SCP-2016 “Wizard’s Doll” object class: safe Item #: SCP-2016 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2016-1
is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-20. Testing with SCP-2016-1 must be approved by
at least one Level 2 Researcher. SCP-2016-1 must be inspected monthly for repairs. Description: SCP-2016-1 is a knitted doll
resembling a human male with a long white beard and dark green robes measuring approximately
32 cm in height. When humans enter REM sleep within 3 m of
SCP-2016-1, they will experience vivid dreams. In addition to this, subjects will also usually
encounter SCP-2016-2. SCP-2016-2 appears as an elderly human male
with the same appearance as SCP-2016-1. It is always capable of understanding the
language spoken by the dreamer, though it is not capable of verbal communication. These dreams always end with SCP-2016-2 handing
the subject a piece of chalk and creating a wall while motioning for the subject to
draw a rectangle with a circle inside on the surface of the wall. If a subject attempts to draw the shape indicated
in the dream on the surface of a wall within 7 days of having the dream, the drawing will
transform into a door with a round handle. If the subject opens the door, it leads to
an open meadow with a stone tower located a varying distance away. There will be a paper attached to the tower’s
door saying “to my new apprentice” in the subject’s native language. Said tower’s floors contain several libraries
and laboratories. All subjects who have used these facilities
have died in their sleep within 5 years. Cause of death is unknown, but all subjects
have been reported to release a gaseous mass from their mouths which disappears seconds
later. Video surveillance shows an elderly, translucent
human male similar to SCP-2016-1 and SCP-2016-2 approaching the sleeping subjects and absorbing
the gaseous mass into his hand. Authorized personnel may refer to Exploration
Log 2016 for further details about the tower. Level 2 access is required to view the unabridged
log. Exploration Log 2016 Day 1 Findings: First exploration of the tower. Agents are sent to map the structure. Five floors in total are counted, each with
an area of approximately 360 sq. m. The tower is made of stone blocks, and contains
minimal furnishings. Most of the interior space is occupied by
the libraries and laboratories. Several potted plants are found throughout
the floors. Samples of the plants, air and water are taken. Analysis shows no differences between samples
and real world equivalents. Day 2 Findings: Further analysis of the libraries
is made. Over 3400 books are counted. Most of them contain information about the
anatomical workings of several animal species, including humans. Another frequent subject is the list of physical
principles of electricity and how it functions in the nervous system. Most books display illustrations which can
be found in several medieval textbooks, although books from the seventeenth to twentieth century
were also found. A smaller portion of the books contain texts
about the nature of the soul and the afterlife. Day 3 Findings: Analysis of the laboratories is
made. Most equipments resemble chemistry apparatus
from the nineteenth century, while others have yet to be identified. Several flasks containing amino acids and
organ tissues from humans are scattered throughout the laboratories. Most equipments have no obvious function,
while others seem to be replicating the Miller-Urey experiment. Day 4 Findings: A hidden passage in the fourth floor
is discovered. The passage leads to a living quarters with
minimal furnishing and multiple family paintings and ash urns. In several of the paintings a figure similar
to SCP-2016-1 and SCP-2016-2 can be seen. Day 5 Findings: Another secret passage is found,
this time in the first floor. The passage leads to a type of basement. Several coffins containing corpses in various
states of decomposition are found. Each coffin is marked with a name, date and
information about the corpse’s health before death. None of the corpses show signs of violent
death. Day 6 Findings: Another secret passage is found,
this time inside the tower’s basement. The passage leads to a round, brightly lit,
underground chamber containing several surgical tables. Each table has a preserved corpse in it, with
several machines of unknown purpose attached via cables to the corpses. Several journals detailing experiments with
the corpses are found. The machines and corpses are brought to a
Foundation facility to be studied. Day 10 Findings: The purpose of the machines is discovered. After days of analysis, a corpse was reanimated
by using one of the machines. The reanimated subject remembered all of his
memories from when he was alive. The subject was kept under Foundation custody
for further study. Day 12 Findings: A journal was found in the tower’s
basement. Inside the journal were also found small paintings
of an adult human female, a young girl and a figure resembling SCP-2016-1 and SCP-2016-2. Said paintings had the phrase “I’ll bring
you back, I promise” written into them with black ink. Below are two notable excerpts from the journal. Addendum 2016-Beta: “Elizabeth died yesterday of a heart attack. Susan and I are the only ones left. I don’t know what to do anymore. She is crying and afraid, and nothing I say
comforts her. I can’t blame her, she is only a child, going
through all of this. I’ve already buried Elizabeth in the basement. Susan keeps asking me why this is happening,
why God is letting it happen. I don’t know what to say, but I keep telling
her everything will be alright, even if I know it isn’t true. I have to be strong for the both of us. She goes to sleep sobbing every night, and
I try to tell her some of her favourite stories, but she doesn’t want to listen to any of them. She just keeps saying she wants Mommy and
the rest of her family back.” “I’ve had an idea. It’s crazy and inhumane, but I have to try
it. It’s the only option that remains. I used Elizabeth’s knitting tools and what’s
left of our dream reagents to make some dolls. I can’t leave the tower physically, so I will
send them away to whoever is willing to use them. I hope none of the hunters find them. I’ll bring anyone who uses the dolls here
and teach them what I know. I need to buy some time for my research. May God forgive me for I am about to do.”