There is a Colombian Saying:
“The worst thing that can happen in Colombia
is that you will want to stay longer”

…it has been 11 months since I
entered Colombia speak in English yes, oh… now?
yes, yes well, what can I tell you in English I want to tell you that I am very happy to be here in Colombia and all the people are amazing and the animals are amazing… and there is a lot of positive energy and I love Colombia
i don’t understand anything! hello and welcome to Colombia I was going to Ecuador, I was going to go to Cali or Neiva and book it to the border because my passport was expiring
but I got the new one and I guess that means I got another 45 days here in Colombia so, heading out of Maniales and it’s still “wet dog” rainy season here but… I think it’s okay, it’s really not that bad looking forward to the next… i dont know
maybe 2, 3, 4 weeks … in the central range of the Andes
there’s some nice roads on the way I think that’s it for now… going uphill for the rest of today it’s delicious good morning we’ve got the baby cows well, good morning to you too it’s a rough road so I went by Salento today which many people I spoke to really liked
and it was their favorite town but it was just too touristy for me
and it was kind of uncomfortable being there so I’m going uphill towards Toche because for me, I think the real magic in Colombia
is a… just… your typical Colombia there’s no road sign or… price tag or a guide… it’s just this
and I really, really like it but anyway, I told somebody I was going to Santa Elena which is the only town I know the name of and he said…
well he laughed but he said… that there is a horse trail after the Paramo I think that’s going to be kind of cool to see how it goes there is definitely no way
anybody can drive this maybe with a moto but even then… no, it’s not gonna work they are shitting all over the place,
making the mud even worse the friggin wild west! no matter where you go
there always seems to be cows and where there are cows, there are roads and then, people, houses
and sleepy little towns it is a wonderful world,
where the countryside meets civilization and the roads are ruled by jeeps and motos hello my friend you are so dry! the road that I saw on google maps a while ago…
oh there’s a person… with a dog hey buddy this is as far as they built the road
then the machine broke and they were like, there’s not gonna be anymore road down on the trail here which can be nasty at times but I think it’s a good trail for the most part good afternoon
so the story, is the following the road that I saw on open street maps is good…
but it has no bridge so you need a mule or a horse to cross the river so I’m going on the other side of the valley and I’ve been told it could be difficult the army friggin questioned me twice and kept taking photos of my passport
i was afraid they were not gonna let me go but they let me go, so… so I’m making my way up this valley
of the river that starts with a letter A and fingers crossed that the road stays pretty good and we make it over the paramo to Cali, to Valle de Cauca there is another piglet
hey little one moment of the day that mountain very, very beautiful probably one of the most beautiful …cloud covered mountains I have ever seen and for lunch i’ve got tomatoes! a lot of tomatoes, and they are perfect! look at that just perfect to eat… best tomato ever this is the face of complete and utter surprise is that a bicycle? he’s probably never seen a bicycle in his life he’s like… what is this! you can’t eat my front tire… it’s not polite it’s a tire!
don’t eat it come here, my friend but you’re not gonna bite me… noo smile for the camera so this is where I’m gonna stay today just in time, looks like it’s gonna rain oh no, he’s calling the rest of the cows don’t do that man, we’re friends… come on look at him surprise! it’s a bicycle! my little cow friends have left a nasty surprise for me here… muddy town in the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight aweee.. lililili-li-li bumbabawee and if I told you that this is actually the good stuff…
i dont know if you will believe me but as long as there is space next to you to push and carry the bike it’s okay it’s only when it gets narrow that its difficult or when it’s really really steep and you are crossing a stream or something and then it’s like..
oh man.. i wish i never went on this trail it’s very beautiful, it’s very peaceful and I really, really, really like this place I often wondered, wether it would be easier to keep going or to go back the words from my friend with the cape, rang through my mind no, brother but something was pulling me further and further, up and away towards these remote ranches and the life on such a trail so simple and beautiful no phone, no pool, no cigarettes I would be the king of the road, if there were one aside from selling a cow every few years, most people here make cheese the left over milk is food for the dogs and when ready it’s on the mule train back to town there was just a little sliver of hope, that the paramo may offer a little bit of riding but even if it didnt, there was one thing to remember i was only here because i wanted to be here maybe word will travel back to the soldiers in Gaitan the guy on a bike whom they almost turned back, has made it to the Paramo we may yet see the sun! woooow… it’s a road DAY17
if I had ridden on the highway I could have gotten here
in 2 days from Manizales there is a lone horse, good morning horse on this beautiful saturday morning, introducing my new friend… my black dog friend his name is Moracho and I think he might come with me all the way up to the top my good friend Moroccho is defending me from evil dogs tell him who’s the boss this is a good one, leave him he’s a friend Moracho, come on this is how you deal with street dogs..
