– Hello, and
welcome to a special “She-Ra and the Princesses
of Power” themed episode of “Junk Drawer Magic”. – Where we teach
you magic tricks out of things you can
find in your junk drawer. – And today, we’re doing
more than junk drawer magic. We’ll be doing some
princess magic. – That sounds nice
and not harmful. – Uh, have you
not seen the show? Adora has a gigantic
sword that shoots lasers. (triumphant music) Uh, that’s the type of
princess I’m going to be. – Well, now I want
to be a princess. – Well, you’d be a prince. – How dare you tell me
what I cannot achieve! You’re not even a princess. – Are you sure? I do know princess magic. Here, tell me when to stop. – Stop. – Stop right here? Alright, this is your card. – Okay. – I’m going to put that
back into the deck, and can shuffle it up, while
I grab the She-Ra sword. (sword clanging) – Whoa! What are you going
to do with it? – You’ll see. Throw the deck of cards at me. – Okay, well please be careful. – Is that your card? (horns blasting) – Whoa! It is! – Told you I knew
princess magic, and we’ll teach you
how to do it right now! Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need
a deck of playing cards, a duplicate of your chosen card, two large pieces of cardboard, monofilament, tape,
double-sided tape, gold duct tape, silver duct tape, Elmer’s glue, and index card,
scissors, a pencil, an X-Acto knife,
a cutting board, a push pin, a hot glue
gun, and a green gem. First, we’re going to
make She-Ra’s sword. Start by drawing your sword
on a piece of cardboard. Using your X-Acto knife,
cut out the cardboard sword. Now, trace that sword
on another piece of cardboard to make
an identical sword. Now, cut out the second sword. Make sure the blade of the
sword is slightly smaller. Next, take the
first sword and wrap the entire blade with
silver duct tape. Using the Elmer’s glue, attach
your two swords together. Like this… Now, wrap the handle of
your reinforced sword with gold duct tape. Next, you’re going to
make card stab part. I’m going to use the
king of diamonds. Take your forced card,
and place it at the top of your sword so that
it covers the tip. Place it at an angle,
so that it looks like the sword is
stabbing through it. Once you have your
angle, use your push pin to poke two holes into
your card and your sword. Make sure to line up the
holes one over the other. Next, take your microfilament
and feed it through the holes in your
card and sword. Tie it off in the back. Now, line up the card
at the top of your sword again by tugging on the string. Now, we can make the
fake tip of the sword. Use a piece of
scrap cardboard and trace the tip of
your sword onto it. Now, cut out the cardboard tip. Wrap the cardboard tip
in silver duct tape. Then glue the silver
tip over the card. Line it up with
the real sword tip, so that it looks
like the sword is poking through the card. Now, you’ll make a
pocket in the back to hold your trick card. Take your index card and
trace a playing card onto it. Use a playing card
for reference, and cut a third
of the index card. Now fold the paper
in half, like this. Next, we’re going to tape
the two edges together to make a pocket. Double stick that pocket
to the back of your sword. Right here. This will hold your
card in the back. Now, use hot glue to
stick the green gem onto your sword. Right here. Now you have your She-Ra sword. And that’s all the
prep, now for the trick. Start the trick by
placing the duplicate of your card in the
middle of your deck. Mark where that card is by
placing your pinky under it. Ruffle through the
cards with your thumb, and no matter where your
audience tells you to stop, stop where the forced card is. Once your audience
has seen their card, the king of diamonds, you
can hand them the deck. Next, pick up your She-Ra sword. Loop your pointer finger
into the microfilament while you hold the sword
with your right hand. Ask your audience to
throw the cards at you, and as they do, thrust
the sword forward, and pull back on the string. This will make it
look like you’ve just stabbed right through
the king of diamonds. And that’s the trick. – Cool. I’ll give it a shot. (rock music) – Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic”. – And make sure to check
out “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” on Netflix. – You know, I’ve given
it a lot of thought, and I totally think
you should be able to be your own princess
with an awesome sword. So I went and got you one. – Wow, thanks! (sword clanging) Wow, that uh… (clears throat) that looks a lot
bigger than yours. – I’m holding it
easily. Aren’t I? – Okay, yeah. (grunts) (sword clanging) – Is that in your foot? – Yes. However, I think
it happened so fast, that my brain doesn’t
recognize the pain. No, wait. No. Now it does. (screams)