. There will be five perfect sides. And one side that is messed up. The official Rubik’s Cube isn’t going to work
for this trick. The reason why, is because the newer cubes
don’t have stickers. The color is just built into the cube. If you have a older cube it will work. But what I did, is I went on to Amazon.com
and found some cubes for about $5 and I bought them and they are great because they do have
stickers that you can pull of easily. And you can perform a sticker transplant. Now that you have your cube ready to go. You will want to memorize a set of moves. What I typically do is I go up, over, down,
over, up, and over. So can show the spectator the cube is all
messed up and then that’s when you are going to reverse your moves. As you’re doing it you can make up a story,
make sure you cover up the sides. And don’t reveal them. And once you got it locked and ready to go,
cover the sides with your hands and shake the cube down. Do it quickly, and the cube will appear as
if it was solved instantly. The spectators will love it! It’s a awesome trick. Just make sure not to show the bottom. Hope you guys liked my trick. Don’t forget to like my video and subscribe,
more awesome videos to come.