got a pack of cards, I’ll give you a quick look through them you can see, they’re kind of just in random order there but this trick is about shuffling anyway so we’re gonna try to make them even more of a random order and I’m not even gonna shuffle them, you’re gonna shuffle them. What I’m gonna ask you to do in a second is deal out onto the table, as many as you like let’s try and make it roughly half, so between twenty and fourty although it deosn’t matter, and then you’re gonna riffle shuffle the together BRADY: Now this is me doing it for real everyone JASON: There’s your cards so you can deal BRADY: Deal like this, like… JASON: Yea, just deal that onto the table, as many as you like BRADY: **counts mumbling** twenty-two, tewnty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven JASON: so they sell it… BRADY: tewnty-eight! twenty-eight! JASON: twenty-eight? okay, and I’ll just order the up for you, so… , nice and then you’re gonna riffle shuffle those together BRADY: hang on… JASON: it’s important to show you, Brady didn’t do a perfect shuffle even after all this practise youve been having and you’ve been telling me about. So I’m gonna shuffle them in. Happy? BRADY: Yep. JASON: in they go would’t it be weird if, after the random number of cards you counted after the riffle shuffle you did, you actually shuffeled them back into order wouldn’t that be strange? ah, this is not quite where – I mean you got two red, two balcks, I mean it doesn’t… look like you actually have, Brady, does it? BRADY: No, they are not in order JASON: mhh, not at all, except for unless… unless I could maybe convince you, that actually, you did shuffle them into order ‘cos actuallly what you did, without realizing… you shuffled it every two cards – every pair of cards, has one of each colour the first two is a red and a black, the next two – red and a black read and a black, every two cards… has one of each colour, all the way through, even if there’s points , where there’s a double red together, if we deal the off in twos… strangely, each pair of two… has one of each color, which, surely, you’d agree, that’s quite improbable BRADY: Amazing! JASON: But it get’s much more interesting than that because wouldn’t it be
strange if every four cards had one of each suit there’s a heart, a club, a spade, a diamond there. the next
four cards is a heart, club spade, diamond even though they’re in a different order
they’re still definitely one of each suit again a different order every four
cards to different order but it’s definitely one of a series four strains
and maybe you are better suffering then he sought is quite impressive but you
know well Brady Joey done even better than that you shuffled its every 13 cars as one of
each value 123456789 10 11 12 13 have a checkered restarting is definitely one
of each value NACE 23456789 10 Jack Greene King’s crazy 123456789 10 Jacques
Greene King one of each other again isn’t that strange again one of these
order and you’ll notice it’s weird because the orders different in each set
of teen fantasy which he was allowed to know some of the math behind there now
you can do to you can so that I K rice I’m gonna show you the properties
of a permutation you go through when you do that shuttle so the shuttle bay neat
deal out a certain number of cars and then you whistle shuttle amend it
doesn’t matter if it’s not partly what properties does that permutation have to
demonstrate it i’ve numbered the cars just with the natural
counting numbers 1 to 2 52 and we’re gonna do that subtle to these cars to
see what happens asserting was you dealt out some cars again it doesn’t matter
how many Delta I think I think he did you did you did a surprising what’s
important here is when you deal and how you were in the order was a crucial
saying so those are the ones at the top now it’s going to be the bottom 23456 28
says your turn to rate cards when you order reversed now we’re gonna riffle
least two together and the only thing we can guarantee that this card is going to
get settled in above this card above this card and so on its okay shes gonna
get riffle together in a second when we put these together we’re going to get a
new string of numbers day where we put it together we’re going to get a new
string of numbers and we’re gonna look at the crucial properties always occur
in this permutation so the first thing I want to try and convince you is that
when we pushed together if we take the first let’s say 10 cards or 11 cause of
12 cause they will be a set of consecutive numbers for example let’s
say the first ones that I this first again this time from this spot and this
one may be another 15 from this problem maybe another one you can see what
happens whenever I add one to the bottom of the policy shuttling together the one
I add is always going to be one smaller than the small Escada house 001 bigger
than the biggest con how safe is here I’m kind of counting down here and
counting now so I’m gonna be adding one smaller than the smallest cause I have
641 bigger than the biggest card that means that the cars I collect here we’ll
all be consecutive just built and built them up by taking one from one side or
the other side of this side the side so obey consecutive string of No others 36 27 28 29 30 so they are