you get a protector dog no Moracho, leave him. he is good good job Moracho. that’s right, pee on that stack of leaves they even protect me from the cows
hey leave it alone, come on, lets go going up I ran into a native blockade where I was asked all sorts of questions and after two hours of waiting I was told I can’t continue camping was fairly easy sometimes I would ask at a ranch
and others I would see an abandoned house and set up under the porch for protection from the rain and others, just sleep on the road food was amazing as well the little stores seem to have everything fruits, vegetables and if you ask nicely they would even boil some eggs for you maybe I have gotten a little too accustomed to the calm colombian countryside …and completely forgotten that this was not too long ago, in some parts a civil war zone I rode past a similar but abandoned blockade after Corinto and really wondered what these bright lights that you can see at night were I am pushing my bike up his hill this morning up from valle de cauca and some guy with a moto pulls me over and they are asking me all these questions and its obvious what’s going on you can clearly see the gun in his pocket and he has his hand right in there and he wants to look at my passport and stuff and I am thinking, man this is it gonna get robbed maybe because they have all these marijuana plantations all around the place you can see the lights at night where they grow it maybe that’s why they had this other blockade when I was going up to the paramo because they grow drugs and they dont want people going up and down so yeah, a bit of a scary experience but I think he saw how badly i smelled and was like it’s not worth it robbing this guy but it would have been funny if they tried to rob me because I only have like 3$ right now but anyway, i have my cameras, i have the bike so no complaints there the dog days in colombia he’s so cute! good morning here in Cauca so the situation is the following… um… climbing up toward the huila volcano my friends that I stayed with yesterday told me there was a… a part of the trail that has no bridge so that may be an eventual complication but we will worry about that later very beautiful here 3000 meters with those huge palm trees i dont know how they survive this kind of weather and i’m still in colombia and i love it when you want to sleep in but a big chicken comes and yells next to your tent pitbull in body, poodle in heart yeah, yeah, i know i dont know what happened but suddenly 3 wet dogs appeared and they are drinking water and smelling stuff look at that guy… hey dude you’re the wettest dog I have ever seen! wait, is there a 4th one? yeah there’s 4 of them, what the hell? where did you guys come from? there used to be a road here, going all the way to Huila
then in ’94 the volcano erupted
and then no more road… this is not a trail, this is water world on a raft eh? and the jury concludes that this road… is not really recommended unless you are a little crazy how is there more rain! well, thats my trail. i have to go down here the road is right over there but I cant cross this river over here so I have to somehow get up there meanwhile at google let’s put a numbered highway on the map, why not so at the end, we’ve got a bridge!!! i love you bridge and it’s not even 100% sketchy like the other ones i can maybe even bike across it i love bridges i think if i go back to school, i’m gonna finish civil engineering and become a bridge engineer it’s going to be my aspiration in life
to provide bridges to those in need but we’ve made it i think there’s gonna be a hamburger tonight after the trail, i was very happy to be on a road a good road, where motos and horses go and there are no sketchy bridges, cliff sides or river crossings there’s two horses, good morning horses and two dogs, good morning dogs hey, there is another horse and a person with a horse and another dog a road that climbs nicely and slowly to the paramo yet again where the food is delicious and the Chivas roam free …with whatever you can think of on top some days, i am killing myself up those mountains and trails… and other days, it’s time to take it easy i passed the Guambiano natives, well dressed for the cold and in the town of Sylvia, a brown dog started following me we wrecked havoc on the quiet streets as he kept following and barking at everyone else he’s going at everybody and barking at them and soon there was just another hour left on the panamerican highway to Popayan but a group of mountain bikers, invited me to join them… so why not! so this is as far as I got right now from Popayan in Colombia i am super happy to be able to make those while on the way my friend felipe had another friend who invited me here at their house i have been staying here and drinking coffee and… and editing videos for few days now but yeah this one is an hour so far but i think there may be another 15 minutes it really means a lot to me to be able to bike and make these videos and live my dream still some time before i need to go to ecuador yesterday i got a chance to stay at a pretty interesting… hostel in the middle of nowhere and i taught their kid how to play chicken bowling basically you take a ball and you aim at the chickens but they are actually very quick animals so i didn’t hit a chicken a little bit of rain, which is not that bad the road has been super amazing and kind of remote i saw a horse with a person a while ago but pretty wild out here
well, not too wild because there is a powerline up there going across so we are not super wild but its wild the colombian kind of wild sometimes you just gotta scratch your bum no matter the consequences i wonder how many trees have died because horses scratch their bum they are going wild this is basically the school here they only have 7 kids and they learn about the colors, you can see Red blue and yellow hey, that’s the colombian flag, isnt it? and they have posters from each kid wow, and they are holding bats so i was having lunch at this town
but eventually the kids came out of school
so I’m trying to get away