You are the baddest mofo Flautists that we’ve ever seen but I think on this night it was not exactly good night I just don’t know why that instrument was invented No, I’m not being rude. I Just can’t think of anyone who would buy a flute records ever We used to have to play something called a recorder at school which was torture, by the way Okay. Well, look I’m gonna say no. I’m afraid okay The word flautist is annoying. Listen, I respect that I was like back there going here But see a lot of times we don’t understand us. It’s one of those things when when I hear it. It’s just annoying The flute is an amazing instrument What’s your name? My name is Brandon coppers. Do you know that Terry two is a flautist, uh her maybe something like that hurt in the flautist streets that We’ll see. There’s not too many of us boys playing the flute. So we got to represent I know that people like playing them. Does anyone like listening to them? You know, the flutes are very beautiful and dynamic instrument there’s something for everybody in it Okay. Well, it’s all yours. All right. Thank you guys Worship Oakland Guys liked it so much. We hated it. I’m gonna say no you can do it again for them. Goodbye