Hi, this is Doug on behalf of expertvillage.com.
What we’re going over today is sleight of hand. Particularly the Pinch vanish with a
coin or another small object. We’ve gone over the placement of the object at the tip of
the hands. The hand placement where the object will fall into, the other hand will come over
it, and of course it will drop under the cover here of your other hand. And then you want
to do what’s called the Pull Apart, where you’re going to take the coin, or what you
say is the coin, and the hands will come apart and attention will follow the hand where the
coin is supposed to go into. Again, you want to focus on that because they’re going to
focus where you’re focusing and where you’re paying attention. If you were to do the opposite,
and actually excuse me, actually focus on this hand going down, where do they go? They
go down there too. Very important that you focus on this hand. You focus where they want,
you want them to focus on. Because up until this moment, you’ve done nothing out of the
ordinary. All you’ve done is grabbed onto a coin or an object and you’re holding it
into the air like this.