consecutive even though the mixed up and it didn’t matter how many I take are
still get a string of consecutive numbers even though that makes that day
as a guaranteed and next thing I want to convince you of
is that the first K numbers will different module ok to just in case we
don’t know what modulo is modular is essentially the remains you get when you
divide by the number so 605 is one that has a remainder of 10 and 11 muslim
fighters also 125 is to go out to eat at 2525 and then we got the two alleged
look at will look at 54 now if you look at the first five cards their
consecutive numbers and not in the right order but these numbers are consecutive
we have five consecutive numbers is actually a guaranteed that they’ll be
all be different modulo 52 let me try to explain that live there so I have
written out the first 16 counting numbers and if I take the first five you
can see they’re all different modulate 5/5 I get remained 2012 2-3 made it 4-0
and if I shifted up the next five consecutive numbers of lost this July 15
game this one here they even have lost his mother 1 I’ve gained this one city’s
five consecutive numbers are still all different level 85 and I could do it
again each time I shift up I lose this modular five-game the equivalent value
at the top and you can keep on doing that each time losing value but gaining
the equivalent modulo value at the top so that means any five numbers will be
different if I actually any six numbers will be different muslims 64 whatever
value we take and the sad fact that here has taken out the first head of US
shuttle now we know that these numbers are all different modulator if they’re
all different modulo hair and then there must be two of each value modulo five
can you see that here there’s to modulate 2721 Muslim 52 equipment to
2345 and so on so we got 10 numbers all different on July 10 but two of each
module i-five says these five all different module 05 and that means that
the next five also going to be different Muslim thought and that if we continue
that on the next flight would be different slow fire and so on and so on continue
indefinitely each SAT 05 has one of each value each
equivalent value modified that is all we need to know about this trick because in
this trip we haven’t actually use numbers we’ve used as the values of
cards because these numbers starting counselor they naturally cycle through
the different values each module a separate set of 4 10 42301 mostly for
230 and so on we can look at modulo 30 mins which
relate to the different values and so on so to do this trick we need some of the
cars a cycle through the different values just as the counting numbers
cycle through the different modalities ok so maybe I can relate their clubs 21
months or maybe I can relate their hearts to to mod for the spades just three months for diamonds 2014 ok
so we know we’re going to have a say goes clubs hearts spades diamonds clubs
that space divers that also goes black red light red light red so kind of
alternating modulo 2 as well and because he wanted to do this thing with our use
of the cars the AC three kings we want a system that cycles through the A three
kings and repeating cycle as well but just having a 23456789 10 queen king
looks like it’s an order parts or we do we have us we have US tax system so it
looks mixed up but actually is a repeating order to the very start when I
sobre the cars at first glance maybe a look around them actually it was
completely or the completely set gonna get them so they cycle through clouds
spades diamonds and also sell a cycle to one of each value every searching cars
here is a pack of cars we got it completely ordered I’m going to use a very famous we’re
stuck in the cards that uses a ride eight kings threatened to save nine
ladies 416 knife I say why me we’re gonna go to website states that
eight kings the rat 310 say ladies 41 sick and we just do it
again but now we’re starting the heart we started reading the club now has
eight kings and to save nine ladies for 10 days he’s sick I’ve got two more 816
see not only cycles just how the county number of cycles even so different values modulate to
this also cyber see black red black red black grey black red just how the
counting numbers cycle through different values modulate for space Diners Club
cards spades diamonds club hearts based on his by the way the distance you to
use is chased see the club’s 80 hearts and then you can see just how the
counting numbers cycle three different values modulate team we saw those two
different certain possible values of a car’s eight kings 310 2795 queen for a
six shot and then you can just start the trek but I you can actually I just want
more convinced to do you can say is a pack of cars all different cards and you
can let them give them a cuts you can say to them I wanna I wanna let you
start the packet and ecology likes you can cut the park anywhere any way you
like and then they can start from that and I’ll be fine because it was still
cycle through the different values in order and the different suits in order
and read like where you can start with a cut if you like even more convincing this number further
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