– Take these, place them behind your back. – Okay. – And give ’em a cut.
– Okay. – Cut the deck anywhere you like. – Okay. – And afterwards we’ll show the camera this is a completely normal deck, they’re not bunch of
duplicates or anything. All right cut it again, if you like. – Sure. I’m doing really good cutting here. – I want you to take the top card and hold it close to your chest. Do not look at it. All right, perfect. – So at this point, neither one of us know what this card is. – No, right. – Which is super interesting.
– (laughs) But I’m going to try to have you guess it. – Okay. – And that’d be cool, right? – Yeah.
– Red or black? – Black. – Okay, perfect. Clubs or spades? – Spades. – Perfect. I’m just gonna go for a gut shot here. Give me a number between zero and 13. – 9. – Have a look. – What the? (laughing) That’s insane. – (laughs)
– This is… That wasn’t a set-up, was it? – Yeah, no.
– (laughs) I’ve got to think about
that one for a while. – That’s a good one. – (laughs) All right,
I’ll see you guys later. – [Camera man] That was great. – [Nelson] That was awesome. – Yeah. – [Camera man] That’s good, man. – See this card? Kind of a cool Joker. What’s special about this playing card is that it was actually used in the movie “The Dark Knight” in a scene with Heath Ledger. How cool is that? This one, as you can probably
guess from the back design, is actually from the
movie “Casino Royale”, the James Bond movie. I picked these up on an auction. They were auctioning off props stuff, so here are the certificates
of authenticity. That they were actually
featured in the movies, I just thought that was just a cool, cool little piece of memorabilia that I thought I’d share with you guys and you card collectors like me. I think you’d probably
appreciate some of that as well. Anyways, hope you enjoyed
that intro, by the way, that was me performing to my buddy Nelson, who is a memory champion. Now guys, if you haven’t
checked out that video already, Nelson and I teach
basically how to remember absolutely anything. We published that video
on Friday on my channel. I worked so hard on the intro. It’s an amazing video and if you guys just want to do me a favor and go check it out,
I left the link below. I did some magic for Nelson
which is kind of cool and that trick that you saw in the intro is particular because
once he chose the card I already knew what the card was. Now, I have a method for that. So, the deck he used is a real deck, all the cards are different, he cut it as many times as he wants, he takes a card and I can know what card that he took. However, I’ve always wanted
to take that a step further and have the person name the card. Now, usually, most of
the time it doesn’t work. Sometimes it does and this one time we just happened to capture it on camera. You guys are going to think it’s set-up, you guys are going to think, I don’t know, I told him to say whatever, but I can assure you I’m not about that. It’s not something I do. I just thought that it was really cool we actually captured that moment which is an impossible
magic trick on video and I get to talk about it
and share it with you guys. So, I hope you enjoyed it. Anyways, today is Monday, Magic Monday, you know what that means. We are taking a look at the
subreddit right now, guys, right now, okay? Toot sweet. 7000. 7000 members strong, currently 129 of you online right now checking out videos or posting stuff which I think is super cool and remember if we hit 10K, if we hit 10K by next week I’ll do a giveaway. Hit 10K, have a giveaway. All you got to do is subscribe
to the subreddit below, I left the link, also, let’s just get into it. Topic this week, okay, here we go, “Invisible Billard Ball Magic.” (crowded room murmur) I’ll turn the volume down there. (light jazz music) Oh! Oh, that’s so cool! That’s cool, dude, that’s cool. That’s cool, ha. C’est cool. (french music) Get an upvote, 453 upvotes, that’s massive! Congrats. “An idea too cool to ignore.
Again, sorry for the music.” Well, we just won’t be turning it on then. (light jazz) Yeah. Uh? Huh? Okay, there’s got to be
some video editing there. How is there no video editing there? What did I just witness? Let me go look at the comments here. “Hey, fellow Pinoy galing mo tol!! Thumbs up!” “It has to be in your mouth. I’ve convinced myself it is. You must have a long, long tongue and some glue on the tip. Yep, I think I got it. Sorry for spoil”
(laughs) If that wasn’t a camera
trick then really good and I don’t even care if
this can be done in real life or not, looks amazing. Good job. “Note to self, never scare a magician.” Okay, he’s reading a book. “RAWR!” “TADA” “Did you just (blank) my pants?” (laughs) “How to duplicate a deal” “Duplicate a card, the Optical Deal.” Let’s see. Oof, that top shot. Let’s see. (light jazz) That’s cool, man. Ah, that’s so cool. That’s so cool I want
to try it out right now. I’m going to try it out and
fail miserably right now. Here we go. Oh, how’s he do this? Wait, what? Huh? This is so cool. The optical deal. So, he just holds this one. Oh, he’s like producing a card. Oh, I see…. No (laughs) “For more stuff like this
check out my Instagram.” You heard the man. Ah, that looks really dope. Huh, yeah. All right, “a two handed
cut I’ve been working on for almost a year. I call it Hitori.” Let’s see it. Oo, oh, that’s insane! Oo, that opening sequence
is really fun to watch. Let’s have a look at that again. Oh, that right there reminds me a lot of the opener to a credit where like… Is it this? And then he’s like this, somehow and something’s happening. But that’s kind of what it
reminds me of, that opener, and now the cards are going to fall. Because I wasn’t warmed up (laughs). I wasn’t warmed up. Okay. (light jazz) Hah (laughs). That’s pretty good. Hey.. “Oddysee, when it’s gone it’s gone.” Let’s see. Yeah? (light jazz) oh, that’s cool, dude! I like that because he keeps the
