*poof* Hey puppy! Would you rather switch places with your human Or would you rather smell 100 butts? *bark* *growl* *bark* Oh man! not again. Shitty Wizard! *poof* Would you rather be one with the universe or would you rather be one with your stupid longboard? *various pft’s* Longboard. Clearly. *poof* Oh nice, a longboard! Shitty Wizard!! *poof* Would you rather eat all of those cookies
right now… … or would you rather be sweet like a cookie? I want to eat all of the cookies right now! *click* *wub-wub* *choking noises* Shitty Wizard!!! *poof* Would you rather live in soup together for the rest of your days or have eternal youth in exchange for your husband’s life? *bell tolls* I never loved you anyway Mark. *poof* *poof* Shitty Wizard!!!! *poof* Would you rather kill your wife or your daughter?! *gum pops* *poof* Meh. I can make another. *gunshot* Shitty Wizard!!!!! We are receiving reports that people in home-made
wizard costumes are… … okay I read that right … doing occult magic to maim people? This is … this is fake right? Is this one of the interns? Oh god! God no!! Somebody send he- Shitty Wizard!!!!!! *bell tolls* *bell tolls* Shitty Wizards are up to it again they’re turnin’ the frogs gay!