We’re back with the magician
Shin Lim and Henry Winkler, and we have another
trick for both of us. We both love you so much. Well, Henry. Big fan. Well, I am an
admirer of your ways. Well, thank you. Same here, man. It’s crazy. Like you’re a legend. So it’s kind of unreal
for me performing. But I have a deck
of cards over here. Yes you do. Every single card
is different, yes? Yes. Yes. OK, cool. I’m going to riffle
down the deck again, and I need you to say stop
anytime you want, OK, Henry? Yeah. Stop. Right there? All right, take a
look at the card. It really doesn’t
matter if I see it. Show it over to them. Show it to everybody? Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool. OK. Queen of spades. Yeah, queen of spades. Very good. Now, yes. Thank you, Ellen. Well, you saw it. Yeah. All right, well watch the queen. I will ease it into the
middle about– would you say– I would say it’s about halfway
into the deck, 25 cards? Sure, yeah. Could you push it all
the way in, Henry? Very good. Now very important,
nothing on the bottom. Now your card’s not
on top so obviously it’s clearly somewhere
inside the middle. Yes. Now I’m going to try my best
to be as fair as possible, OK? So I got my sleeves
down, obviously I’m going to roll them up. And then I’m going to find
your card and make it vanish and then reappear. That’s how all card tricks work. OK, fine. But we’ll do that. Very simple. OK. That’s amazing. Oh. Oh! Yeah. I think queen of
spades, that’s the one? Yeah, I think so. But you know what? Look, that was– I mean, really. A little wet, but. I did brush my teeth,
so it should be fine. It wasn’t fair
because, I’ll tell you what, I’m going to take it
kind of to the next level. Henry, do you mind
switching over with me? No, not at all. This takes it a little further. But here it is. We’re this close, and– Well I’m going to be even
closer, because now I’m surrounded, yes? Yes. Yeah, yeah. Tell you what. Well, we don’t really
need the box anymore. Throw that away. I’m going to take this
to the next level. I was using two hands
the entire time, so you could say that
was cheating, obviously. I’m going to handicap myself. I’m going to place one
hand into my pocket so I’m only using one
hand the entire time. Deck of cards as
well again, yeah? Yep. I’m going to have you just take
your first finger and just peek just at one card. OK. OK? This time I definitely
can’t see it. It’s very important
that I don’t see it, OK? All right, so look. Hand in my pocket. I can’t do anything funny. Go ahead, peek at your card. Make sure you got– you
gotta remember it though, OK? OK, I have it. You sure you remember it? Yeah. Don’t forget it, OK? Now then watch one, two. And it’s gone. No really, take the deck. Run through the
entire deck of cards. Really, really run through it. OK. Do you see the card anymore? I don’t. Not yet. Keep going. What was the card? The card was the
queen of hearts. The queen of hearts is not here. It’s not here. No, and that’s because my
hand’s been in my pocket the entire time. Oh my God. Yeah. So Henry, I heard you do a
little bit of magic, too. Well, I don’t do magic. I carry around one trick. I carry it everywhere. I got it, I learned it from
Adam when we did Click together. And I– so I have
it in my wallet. I would love to see it. Truly. I am doing a trick for you. Notice it’s chewed? Little Maisie. OK. All right, OK, I have to– back here. Yep? Yep. I’ll do the whole thing. It’s a quarter, yeah. OK, here it is. Is that a solid quarter? Yeah. You eat money? Sometimes. OK, fine. I have to get ready. I’m not ready yet. OK, OK, OK. Here we go. OK, count to three. One, two, three. Wow, that’s pretty impressive. That was good. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] I can’t believe that I
did that trick for you. Maybe you’ll open for him. Maybe you’ll go
with Shin to Vegas. Yeah, come to Vegas. The shortest opening
act ever in the world. Just that. Just do that. Shin Lim Limitless is currently
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