Kids today, I’ll teach you… …how to control the storm. First, watch me and then try. “Magic chants.” Look at the movement
of my hands. It’s the most important of all. Focus and believe! Focus and believe! Then, say the spell. “Magic chants.” Also remember… …along with focus
and belief… …courage is important too. With courage, you can
overcome all dangers. Rudra, do it once. I’ll stop the wind
and impress Grandpa. “Magic chants.” Grandpa, help me! Help! What did I do wrong? It was ‘Stoppo’ not ‘Starto’. Rangeela, you’re incorrigible. I’m sorry! Somebody help me! “Magic chants.” “Magic chants.” What’s going on? “Magic chants.” “Magic chants.” Yes! Shakaal is in his own world. He’s unaware of the
smoke around him. I’ll clear the smoke or else
Shakaal will get upset. Shakaal, help me! I’m entering the smoke. Help! I’m saved! Shakaal, what were you doing? I might’ve died. But, you didn’t die. I was planning to
destroy Sun City… …and you got in the way. Do you have a death wish? No! Sun City! Your time is up! I’m a magician, an illusion. Fear me… …for I’m Shakaal! “Magic chants.” “Magic chants.” Go ahead. And swallow Sun City! Help!
– Help! Very good, Shakaal! Zoga can’t do this. You can do it. The smoke is… …gobbling up Sun City. This is just the beginning. After a while, the
whole of Sun City… …will be devoured
by this smoke. What’s this? Help!
– Run! Run!
– Run! Help! Help!
– Help! Get us out of here!
– Help! I can’t see anything.
Help! Good deeds always pay off.
What’s going on? Where is this smoke coming from? What do I do now? Hey, all the shops and
houses have disappeared. I’ll inform Grandpa. Grandpa!
Grandpa! I forgot that I was on a tree. Help! Run! My things have disappeared. What’s happening? Run for your life! Hey, my house has
disappeared in the smoke. My things have disappeared. Grandpa, this smoke is
swallowing everything. The one who enters
doesn’t come out. I am sure Shakaal did this. Mom! Dad! Rudra, wait here! I’ll save that child. The smoke is about
to engulf him. Grandpa, I’ll come along. No, you wait here. Grandpa! Don’t be scared.
I’ll take you home. I’m unable to hold you. I’m a magician, an illusion. Fear me for I’m Shakaal! It was only an image. It’s disappeared now. Now, it’s time… …for you to
disappear, Jai Singh. You cheat! You resorted to using
a child’s image. You trickster! Jai Singh, you’re right! But without bluffing you… …I couldn’t have won. I don’t follow any rules. Because everything’s fair… …in a feud and war. Grandpa! Rudra, go away from here. Right now. Rudra, that is an order. Go away now. Find a way to get
out of this smoke. Good deeds always pay off. I can’t fly, take me along. Come along bouncing and hopping. Hey!
Varun! Hey, what’s happening? Did you see that, Zoga? With the snap of my finger… …I wiped out everyone. Thus I say… …I’m a magician, an illusion. Fear me… …for I’m Shakaal! Rudra, we’re here. But, what next? Myra, Grandpa always says… …come what may… …we should always be calm. Everyone calm down and think. I’m very hungry. Even we are hungry. Rangeela, let’s go. We’ll show you
where the fruits are. We can smell them. Shakaal, you’ve
wiped out everyone. Now, you’ll be the new
king of Sun City. No one will stop you. Let’s party now. Not now, Zoga. Rudra’s still at large. “Magic chants.” Go and find Rudra. Eat up fast. We’ve to
find a solution. Ghost! Rudra, help! Rudra, come with me. Shakaal has called you. Rudra will not go with you. I didn’t say anything. Put me down! You can follow Shakaal’s
order, I won’t. I dare you to take me along. So, you won’t come? You can’t confront me. Come with me now. Never doubt my age and magic. Myra, be careful! Surround him! Myra, go from here. Hurry up!
– No, Rudra! We won’t leave you and go. “Magic chants.” Myra, you never cast
the correct spell. Thank you, Myra. For the first
time, I’m not upset with you. Yes! They’re running away. Rudra! You scared them off! It was not just me… …they ran away because of you. Let’s go and free Sun City. Good deeds always pay off. How will you free Sun City? Will you free it by smiling? But, how? Shakaal, eat your heart out! If you won’t eat, you
won’t be strong enough. And if you won’t be
strong, how will you… …endure the pain when
Rudra will beat you? Rudra is free now. He’ll come and beat you to a pulp. He’ll beat you badly. I wonder, what
condition you will be in… …after you get
beaten up by him. I shiver to even think about it. Shut up! You always keep on
praising Rudra. Do you support me or Rudra? I support you.
– But you are supporting him. Because he has come. Welcome, Rudra! If you’ll surrender,
then I’ll spare you. Or else, I’ll kill you today. Shakaal, never underestimate… …Rudra’s age and his magic. You are full of courage
though vanquished. Nobody can save themselves from… …Shakaal’s illusion. Rudra, get ready. You’ll die very soon. I’m ready. Rudra, what are you doing? I have a plan. When Grandpa was… …teaching us how
to stop the fast wind… …he was chanting
the mantra slowly. I heard it. Now this
is the only way. Rudra, what are you murmuring
about? It’s better… …if you surrender to me. Shakaal, Grandpa says… …one must be as calm
as the severity of the problem. Only then one can
find it’s solution. If a person focuses with
all his courage… …and believes in himself… …then he can do anything. I’m ready.
Focus and believe. Rudra! You still have time.
Listen to me. Listen to me. No point in fighting. You know that I don’t
like to fight. I wanted to take over
Sun City peacefully. But Jai Singh didn’t let me do so. The smoke’s smell
is approaching us. But there’s nothing
in front of us. Rudra, the black smoke is
approaching us from the back. Rudra! The black smoke is
approaching from the back! Rudra! Run away, Rudra! Run! I am a magician, an illusion. Fear me for I’m Shakaal! Rudra will die now. Never underestimate Rudra’s
age and his magic. “Magic chants.” “Magic chants.” Rudra is dead! Wow! He didn’t die. He is doing something. Rudra! No! This is impossible. This is happening, Shakaal. Rudra is amazing. Rudra can’t do this. I’ll kill him! Shakaal, at least
think about yourself, now. Shakaal, look up. I bet, you have never
seen such a view before. Grandpa, are you fine? Rudra, as long as you are with me,
I’ll never come to any harm. Now we have to decide what’s
to be done with Shakaal. Jai Singh. No need to over think it. Shakaal will be haunting… …Sun City. Rudra, I’ll be back. Rudra!