king face up so you know he’s not sliding it back on the top. Clever. “A nice little routine.” Got some rubber band stuff. Yeah, I love this effect. Is this, uh, who is this? Who does this? Is it Dan Hass? No. That last one is really good. “Why I need glasses.” Why does this man need glasses? Let’s have a look. (light jazz) Beautiful. Ooo, that looks so good, dude. Ugh. That looks so gross. All right, all right. These guys “practicing for
World of Magic production. What do you think.” So, guy went in the box. (light jazz) Yo, that was pretty quick. Not bad. Not bad, you know,
that’s really hard to do and to make it that quick
is really, really difficult, so good on ya. “An ace reveal” he made. Was that ace production? (light jazz) Nice! Very nice, very smooth, my dude. (light jazz) No. Oh wow! Very fooling as well, good on ya. Uh, (laughs) that was pretty good. “Linking stationeries.” What’s a stationery? Oh, it’s a eraser and a USB key. I mean, that looked really good. This guy, deck displays he makes. Let’s have a look. Oo, that looks really nice. You know what, I’m going to ask you guys a bit of a challenge this week. I want to see some of your set-ups and how you display some
of your playing cards. As you guys know, I have
my set-up over there which has like that cassette rack which looks kind of cool but I want to see what
your set-up look like, so, take a picture and
post it on the subreddit. We’ll check it out next week. You know what, let me do it again. (light jazz) Oh, he just dropped it
right there on the table. Still kind of fooled me
the first time, though. What’d he say, “And it
would’ve been so good.” Oh, yeah, it would have been so good. The “Snap deal on invisible table.” Okay. Oo, could we hear that? (slap, slap) Go again. This is sick! (snap) (slap, slap, slap, slap) (pounds table) Oo, pog, dude. (laughs) That’s actually tres bon. (french music) Tres tres bon. What’s this here, what’s he doing? Yeah, I love this. What a nice way to do
the flustration count. So beautiful. Nice change. He’s got the kings now. (light jazz) Very good. That’s really impressive. Looks super good, dude. I’m going to give you an upvote. “In the air coin vanish,
completely impromptu.” What? Okay, do it again. Yeah, that looks great, I had no idea what’s happening. I wish you could have filmed
it a little bit better just because I feel like
that’s like a one take thing. “Amusing myself at work.” (light jazz) (laughs) I love magic when the magician is confused by the things happening to him, makes it so much more
entertaining and less… you know, less show-offy. (laughs) I love how this guy’s probably
supposed to be working right now (laughs). Got to love the community, man. Oh, that’s great! This routine would be so much better if the camera was just panned down just a little bit. He’s got too much head space there and a lot going on with that pen but this is great. Is this, I believe,
correct me if I’m wrong, this is Greg Wilson. Not the man, but the effect. That’s so good, that’s great, man. See, around the office, too, he’s got like an office thing. I love that, this guy’s just having fun literally at the office with a pen. Filming it, posting it to this subreddit when he should be working. That makes me so happy. Good stuff. “Nobody is born cool, except of course…” (laughs) How does this have 64 upvotes? This doesn’t seem funny
to me at all but okay. What! Excuse me! Excuse you? What? (light jazz) What is happening? That’s insane. (light jazz) (cards slap) Right. Exactly. Physics. That’s really, that’s really insane. I don’t understand how
the physics work here. Okay, he’s got like
counter pressure going on with his finger but how is that enough to
hold all the cards together? Do you know what I mean,
like his other thumb does not come in contact. He’s here. (cards slap) Oh. It’s because I’m not warmed up. I’m not warmed up, guys, that’s why, that’s why that didn’t work, you know what I mean? “There’s a bunch of ring slights.” Oh, we’ll look at one more. Here we go. This guy doing ring stuff, let’s see. (harsh music) Nope, no music. Love ring stuff. Oo! What? That’s beautiful. (light jazz) Dude! That’s a beautiful slight, I’ve never seen this. Ah! I’m so happy I clicked on this video. This guys really good
with that ring, dude. Wow! (light jazz) I’m completely enamored by this gentleman and his ability to manipulate a ring. What! What! Huh! I immediately have to show this
to my friend Garrett Thomas. This is insane. Garrett has, you know, he’s the guy who
came up with this whole (tongue clicks) right? He’s a genius, Garrett Thomas, and I’m pretty sure he
would really appreciate this so I’m going to upvote this and I’m going to… Can I save this? I can save it, I’m going to save it and show that to my buddy Garrett. That was insane. Really, really, really,
really, really insane. I’m even going to comment. Can I give an award? How do awards work? Give an award. Huh? (light jazz) Oh, you’ve got to pay for it? He’s not that amazing. (laughs) All right, anyways,
that is what’s going on in the community this week. Obviously there’s a
lot more than just that going on. I can’t go through all of them and I really wish I could, there’s so many really good things here that I just want to get to. I’m going to have a look at these, I’m going to keep looking through them. I can’t put them all, I can’t feature them all in the video and in makes me kind of sad because a lot of them
deserve to be featured and who knows, maybe they will be featured in the next one’s coming up. But, thank you guys so much
for posting to this subreddit. This community is amazing. I’m reading the comments on a lot of these and they’re all positive and so you guys cheer each other on and helping each other with, you know, problems that you’re having. I think it’s amazing. What an awesome thing
that we’ve created here. So, if you guys want
to join the community, again, we get to 10K I do the big giveaway by next week, so hopefully, we’re only missing 3K so let’s get there. Links below, check it out, become a part of this growing community
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if you want to be notified for the future videos and we’ll see you on the next video. Peace. – [Girl singing] Enchante. (french music) – [Girl singing] Enchante.