Hi there, the purpose of this video is to
demonstrate the segmentation editor within Vector Magic to fix blemishes from a completed
vector much more quickly and easily than with a standard vector editor. So as you can see here, my image is complete,
though there is a piece right here that has been colored incorrectly. So to fix that, I will just come over here
to the “Advanced” section of our toolbar and click on “Edit Result”. That brings us to the Segmentation Editor. Here we have the segmentation. By clicking the black picture button, you
can see the bitmap. And also for reference, the green picture
button shows you the current vectorization. So to fix our problem area, we will just go
to the eyedropper tool here and click on the color we’d like to fill it in with, which
is black. And then with the pencil tool, we will fix
the issue to the best of our ability. And then we will click next, and it’s fixed! After that, all that’s left to do is download
the result. Thanks for watching!