-We are joined right now by
an incredible young magician. He is a two-time winner of
“America’s Got Talent.” And now he has
his own Las Vegas residency at the mirage
called “Limitless.” Give it up for Shin Lim! [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you. Alright, Quest, do you mind
helping me out? Alright. Go ahead.
Take a look at this deck. Run though the cards and take
one card out of the deck. Now, Jimmy, I’ve kind of
made my entire career out of 52 playing cards, which is kind of crazy
if you think about it. But I want to take it
to the next level. Instead of using 52 cards,
I’m just going to use one. You got it?
-I got it. -Any card. Okay. Give it to me, give it to me,
the card. -Yes.
-Alright. Watch, look. Alright, cool, cool.
We have the card. Now, instead of focusing on
the card, I want you to focus just on
the corner of the card. What is it? The Queen of spades.
Okay, watch. Focus on the corner.
I’m gonna — You can actually
hear the rip happening. Yeah? The top right.
I’ll take it completely off. Look, Jimmy. I want you
to just focus on this. Can you blow on the corner?
Go ahead. Look, just like that. It vanishes completely. Look, Quest, I didn’t go
anywhere near you, no? Turn around and show your back
to the camera. Go ahead, turn around,
turn around, turn around. Look at the screen up there.
Look at the screen up there. And, look. It’s —
-Yo! -Actually, Quest, I don’t want
to touch anything. Take the card, take it, take it.
Take the corner, yeah, yeah. Grab it.
Reach over and grab it, yeah. -This?
-Yeah, yeah. -Okay.
-No, grab the corner. Did you grab it? -I grabbed it, yeah.
-You grabbed it. You have it? -Yes.
-Grab the corner. There we go, okay. I thought you vanished
the corner for a second. Look, watch, Jimmy.
I’ll tell you what. Hand it like this.
-Yeah. -Okay, great. We’re gonna
place it into your hand. Close your hand up. I want you to
just focus on that piece. I want you to
focus as much as possible. You’re gonna start —
Look, nothing in my hands. Lower your hand.
Lower your hand. Watch, you’re gonna slowly start
to feel something interesting. The piece is going to start to
slowly somehow disintegrate. You’re gonna notice —
[ Audience ohs ] Watch. Open up your hand. -Oh, my gosh.
-Wait, no, no. Not only does the piece vanish,
Jimmy, look at the Queen. Watch the Queen.
One, two, three! And it reappears over here.
But they’re in different pieces. See, look. It’s in different —
four different pieces. So, Jimmy, tell you what.
[ Laughter ] No, Jimmy, you’re going to have
to help me out on this, okay? -No.
-No, no, no. [ Laughter ]
-I’m gonna run away. I’m gonna run away.
I’m gonna run away. -The trick’s not done yet.
The trick’s not done yet. On the count of 3, you’re going
to help me count to 3, okay? Ready? Watch. 1, 2 — 2, 1 — Alright, sorry,
I’ll start with 1. Ready?
-Okay, ready? -1, 2, 3. -And look, they reappear
right over here. But, Jimmy, look. It’s still missing a corner.
It’s still missing a corner. Right?
-Yes. -Tell you what. Your tie.
Can you take your tie? Flip out your tie.
Take out your tie. And flip it over. [ Audience ohs ] -How did you do that, man?
Oh, my gosh. This guy is unbelievable. Whoa!
[ Audience ohs ] -Nothing on the back,
nothing on the front? Jimmy, here you go.
[ Cheers and applause ] Merry Christmas, man.
Thank you for having me. -Shin Lim!
[ Cheers and applause ] For tickets to “Limitless,”
go to shinlimmagic.com! More “Tonight Show”
after the break! Stick around, everybody! What?!