Do you have fond memories of growing up
with snow days? Just yesterday we had a snow day here in Vancouver and not
everybody has grown up with snow days but having grown up on the other side of
Canada in a snow belt we were almost guaranteed that we would have
one snow day a year. Now they’re more of a novelty here but just yesterday I was
telling my younger brother Matt that we had a snow day yesterday and he emailed
me back I said “oh I love snow days” and I thought oh there could be a blog in
there. What is it about snow days that we really like and why do we all relate
to them so much? When can I tell my story? Okay tell your story. Okay my favourite
snow day was when I was playing for the Vancouver Canucks
in Vancouver and we were playing against the Philadelphia Flyers and
they were known as the Broad Street Bullies and the reason for that is
because they were the toughest team in the league and whenever we had to play
them we had to have our game face on so about 10 o’clock in the morning our game
day it starts to snow and it gets more and more and more snow starts to
accumulate so at about four o’clock we get the phone call the game has been
canceled and there was about five of us all living in the same area so number
one game faces off ….party faces on and so we all got
together and we had a party extraordinary …. extraordinaire, celebrating
no Philadelphia Flyers game and a few beers! Which takes me to the first
point we believe that we love snow days because Mother Nature takes the control
out of our hands so the routine like playing hockey or whatever we do on a
day-to-day basis whatever is on our to-do list we don’t have to do that day
and it’s so it’s like a gift, our control has been taken away from us and it’s not
because we’re sick or our kids are sick and we’re being forced to stay home
we’re healthy and people on the news are saying stay home stay put that’s
where you’re safe and it’s a bit of a mini celebration as you say. Mini
celebration for sure. Snow days are truly a gift that brings us together in this
day and age of having to return emails immediately the day-to-day rat-race
having to get projects completed it’s it’s a it’s a tough reality out there
and a snow day brings us all together. We get a chance to go tobogganing together
build snowmen do whatever we do outside and it really allows us to escape from
the day-to-day routine and have fun and enjoy enjoy family time. And we all get
to just take a breath. Snow days give us the opportunity to
reflect on what’s really important in our lives
our health, the quality time that we spend with family and friends and the chance
we have to be kids again. Being a kid again is awesome. Since we started our online
business we have a lot more snow day moments and we hope the same for you. You
can get started in your online business just by clicking the link that you’ll
find on this page. Please reach out to us just by responding to this email. We
always look forward to hearing from you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Bye for now. Bye for now