Mikey: We really wanted to channel the energy
of like, old people. Whenever you look at old people, that’s like,
real happy. And they’re like extra happy. And you’re like, “How did they do that?” It’s admiring that type of love where it makes
you feel young again. Where they be like, holding the door and doing
all the little cute stuff. Old dude that be looking at his girl, crazy
like. Scootie: Puppy love, I’m telling you that. You don’t even got to say nothing because
you just know. Mikey: We actually recorded the vocals in
the closet of the room. Hung some shirts up or something like that,
to get it damp. And then we just recorded it there, and had
some fun. Scootie: And that’s the final vocal. Mikey: Yeah, we didn’t rerecord it. Nah, we used that one. Scootie: That’s why the video is in our closet. We sent it to our ANR, the record, and he
was like, “Yo, you know what’s crazy?” And we’re like, “What?” He was like, “I think I hear, like, Yachty
on this.” And we were like, “Hell yeah.” Mikey: Yeah, we were like oohhh. He immediately sent the song to Coach K, and
Coach K gave it to Yachty. Yachty hopped on it like, immediately. We got the verse back extraordinarily fast,
and it was fire. We were like, “Yo. Boat.” In our heads we pictured this old dude looking
outside and his wife is like, gardening or something like that. Like an old lady gardening. And he’s like, “Dang, you looking like a whole
snack. Looking like a red Rari. Looking like plant based diet.” It’s like she came through, she pulled up
crazy. And it’s like weeds, when you’re gardening,
you get rid of weeds. It paints a good picture for you. It’s like, “Oh, you fly. Oh you fly fly.” James Brown was a dancing man. He had all the moves. His footwork was crazy. James Brown was an influence. He tore it up everywhere, and so we gotta be the
new James Brown. To the girl. In the bed, though. In the bed, though. Not like, just dancing. I ain’t about to be out in the street just
killing it. I feel like the value that you find in a significant
other outside of like, material, is like, somebody who really cares about you. Really takes in consideration your feelings
and whenever they’re doing what they’re doing, keeping you in mind. Yeah that’s fire. When I’m slow dancing with you, or when I’m
with you, I’m not here. I’m at the Hamptons, I’m making big business
deals. I’m shaking hands with the rich people. I’m having parties, I’m drunk, we’re celebrating
life. We’re doing… you know what I’m saying? Like whenever I’m with you, it’s this. I’m genuinely happy. I got all this. I got the world, when I got you. It’s classy and it’s classic. It’s either one because I be saying “classy”. And he say “classic”. So like whatever y’all want. Pick one. You know what I’m saying? It could be like. Remember when the Twix were battling the left
and right Twix? Y’all can pick classy or classic. Classic beauty to me is somebody who transitions
well. I’ll say like, in your age you transition
through your ages well and you transition through different environments well. Like you can come to the studio, you can come
to this dinner, you can come to this party. You kinda work well with everywhere, that’s
kinda like the classic. The one. You know getting up there in age, you need
more sleep. You gotta make sure you get your eight hours. Gotta make sure you’re well rested. You gotta get to bed early, because if you
go to bed late, then you’re going to have a late start. Yeah. And you’re not going to be the early bird. Once you’re well rested and you’ve waken up
with your significant other, you enjoy a bit of… Yeah. You know how people have their little pimp
walk, they got their little strut. Yeah, he was younger used to do the little
walk. Get the shorties. So it’s like that. But at the same time when you’re old, and
you’ve got a little cane or something like that, you can’t really bust a move, but it
just means you’re cool. It just means you lived a little bit, you
know? Have some vibes. The next trip I take with a significant other
might be like, Pittsburgh. Hometown. Next trip I take, might be to a ramen bar. Like chill. Real chill. Ramen bar is lit. That’s the first vacation. We gotta start somewhere. I’m just kidding, probably Guam. Guam seemed cool. Switch it up. Just switch it up, let’s go to fucking Guam.