Hurry up Tiger! Appu must be waiting for us. He said he’ll help me with my school project. Oh yeah… the one on living and non-living things. That…that rock hit me on the foot and made me fall! Oh poor you! You must’ve stumbled on it accidently! The rock came in my way! Someone should teach him a lesson. The rock is not a living thing Rabbit! I don’t know what is a living thing! The rock made me fall and hurt my foot! A living thing is one that is ‘alive’! Something that eats, breathes and grows! Like you and me! The rock doesn’t breathe or eat… Or grow! I think our friend is still confused. It’s time for some magic! We are animals, we have our home here, we eat fruits and greens, we breathe the forest air, grow from small to big and have cute little babies, we hurt and feel pain and can cry!!! We are Living things, that’s why! And that is a rock! You can see it here and everywhere. But it can’t eat or breathe or move to go here and there! It can’t grow from small to big or have cute little babies, or hurt, or feel pain, or cry! It’s a Non-living thing that’s why! That was so much fun! So…I’m a living thing? We all are! And the rock is a non-living thing! So… it couldn’t have made you fall! It rolled towards the tree after it hurt my…I mean, after I stumbled on it. Non-living things move when they are pushed or pulled by someone. It got pushed by your foot. I suppose I was not watching my step. You made me see the difference between what is alive and what isn’t. I must go home now! Thanks again! Appu are you trying to say that this jungle has some things that are alive and some things that are not? Yes Queenie… That’s what the world is made of – living and Non-living things! Hey…how about we have a fun game! Something like…find 5 of each! That’s a brilliant idea! Smarty Pants! Starting from royalty I pick one Living thing! King Lee! He eats all the time! And I pick Queenie! She moves all the time! Good one King and Queen! You got two living things! Now for something that’s not alive. My shoe is a non-living thing! And so are my socks! (Appu laughs) You got two! Tiger! He’s grown since we met him! He’s a living thing… And an awesome one too! But his collar is a non-living thing! Correctamundo! Three down for each! My turn now! And I pick that tree! Right again! The tree grows, and can die! And I pick that twig as a non-living thing! A twig is a part of the tree. It’s alive! Invalid answer! My teacher told us that a twig is alive when it’s attached to the tree. When broken and on the ground, it a non-living thing! That’s four down! I pick that Ant crawling on the Queen’s arm as a living thing! GIGGLES We’re left with one non-living thing. Queenie’s necklace? Bingo! We got them all! Neena, I think you just got your school project! I did! I got a song on Living and Non-living things ready to go! I just need to draw some pictures to go with it. Oh! I could help you with that! I’m a natural artist you see… If you can call drawing lines on the ground with a stick art! EVERYBODY LAUGHS)