(music playing) Hi… and welcome to the Soul Parenting
Stories channel. Today we will talk about encouraging a child’s talents. It is of course only natural that a parent wants to encourage the talents that their children have. But today’s story warns about the fine line between
actually encouraging a talent in a child, and eventually exploiting it. I hope you will enjoy the story… (sound of a small bell) At the age of five, Peter, a happy little
boy, full of curiosity and eager to learn, developed a keen interest in juggling. His grandfather had taken him to a magic show one day, and there he sat wide-eyed and awestruck by all the amazing things the magician performed. Rabbits out of hats! Pigeons appearing out of scarves! Coins appearing behind his ears! Wow.. even people disappearing! ain’t that super cool! And on that very day, Peter decided he wanted to become a magician too! He started to follow customized magic classes for children and by the age of eight, he had become really good at it! His parents, full of pride about their
little boy, encouraged him more than ever. Eventually they agreed for people to book Peter for the birthday parties of their kids. Soon Peter’s father became his
coach and manager. By the age of ten, Peter’s show had become so sophisticated that he was also being asked to perform for adults. Soon he started to tour around the country with his own little crew. He could no longer attend school and now had a private teacher all to himself. In no time he became a little star… and wherever he went, he was always in the spotlights! But gradually, he felt more and more as if everybody wanted a little
piece of him in return for their praise and enthusiasm. His father however, convinced him that it was all just a a phase… that soon it would no longer bother him, and that he had to focus on what a grand future awaited him… since he was well on his way to one day surpass the great Harry
Houdini, David Copperfield, and even David Blaine. By the age of 14, Peter started to drinki n secret. By the age of 15, he started to
smoke weed in secret. By the age of 16, he started to use cocaine in secret. Slowly… so slowly that it became only obvious over quite a period of time, his performances started to suffer from his ever increasing mood swings. But his entourage was blind to it. They thought that it was all due to a drive for perfectionism. in the meanwhile, a whole industry had developed around his talent: t-shirts, hats, card decks, water bottles, posters… you name it! By the age of 18, eventually Peter collapsed and had to take a long break. And by the age of 19, all newspapers announced the shocking suicide of perhaps the most promising
magician of all times! (sound of a small bell) Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, then click the subscribe button below for more yet to come… Bye (music playing)